The 6 best rated solar companies in Nebraska in 2021

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Compare the best solar energy companies in Nebraska in 2021

Updated: July 29, 2021

There are currently 16 solar energy companies operating in Nebraska. Below you can compare the prices and reputations of solar installers, solar panel manufacturers and other solar energy companies servicing Nebraska today and learn how to select the best one.

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6 best rated solar installers in Nebraska in 2021

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Which solar company should I choose?

The reviews scores for the largest solar companies are far worse than those for local, family-owned solar installation companies.

The best solar companies meet the following criteria:

  • Local
  • Family-owned
  • Less than 50 staff
  • Has an office near you
  • Been in business longer than 5 years
  • Employs their own installation crews
  • Uses Tier 1 solar panels
  • Uses inverters from Enphase, SolarEdge, SMA or Fronius

The solar industry is full of fly-by-night solar companies — both big and small — that open one year and are gone the next.

Solar panels last for 25-30 years, so you want an installer who will help you with any problems or system faults. For this to happen, your installer needs to be able to stay in business

Local solar companies, as a group, have the highest reviews score on our site and also have lower overheads than corporate installers, making them more likely to survive in the long term.

Nebraska solar stats:

Companies reviewed


Avg rating of Nebraska solar installers


Avg size of residential system


Avg price 9.28kW installed system

$19,959 ($2.15 per watt)
Nebraska solar guide

Top 20 solar panels used in Nebraska, 2021

Top solar loan providers

Installing a 9.3kW solar system in Nebraska, 2021

Net cost of system


Average payback time

Annual power production

14,642 kWh

Levelized cost of solar energy

6¢ /kWh

If you don't get solar

21¢ /kWh

(25 year forecast of avg electric rates)

Savings over 25 years

$32,078 - $35,454
(Savings shown after repayments of capital)

Cash flow graph based on cash purchase of this 9.3kW system

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Solar panel cost in Nebraska by system size

Table 1: Average cost of residential solar systems by system size
System size* Avg cost per watt Avg cost
(After tax credit) show before tax
4kW $3.09 $9,143
5kW $2.96 $10,963
6kW $2.83 $12,556
7kW $2.80 $14,509
8kW $2.86 $16,931
9kW $2.74 $18,235
10kW $2.71 $20,061
12kW $2.73 $24,242
15kW $2.57 $28,494

Going solar in Nebraska

Check out all of the ways energy providers of Nebraska can help you be more energy efficient and save money.

Table 2: Available incentive programs
Eligibility: Federal incentive
Type: Personal Tax Credit
Eligibility: State incentive
Type: Net Metering

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Note: Please keep in mind that the best source of up-to-date information on incentives are the solar installers who specialize in your area.

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