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Updated: December 15, 2020

This world-first AI-powered solar panel calculator shows the exact solar potential of your home. Calculations are based on automated measurements of your roof, your power use, your location, and current offers by solar companies near you.

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Recommended system size
25 year net savings
Avg cost of current local offers
Average of offers of local solar companies for this size of system. You can request the individual offers below.
Roof space required (sq ft)
Number of panels needed (Assuming you use 360 watt panels)
Increase in property value
Zillow published a study in 2019 showing solar panels increased home value by 4.1% on average. This is 4.1% of the current Zestimate for your home.
Payback period
$0 down monthly loan payment
Based on a 20-year P&I loan for the system cost less 26% tax credit with an interest rate of 4%.

SolarReviews' Pre-Screened Solar Pros

SolarReviews Pre-screened solar pro’s

SolarReviews has a network of over 700 pre-screened solar pros who will provide an exact price for the system your home needs. They are among the highest-rated solar companies in America. Most are local and family-owned, offering much better customer service than large national solar companies.