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Updated: March 14, 2020

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OutBack Power Systems consumer reviews

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Carltcox | 02/12/2018

Review added by Carltcox

Very efficient. Long guarantee

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Beave & Jayne | San Pancho, SC | 03/14/2020

Very poor aftercare service.

Two years ago we moved to an off grid location in the Nayarit Mexico jungle. Outback USA recommended a system and battery specification for us that would be suitable in the tropics. They were more expensive than other options but we were assured that they would be fit for purpose and give us support. We built a purpose designed building to house the inverter and batteries safely. Just after a year of operation our batteries started to fail and our Mate 3S control unit on-line connection failed. We had to reduce our bank from 8 batteries to 4 batteries to keep the system working. We advised our Outback providers and service people in Mexico. After providing all the information required and constant requests for help and warranty we have been effectively ignored. We have raised this issue with Outback USA who recommended our system and again are being effectively ignored. We are in Mexico with an expensive nano carbon battery bank that is failing and unable to monitor the system on-line. We have given Outback service USA and Mexico every opportunity to communicate with us. We have been effectively abandoned.

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Beek | 09/20/2017

Review added by Beek

Good inverter

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Solar Ozzie | 09/19/2017

Review added by Solar Ozzie

My Radian inverter does a great job, I will however God willing, be upgrading to 8k soon.

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Sleeveman1 | 08/22/2017

Review added by Sleeveman1

State of the Art , good quality product.

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PowerWagonMan | 07/17/2017

Review added by PowerWagonMan

The folks at outback are fantastic. Their manuals are top notch with details and installation pics. Online support is excellent, they walk you thru your request and provide supporting information that well I hadn't thought about.

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Punk Rock Homesteaders | 06/30/2017

Review added by Punk Rock Homesteaders

We have been experiencing a few nuisance surge protector shut-offs. Our installer found a loose factory-installed wire inside the inverter box - hopefully this will solve it. Otherwise, the system seems good and the led panel is easy to read and pretty fun to analyze in the evening. The fan is quite loud, but that's to be expected.

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CBWV | 06/28/2017

Review added by CBWV

Inverter has been reliable, display information is a little sparse and hard to understand. Great technical follow-up from PPS to answer questions, however.

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XwileycoyoteX | 05/05/2017

Review added by XwileycoyoteX

So far so good

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Anonymous | 09/24/2013

Outback performs

The two outback FX-2524 inverters are up to the task; they have turned out to be the best performing part of the package--batteries the worst.

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Anonymous | 09/24/2013


Good system. Don't have any problems with it and doing it's job.

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Anonymous | 09/23/2013

Excellent installer and system

Gulf South Solar did an excellent job installing and system is working great. No issues at all

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Current OutBack Power Systems inverter models

Inverter Type

Hybrid Battery Inverter

Inverter Type

Hybrid Battery Inverter

Minimum Voltage

250 V

Maximum Voltage

600 V

Maximum Current

32 A

Peak Output Power

5 kW

Inverter Type

Hybrid Battery Inverter

Inverter Type

Hybrid Battery Inverter

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N/A GS8048A $3,709.33
N/A SBX5048-120/240 $1.00
N/A Outback Power FPR-8048A-300AFCI N/A

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