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Updated: September 9, 2021

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LG Solar Panels are near the top of the food chain when it comes to solar panels.

Their high-efficiency Lg Neon LG 360Q1C-A5 panel boasts an impressive 20.8% maximum module efficiency putting it second only to the best X series panels from Sunpower in terms of the most efficient solar panels on the market

It is part of one of the most financially stable industrial conglomerates in the world and one of the strongest diversified electrical consumer brands. As such it scores highly on the, "will they be around to help me out and honor their warranty in the future scale".

Where LG solar panels do lose some point is on cost. At the wholesale level, they are one of the most expensive panels. However, surprisingly at the retail level, when included in installed systems from professional solar companies we see system costs well below Sunpower systems. Our best guess as to the reason for this is that LG distributes their modules widely whereas the Sunpower business model restricts panel sales only to their dealers. This is why you can find LG solar panels for sale on solar panel kits websites online, but not Sunpower panels.

For this reason and their overall corporate strength, LG would be very close to our vote for the overall best brand of solar panels in 2020.

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Note: Prices for installed systems are shown after 26% federal solar tax credit. Prices for individual panels, inverters, batteries, and DIY complete system kits are shown before federal tax credit.

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