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Updated: October 14, 2023

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Latest good review thumbs up

drippsb | State College, PA | 08/31/2017

Review added by drippsb

I needed micro-inverters because of shading issues. You can get cheaper ones than these, but I don't think you can get more reliable ones.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Linh Luong | Fort Worth, TX | 10/14/2023

DS3-S dead in 3 months. No repair or service

I bought a 12.3Kw system from BlueChip Solar at Prosper, TX 75078 that included 30 panels of SOLAREVER SE-182*91-410M-108N MODULES and 15 inverters of APSYSTEMS DS3-S MICRO-INVERTER (240V). The inverters lose the communication to ECU then barely produce any power now. The DS3s have been down since May of 2023. Neither BlueChip Solar nor ApStems repaired my system. I am stuck with the dead solar on my roof. It is a big mistake I have done in my life. Stay away from APSytems. Don't believe anything they said.

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Tammy Asher | Pearland, TX | 09/08/2022


I have had 2 inverters go out over 2YEARS AGO!!!!!!!AP systems has yet to send me the parts! I keep getting because of Covid, China and whatever else excuse they can come up with to justify the parts are on back order and I have to be patient. Well, I think I have been WAY WAY more than patient. Now they need to send me my parts or send me parts off of 2 solar panels they have in inventory for sale or 2 new solar panels to replace the once that are not working just due to the inverters not working. Enough is enough time to back the products! Over a year was way too long and not it is downright horrible. PLUS, TO BOOT THEY CLOSE THE CASE EACH TIME THEY SEND AN EMAIL SAYING THE PARTS ARE ON BAKC ORDER SO I HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS JUST TO GET THEM TO FIND THIS HAS BEEN AND ONGOING PROBLEM. THE CASE SHOULD NOT BE CLOSED TILL I GET THE PARTS!

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joe | 06/17/2020

Worthless Warranty

my installer is trying to get a hold of these guys for 2 weeks now, I have 2 inverters that are down and no one is getting back to him. This is really a bad company, If I had a choice in this I will never use them .They don't even give a crap to try and make things right, I hope you are reading this before you get your Solar, insist on NO AP SYSTEMS because if something breaks good luck to you and your installer.

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Wright Way Solar Technologies | 12863 CR 192, Tyler , TX | 07/16/2018

Refuses to warrant their failed inverters

Tested panels and inverters on either side of a failed micro in a string, confirming no doubt that micro has failed. All other manufacturers make arrangements to send replacement, but this company refuses to handle warranty repairs in line with the method 99% of all other suppliers use. NABCEP certified staff, so no excuses not to send warranted replacement. They instead insist we pull the full string of micros off line to send them the one failed part for testing prior to any help from them. If you think you need micro inverters, please think again or at least don't use these guys. Optimizers are way better, in my decade of experience as a NABCEP certified installer.

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Hannah | 06/18/2014

Easy to monitor

I have had my APS system installed now for 6 months and I still log on to check their performance every week. I am very happy with the system as a whole. I have only had one bill over $25.

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