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SolarReviews is dedicated to ensuring access to unbiased information about solar. We enable you to decide whether solar panels are right for you based on accurate information, not based on pressure from solar salespeople.

We believe that if we put quality, easy-to-understand information on the internet, consumers are less likely to be misled by solar companies — and more likely to be satisfied with their solar system.

Content on our site — both by our journalists and from consumer reviews — have drawn attention to unfair or misleading tactics by solar companies, and helped stamp them out.

For instance, until recently large solar companies issued quotes that omitted equipment details such as brands and models; this allowed them to use cheaper, less reliable brands in their installations. However, as a direct result of our exposure of this issue, this practice is almost gone from the industry.

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Best inverters and optimizers

Average inverter review score: 3.71

Average inverter cost per watt: $0.14

Top rated batteries

Average battery review score: 3.30

Average battery cost per kWh of usable storage: $1,256.63

Note: Prices for installed systems are shown after 26% federal solar tax credit. Prices for individual panels, inverters, batteries, and DIY complete system kits are shown before federal tax credit.

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How do solar panels work?

Hybrid solar system

In hybrid solar systems, rooftop solar panels are connected to both a solar battery and the electric grid. This reduces your reliance on the utility while also providing backup power when needed. Battery storage is still expensive but you may be able to reduce costs by using state incentives.

Grid-tied solar system

Solar panels are mounted on your roof and wired together in groups called solar arrays. The power they generate flows into a solar inverter, where the direct current (DC) is converted into alternating current (AC). The electricity is then either used by your home or exported to the electric grid.

Off-grid solar system

Off-grid solar power involves meeting all your energy needs from the sun; there’s no utility to fall back on. The solar installation needs to power your home not just during the day, when the sun is shining, but after dark as well. This requires many solar panels, paired with a large battery system.

Can you trust SolarReviews?

Can you trust SolarReviews

We do everything we can to ensure you can trust the reviews you read on SolarReviews.

No solar company can pay to alter their reviews score, what reviews are displayed, or where their company appears on SolarReviews.

A reviews auditing team ensures that only genuine reviews are published. We use an algorithm developed in-house for this purpose, along with manual spot checks; every review gets vetted.

We have caught hundreds of solar companies trying to write false positive reviews, and repeat offenders are banned from the site. Our measures also safeguard against false negative reviews, where competitors seek to unfairly damage the reputation of another company.

How do we make money?

How do we make money?

When viewing reviews of solar companies or specific solar equipment on our site, you may decide you want to request a quote.

Approximately 2% of our site visitors make this decision; when you do, we earn a small fee from the solar company you request the quote from. The fee is the same regardless of which solar company in your area you choose for a quote.

For the other 98% of site visitors, we are just a high-quality consumer education website, providing free content and calculators for consumers to evaluate the solar potential of their homes.

Editorial Advisory Committee

SolarReviews has set up an editorial advisory committee as part of a commitment to our quality solar initiative

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