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Ed Rozeski | Golden, Colorado | 04/07/2022

Off Grid system in at 9600 foot elevation

I had Golden Solar install an off grid system at my cabin in the mountains of South Park Colorado. It has been about 2 years now since the system went in-service and it has supplied my second home with the electricity necessary to live and thrive in our remote location. The installation of the system was minimally invasive to our surrounding environment and the installation team was careful to tread as lightly as possible. When the 14-panel system charges the 4 "Blue-Ion" batteries fully, we have enough electricity to cook clean and work in and around the house all day and night. I have also been impressed with how well the solar panels collect sunlight when it is cloudy or even if they are covered with snow. I am not sure how that works but I can tell you that on cold, snowy, winter days, the system still charges the batteries, even though it is at a slower rate and the batteries may not fully charge. My system has a back-up generator that turns on automatically when the battery charge gets to 7% and stays on for 20 minutes, until the batteries are charged to 27%. The generator backup system has worked flawlessly and usually only needs to come on during the winter when the short days are coupled with snowy or cloudy weather and heavy use of electricity by us or guests. Golden Solar has always been very friendly and responsive whether it was before the system was installed or since the system has been installed. I recommend using Golden Solar for you solar needs.

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Aglee | Denver, CO | 12/03/2021

solar panel removal, and re-install on a new metal roof

We put a beautiful new white metal roof on our house this summer, and hired Golden Solar to take down our solar arrays and re-install them after the roofing job was completed. Our solar panels are mounted on racking set at about a 30 degree angle. One group of six panels faces southeast and the other group faces southwest to avoid our big silver maple tree in the middle. Several solar companies we contacted refused to bid the job because the solar panels were larger than most and are not mounted flat on the roof. Golden Solar was interested in doing the job and charged us a fair price. My husband and I are so pleased that we give this company a 12 on a 1-10 scale. The Golden Solar crew worked hard, very carefully, and cooperatively. They were super efficient at taking down the panels and having everything in order, down to the last bolt and nut. After the new roof passed inspection, the crew came back to reinstall the racking and panels. They were very conscientious. As a team, we noticed that they would get together and discuss what approach they would take. The Team Leader took in every ones input and choose the most sound and safe way. When it got to the point of putting the panels back up, they were very balanced in their decisions even with 90 degree temps and the sun beating down on them on top of a white metal roof. They were super safe with rope harnesses and anchor points on the metal racking. Two of the crew, who worked up on the roof, used special boots with magnets in the soles to grip the metal roof. They were so professional and there were no cowboy moves. Golden Solar's bid was well worth every penny of it for the skills and professionalism their team brought to our job. When it came time to wire up the panels, Justin took extra care to protect the wiring from the elements. The solar panels work beautifully again. We would totally recommend Golden Solar to anyone interested in hiring a company that is honorable and honest to deal with. We are so happy to be back on our solar panels. Our Golden Solar team did excellent work and they were great people to meet, too. Side note: Because each solar panel weighed 100+ pounds, we rented a crane to raise each panel up to the crew on the roof. The ground crew loaded each panel into the straps and my husband, Dale, ran the crane. This made the job move efficiently and eliminated having to set the panels down on the metal roof - they could be carried right to the racking and secured.

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Cathryn Reimanis | Golden, Colorado | 05/29/2020

Best Solar Install Experience

We had an excellent experience from start to finish with Golden Solar installing our solar system. The staff were available to answer all our questions, installation was smooth with highly respectable and personable staff, and the Solar Rewards registration process was completed smoothly. I was highly impressed with the professionalism at every stage. These folks are committed to solar as a renewable energy source. Would highly recommend Golden Solar - hands down!

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Anonymous | Golden, Colorado | 04/11/2009

<br />

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Anonymous | Golden, Colorado | 07/21/2008

A few snags developed during the install process, all of which originated with the City of Golden inspectors/permits department, and through no fault of Golden Solar`s. <br />

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Anonymous | Golden, Colorado | 06/30/2008

An excellent price was offered that beat any other offers recieved. In addition the price was sweeten after the original contract was signed. There were performance issues after the install but Golden Solar was more than willing to correct the problem with ambition. I anticipate the annual follow up will be great as well. <br />With the Utility rebates and the government tax credit, made the installation of PVs barely affordable. If both were not available the decision would have been to not install PVs.

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Anonymous | Littleton, Colorado | 02/16/2008

<br />

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Anonymous | Golden, Colorado | 02/06/2008

Before choosing Golden Solar, I carefully researched solar photovoltaics in general and many many solar dealers in particular. Several companies seem good, but Golden Solar stood out way above the rest. They exceeded my highest expections, not an easy thing to do because I am a very fussy consumer who wants things done right the first time. The two owners of this company are both MASTER ELECTRICIANS. PV is all about electrical issues. So instead of meeting with some salesman, you meet with a Master Electrician. Instead of having your system installed by some laborer who`s got some solar install training, your system is installed by a Master Electricican. I`m retired, so I had time to watch them like a hawk. I was watching them even when they did not know I was watching them. They worked on my house like it was their own. I am not easy to please yet they pleased me in every way and I LOVE my system! I also bought the data monitoring system, with its own web box and built-in server, so everyday, my performance data is uploaded to a special website so I can access that information from any place in the world where there is interneet access. <br /><br /> <br />Golden Solar is so confident about their water tight install not leaking, they include in their warranty that they will not only repair any leaks for five years, but ALSO pay the costs of any water damage. Most other companies I checked with do NOT offer such a guarantee. So it`s little wonder Golden Solar is so very carefully on their install. They cannot afford not to be!

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Anonymous | Denver, Colorado | 01/17/2008

The young men were polite and enthusiastic, completing their work rapidly and cleaning up thoroughly.<br />

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Anonymous | Golden, Colorado | 11/16/2007

Golden Solar calculated our electrical usage exactly, since we are now averaging net zero usage. We look forward to being a net zero home for all energy use soon.<br />

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Anonymous | Golden, Colorado | 10/26/2007

Better explanation of the XCEL process would have been good.<br />

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Whether you're looking to save on your monthly energy bills,reduce your carbon footprint, or increase your energy independence, you won't be disappointed by your choice to look into solar panel energy. For over 15 years, Golden Solar in Colorado has been at the forefront of this form of cleaner energy. Their goal is to empower people and communities toward mindfulness about their energy usage. Take the first steps toward ensuring your energy future by installing a solar panel system at your home. This solar energy company offers many options for you to take advantage of, including: Roof mounts enhance the aesthetics of your home and reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Pole mounts work for those in high snow or uneven terrain areas. Battery-based systems supplement your savings and increase your energy independence. No matter what option you choose, you'll start saving on your bill soon. Great for both homes and businesses, microgrids are localized groups of electrical sources that work alongside an electrical grid. With the ability to act on their own or as a unit, microgrids a great option for a power supply in the event of an outage or emergency. If the power generated isn't used, it's stored in a battery unit and can be used at night or whenever the sun isn't as bright...

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