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There are about 10 large, national or multi-state solar corporations with overwhelmingly negative reviews – mostly complaining of poor after-sales service and substandard communication.

Additionally, we do not recommend about 2,700 solar companies because they have not yet demonstrated longevity in business or consistency of positive reviews. Before being added to our list, we monitor new companies for reliability while they grow their business.

Then, there are the other guys: a group of around 800 solar companies with excellent workmanship and customer service that is consistently reflected in positive customer reviews. These are the solar companies we recommend - regardless of whether we have a financial relationship with them or not.

Usually, these are medium-sized, family-owned solar companies with their own installation crews. They’ll also have responsibly priced systems, meaning the price they charge will reflect the long-term, 25-year commitment that the company is making to support you when you go solar with them.

As of March 2021, we here at SolarReviews view responsible pricing in the range of $2.50 to $3.00 per watt, depending on the brands used and the installation difficulty. Companies that charge less than this don’t reflect the cost of a long term commitment in the pricing, and usually end up going bankrupt after three to five years in business, leaving their customers as “solar orphans”.

Testimonials & Industry Partners

SEI has partnered with due to their extensive reach into solar installer networks across the country and has grown to be recognized as the #1 website for homeowners to find honest reviews of the companies working in their community.

Chris Turek

Director of Marketing and Communications, Solar Energy International (SEI)

NABCEP partners with as both companies are committed to directing solar-interested consumers and business owners to reputable certified solar contractors. The relationship is built on trust!

Shawn O'Brien

Executive Director, NABCEP

As the California solar and storage market expands, customers increasingly want support in finding qualified and reliable solar installers. plays an important role in helping California's solar customers find the right partners.

Carter Lavin

Membership Director, California Solar & Storage Association

Editorial Advisory Committee

SolarReviews has set up an editorial advisory committee as part of a commitment to our quality solar initiative.

Andy Sendy

Qualified Solar Designer and Solar Calculations Expert

Lachlan Fleet

Licensed Installer with In-Depth Understanding of the Solar Industry

Ryan Miller

Ph.D. Geographical Information Systems (GIS), MBA UNM Anderson School of Business

Michael Bishop

Instructor for NABCEP and San Francisco's Pacific Energy Center

Catherine Kelso

NABCEP Certified Professional, Ambassador of Solar Energy, B.S. Electrical Engineering from ASU

William White

Solar Advisor / Curriculum Developer & Instructor

Can you trust SolarReviews?

Can you trust SolarReviews

We do everything we can to ensure you can trust the reviews you read on SolarReviews.

No solar company can pay to alter their reviews score, what reviews are displayed, or where their company appears on SolarReviews.

A reviews auditing team ensures that only genuine reviews are published. We use an algorithm developed in-house for this purpose, along with manual spot checks; every review gets vetted.

We have caught hundreds of solar companies trying to write false positive reviews, and repeat offenders are banned from the site. Our measures also safeguard against false negative reviews, where competitors seek to unfairly damage the reputation of another company.

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