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JD | Charleston, South Carolina | 10/02/2023

Excellent Service

SCSP was excellent and I have recommended them to many friends.

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Peter and Sue | Mount Pleasant, South Carolina | 09/04/2023

Great service on setting up and maintaining home solar

From start to finish, this was a great crew to work with. Very responsive in terms of changes in timeline for installation and just staying in touch. When one panel was not working properly after installation, they were on it asap. So far, great company to work with.

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Eric | Charleston, South Carolina | 06/29/2023

Fast and professional

Working with SCSP was super simple. Jon Mason came to the house for an introduction, and ended up measuring, sizing, and building a proposal for us in real-time. From there the process ran smoothly and efficiently, including the install which only took about half a day. We've had the system for 3 months now, and the net metering has totally balanced out our electric bill for each full month.

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Reply from SCSP Solar (formerly South Carolina Solar Project): Hi Eric! Thank you for the kind review! We are so happy you chose us as your solar provider! Enjoy these sunny days!

Bob Kemmery | Mount Pleasant, South Carolina | 06/29/2023

First Solar Experience - SCSP A+

The overall process from meeting with Jon Mason and discussing the alternative to deciding on the layout to installation and go live was a seamless experience. Tayler kept me informed and up to date on the process and communicated very well. My HOA was the only hiccup and SCSP did a great job working with them to get the project approved. Installation took one day and the inspector from the town was very impressed with the craftmanship and tying the electrical in on the side of the house so that it was not easily seen but secure. The inspector mentioned that a lot of jobs are sloppy, but raved about this one! Dominion came out quickly and we are live! Looking forward to project 2...the battery!

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Reply from SCSP Solar (formerly South Carolina Solar Project): Hi Bob! Thank you so much for the kind review and for choosing us as your solar provider! Enjoy these sunny days!

mhuguet | Aiken, South Carolina | 06/14/2023

Solar Installation

We planned to become solar after we remodeled our house in 2019 however we did not know how to find a contractor. SCSP was the first one we contacted and we are glad we did. They assessed our property and our electricity consumption. Quickly they provided options on the number of solar panels and their locations. The sales process was expedited with detailed documentation of the proposed system layout. The installation took a week. Although I am very picky about cable runs not hidden, I can say that the installation was very well done. We were nervous on a 70' long trench to dig through our new backyard but we do not notice it anymore. The connection took one month, which I would have wished to be shorter. Our solar system consists of 63 panels and three sets of batteries. It has been running since February: - We have seen a major impact on our electric bill. Our last bill was divided by eight with even a refund on one of our meters. - The Enphase application is a great tool that provides real-time tracking of the electricity consumption, the solar production, the battery charging, and the supply to the grid - We experienced a 4hr power outage after a storm It was nice to have power while our neighborhoods were in the dark. - SCSP is very proactive in providing support, when we have concerns. Overall we are pleased with our systems. It is a pricey systems and remains pricey even with the tax credit but the saving on electricity bill will definitively help over the years. Being independent from the grid in case of loss of power, as well as minimizing the impact on the environment, are both a great feeling. We strongly recommend SCSP for their quality of service.

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Reply from SCSP Solar (formerly South Carolina Solar Project): Hi Michele, thank you so much for your kind review and we are so happy you chose us as your solar provider! We are always here for you if you need us!

Whiteleys | Charleston, South Carolina | 05/23/2023

Jon and his team made the whole experience easier than I could’ve imagined. He clearly laid out financing options and explained the whole process. Not only did he make the solar job run smoothly, he also coordinated with an HVAC technician to get our unit installment scheduled as well. The whole process was finished within a couple weeks and we couldn’t be happier.

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Reply from SCSP Solar (formerly South Carolina Solar Project): Thank you very much for your kind review Mr. and Mrs Whiteley. We are so happy you chose us to be your solar provider! We are always here if you need us!

James Mitchell | Hickory, North Carolina | 05/17/2023

Couldn't be happier

My wife and I spoke with a number of solar companies before we connected with SCSP Solar. Switching to solar can be a daunting process, but it was obvious to us from the first meeting that SCSP Solar had their act together and knew what they were doing. They designed a system that was not only tailored to meet our specific energy needs but also sits discretely on the southern exposure of our roof so that it's hardly even noticeable. The SCSP team worked with us every step of the way, from system design to filing all the paperwork to installation, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The system works as advertised, and we are already seeing a HUGE reduction in our electricity bill. The app used to monitor the system is easy to use and allows us to monitor the system performance any time we want. We enthusiastically recommend SCSP Solar to anyone interested in switching to solar.

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Reply from SCSP Solar (formerly South Carolina Solar Project): Thanks so much for your encouraging feedback! We are so grateful you chose SCSP as your solar panel provider!

Seamless process | North Augusta, South Carolina | 01/04/2023

As promised....

