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Everything you need to know about Suniva in 2022

Updated: January 31, 2020

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Suniva consumer reviews

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Latest good review thumbs up

Troy B. | Lake Isabella, MI | 11/12/2019

Assembled in Michigan

I liked that the Suniva Panels were assembled in Michigan.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Friendly | Saint Augustine, FL | 01/31/2020

Standard item from builder.

It was part of the house when we built it. Great for 5 years now diagnosing what the problem is.

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Curtis | 08/29/2019

Appeared ok at the time.

This was offered by Joule

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Jolyon | Orlando, FL | 08/19/2019

Great panels at a decent price

I chose these because they had more wattage potential than the others my installer carried.

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Fred | , CA | 07/10/2019

Crap by a bankrupt company

Bought American. Mistake, big mistake. started with 265 watt panels. Replaced two out of 24 already, I'm only 5 years out. No response from the company that created protectionism. For who's benefit? Certainly not a consumer like myself. I'm maxing now around 200 watts a panel. They hit 260 watts on a great day when new... Also discovered there's an issue with solder joints that cause panels to drop production by 1/3rd or 2/3ds. Have to scrape off the silicone garbage where they are all soldered together to fix that problem by re-soldering.

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nbe1234 | 02/08/2018

Review added by nbe1234

seems to work fine

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roma12345 | 02/06/2018


Look great and are performing well.

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Fins | 01/25/2018

Review added by Fins

My panels have been in place for three years and I have never had any issue with a single panel, and I have 48 panels total on two arrays.

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lcroftjr | 01/16/2018

Review added by lcroftjr

So far so good.

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Marvelous | 12/01/2017

Review added by Marvelous

All black and blend nicely with the roof

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solarres | 12/01/2017

Review added by solarres

Attractive and appears to produce as advertised.

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cedavid | 11/13/2017

Review added by cedavid

I have no complaints about the panels, so for so good. Just hope I never do.

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