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Going solar with Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative (WREC)

A homeowner’s guide to going solar with Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative (WREC), including net metering, incentives, and savings.

Written by Jamie Smith

What are renewable resources?

Explore examples of renewable resources, including solar power, geothermal energy, wind, hydropower, and bioenergy.

Written by Ana Almerini

Recycling solar panels: What happens when they no longer work?

Solar panels can be recycled, but the solar panel recycling industry is still in its early stages.

Written by Ben Zientara

Beginner’s guide to home solar panels: What to know before going solar

A complete guide to solar panels for home with everything you need to know before you go solar, including costs, savings, and how to find the right installer.

Written by Catherine Lane

BougeRV Yuma solar panel review: is this the right portable panel for you?

The BougeRV Yuma solar panel is a flexible, lightweight, thin, portable solar panel that generates lots of power and mounts without drilling. We recommend it!

Written by Ben Zientara

Everything you need to know about Tesla’s commercial solar program

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced a new Tesla commercial solar program allowing business owners to buy panels at an extremely low price.

Written by Catherine Lane

The history of solar energy

A complete timeline that shows the astonishing development of solar energy technology since the 1800s!

Written by Jamie Smith

10 facts about solar energy you may not know

Solar is the most abundant energy source available - here are some facts you may not know about it.

Written by Jamie Smith