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What criteria should you use to select your solar company?

When shopping for solar panels, you are looking to achieve three things. You want to find the best solar equipment, the best solar company near you to install it, and the best possible price on the system you need. Here are some tips from our CEO, Andy Sendy.

Comparing solar prices online can save you thousands on your system

Government research from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, or NREL, shows that homeowners comparing solar prices online save around $2,800 when buying solar.

It's not surprising that many sites have popped up offering to introduce consumers to solar companies near them. 

However, most of these websites set unrealistic expectations homeowners because they are overly simplistic. They can't tell you important things you need to know before you even start a price comparison process, such as how many solar panels you need to power your home or the best brands of solar panels on the market.

There is no point in price shopping when you don't yet know what size system you need or what brand of equipment you want.

Using SolarReviews to find local solar providers

We have spent the last 10 years building what is, by far, the most accurate and comprehensive online home solar estimator in America. With our calculator, you'll learn how many solar panels your home needs and how much power they will produce. We can then offer a meaningful price comparison between our network of over 300 pre-screened solar companies.

We have helped more than 1 million U.S. homeowners find the best solar provider for them.

Start comparing solar quotes for your home.

Which solar companies should I request solar quotes from?

While there are now many installers performing high-quality solar panel installations, it is difficult to know who is both reputable and likely to be around to honor their 25-year (or more) warranties.

Research over many thousands of installations shows that there are several good reasons to go local. SolarReviews data, from tens of thousands of reviews of solar companies, shows that local, family-owned solar companies record far higher levels of client satisfaction. This is why we recommend going with a company that's local to your area rather than a nationwide installer.

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