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Updated: September 8, 2021

Using only your zip code and utility company, our solar calculator will provide you with an accurate solar savings analysis.

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System & savings details

Estimated calculations based on roof assumptions

Number of solar panels needed

This assumes 370 W panels

{{ panelsNeeded }}

Recommended system size

{{ results.analysisData.assumptions.systemSizeInKw }} kW

Payback period

Payback period is the time it takes to achieve a positive cashflow (i.e. you make your money back). With a loan your payback period will be instant as there is no out of pocket expense unless your down payment exceeds upfront incentives.

{{ paybackPeriodInWords }}

25 year net savings

This is all savings and incentive value minus the cost of the system.

${{ numberWithCommas(lifetimeNetSavings) }}

Savings from incentives & tax credits

  • {{ }}: ${{ numberWithCommas(incentive.amount) }}

Monthly Electric Bill Comparison

Solar production vs. Usage

Offset of energy usage with solar

Battery backup details

Estimated batteries needed for backup power

Battery type

{{ }}

Total battery capacity

{{ batteryMetrics.totalCapacityInKw }} kW

Batteries needed

We are assuming that all selected appliances will start up at the same time and run continuously. It's unlikely that you will use your backup batteries in this manner, but this allows us to plan for the high end of what you need.

Maximum instantaneous power draw

{{ batteryMetrics.maximumDrawInKw }} kW

Estimated additional cost to install

${{ numberWithCommas(batteryMetrics.cost) }}

Minimum backup hours

You typically cannot have more than 6 of these batteries in the same system. We have limited your backup hours to reflect the battery limit. However, we are assuming that you will be using all selected appliances continuously. In all likelihood your backup hours will be significantly higher than this estimate.

{{ batteryMetrics.backupHours }} hours

Cost to charge your EV

What you could save with an EV

We assume 14,000 miles driven per year, gas cost of $3.15 / gallon, and are comparing a Hyundai Kona vs Hyundai Kona EV.

Without Home Solar

${{ costPerMile.noSolarEv }} per mile

About ${{ savings.noSolarEv }} saved in first year

With Home Solar

${{ costPerMile.solarEv }} per mile

About ${{ savings.solarEv }} saved in first year

SolarReviews’ Pre-Screened Solar Pros

SolarReviews has a network of over 700 pre-screened solar pros who will provide an exact price for the system your home needs. They are among the highest-rated solar companies in America. Most are local and family-owned, offering much better customer service than large national solar companies.

Compare local prices

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Solar companies available nearby

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Monthly bill

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Desired offset

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Backup power

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Zillow estimates that installing solar panels on your home will add 4.0% to the value of your home

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