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Level Solar


Thanks To Level Solar, The New Way of Energy is At Our Home

"Alison & I want to Thank Level Solar for the Install & Follow Ups to the New Solar Panels on our House.

Everyone was professional & courteous. This is a great beginning into the newest fuel efficient way of living. Tom, Rob, Brad and others on your team were informative & helpful all the way through. Thank you Level Solar "

Type: Residential Electric

Reviewed: 12/01/2015

Grid City Energy


Great Service, Great Price, Great Company

When Grid City Energy came to my beach club, I checked with a bunch of companies and competitors. They had

the perfect combination of price service, local, and everything we wanted. We are saving in excess of our bill and are able to cover the summer months.

Type: Commercial Electric

Reviewed: 12/01/2015



One Year Later

We have now had our small residential system for almost twelve months. We have had no problems and are

looking forward to many years of worry free solar energy.

We were happy with the original sales team and how easy the process was in the beginning. Our one complaint was with the scheduling of the actual installation. It seemed to take for ever. We were given several start dates only to be delayed for various reasons. Additionally we had difficulty in communication with the office staff. We played "phone tag" with many staffers in our efforts to get some straight answers for the delays.

Finally the install date was established. The group of four installers that arrived early one morning were very professional and completed the work in one day. Two or three were working on the roof and one inside the attic doing electrical connections.

Finally there were some delays in getting the system up and running due to city inspections and PG & E approvals.

Type: Residential Electric

Reviewed: 12/01/2015

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