With an abundance of choices for solar installers, sorting out and selecting "the" one is a challenge. Understandably, they all promote that they have the best value, components, service, everything. After listening to and reading a number of proposals, researching system components and capabilities, comparing costs and financing, in the end, selecting a company is an act of faith in their integrity and performance. SCSP has a great team and product. They are good communicators and have skilled crews. They were on time and task throughout the entire process. So far so good with SCSP.

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Reply from SCSP Solar (formerly South Carolina Solar Project): Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback! We are so grateful you chose SCSP as your solar panel provider!

Luis Z | Okatie, South Carolina | 12/19/2022

The service was exactly as advertised. I am very pleased with the overall installation of the panels and the subsequent follow ups to make sure the equipment is working well. Overall the representative I spoke with was straight forward and patient. I recommend this company for their workmanship and overall eagerness to make sure the panels are working as soon as possible. I've heard of others companies/installers taking months to complete the install.

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Reply from SCSP Solar (formerly South Carolina Solar Project): Hi Luiz! I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write us this wonderful review! We appreciate you trusting us with your home and being your provider for your solar panels!

Stan | Lancaster, South Carolina | 12/09/2022

Home Solar

The whole home solar power has been a journey. With so many install/vendors out there it can be a challenge to finally pick one. I decided on getting the home solar and went with SCSP because of several reasons. To name a few. 1) I was looking for backup power in case we lost power from the grid. Before I moved from Waxhaw, NC almost every rainstorm with average to high winds we lost power. Sometimes for a few minutes to over 30 hours. I am not a fan of Duke Power... 2) With all the crazy mess happening in the world and the fact that a gas company (pipeline) was hacked causing a shortage on gas as well as prices to spike I figure it want be long before somebody hacks the power grid. Therefore, a system that could run the essentials for an extended period of time. You know the traditional SHTF situation. 3) While I don't believe in as much of the Federal Governments push/stance on global warming I know that going solar can help reduce my carbon footprint. 4) Obvious lower power (electric bills). Let's talk about power bills. Pre-install my power bill ranged from low $100 to over $150. My install was around June/July 2022 timeframe. I didn't notice much of a change in my power bill at first. November 2022 it was $25 and October 2022 it was $50. Prior to that it was still around $100. I reached out to customer support/tech support around September 2022. After numerous e-mail exchanges the tech came back and informed me some of the settings were not correct and that he made the corrections. Afterwards came the $50 and then $25 monthly bills. The reason why I gave after sales support 3 starts versus 4 is that I felt they should have been proactive and caught the wrong settings much earlier than my call. I could have called sooner but with what I am paying I have high expectations of customer/tech support. As it stands now, they have remedied the situation and I am happy. I am more concerned with using my power versus letting it go back to the power company. I do not believe Lynches River Electric Coop gives a lot back as far as net metering. My sales rep was Daniel Moore. He was very knowledgeable on the product as well as different types of financing options. He did not employ any hardcore sales tactics. Having spent over 10 years in the United States Army Recruiting Command I know all about high pressure sales and what it looks and sounds like. One of the main reasons I did not go with a company then called Power Home Solar now named Pick Energy (but after a lot of issues with their system, customer complaints, and bad press) they are out of business. I almost always listen to my gut and it told me not to go with Power Home Solar/Pink Energy. The only real complaint I have about the whole solar power would be with how the rebates work. They are very confusing. Daniel did a good job explaining it but I think it falls more on how the government (state/Federal) package and sell it. I can't speak to how it will really work out until I start to file my taxes next year and see how it plays out. I will also say that the company that I financed with Salal Credit Union has some pretty good options. Daniel did an excellent job explaining their finance options. All-in-all I am very happy with my decision to go solar and go with my sales rep (Daniel Moore) and the company SCSP that he represents. I am most definitely comfortable enough with my decision that I would recommend them. The installer was excellent. They worked at record breaking pace. Very professional install, clean, looks great, several severe rainstorms and no roof leaks.

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Reply from SCSP Solar (formerly South Carolina Solar Project): Hi Stan! I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write this detailed review! We appreciate you trusting us with your solar panel installation and hope you are enjoying the benefits of your new system!

Nit | Bowling Green, South Carolina | 11/17/2022

Great people and great company to work with

I was skeptical about buying into Solar for residential and Nick was very patient and helpful with answering all the questions I had and was transparent about the whole process. For people getting into Solar, I recommend you do your own research and dont shy asking questions and good companies like SCSP Solar would answer all your questions without reservations. Its been 2 months since I had Solar and so far I am satisfied with the production. Given i had my solar installed towards end of summer, I am surely expecting an increase in production in the summers. No customer is obliged to purchase solar from any given company. but do get an appointment with SCSP solar and get insight on what Solar grid can offer you. Cheers!

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