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LT1963 over 1 month

From the initial quote to the finished solar system on top of my roof, ReThink Electric was very professional and responsive to my questions during this entire process. I highly recommend them for any solar installation based on my experience. I've even asked follow up questions a couple of months after the installation and those questions were quickly answered by the owner himself.

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Avoid Rethink Electric, over 1 month

Due to the unorganized disposition of Rethink Electric, our solar implementation had serious issues. I will identify just three of the issues here--(1) due to the inability to manage paperwork such as proposals and invoices, the owner of Rethink Electric asked for several thousand additional dollars AFTER we had paid for our implementation in full. In fact, the owner of Rethink Electric personally visited our residence in order to accept final payment. Several weeks later, he demanded several thousand additional dollars due to alleged paperwork issues on his end, and he stated that he wouldn't honor his warranty unless we complied. We haven't heard from him since. (2) Rethink Electric installed the incorrect inverter our residence. We had requested (and the owner stated that he had installed) the appropriate inverter so that it would integrate directly with the Tesla or LG battery backup devices. However, this is not the case and now we must spend thousands of dollars to rectify the situation or ask the court system to assist. We have written statements from the owner of Rethink Electric stating that he was installing the requested inverter. (3) When the installation was complete, Mike showed us that the electric meter was running backwards and that we would receive a credit as a result. However, we repeatedly told him (and showed photos) that the electric usage was ADDING (not SUBTRACTING). Mike repeatedly assured us that the electric bill would show that we were receiving a credit for excess capacity returned to the grid. However, the first electric bill confirmed that we actually PAID for the excess capacity that was produced, and as a result, our electric bill was roughly DOUBLE what it normally was. ComEd representatives indicated that they had experienced many issues with Mike (they knew of him by name), that ComEd installs "tamper proof" meters that increment even if they run backwards, and that the meters must be replaced before depoyment of PV systems. Mike said this was ComEd's fault, even though when we contacted ComEd directly, they told us that forms had to be completed and approval was necessary before NetMetering can occur. We had no choice other than to complete the forms ourselves, even though ComEd representatives stated that this is the responsibility of the installer. As a result, the system wasn't available for several months. Although the Rethink staff told us that we would be compensated for the double billing, this never occurred.<br /><br />In closing, I have two additional solar implementations on the plate (one for a large condominium association), and unfortunately, I have to locate another installer...<br /><br />There are other issues that I can elaborate. Rather than doing so here, please check with Better Business Bureau for updates.<br /><br />The owner of Rethink Electric didn't install the inverter that was offered in writing, causing an additional approx. $3K expenditure (for the SolarEdge Storedge inverter) so that the Tesla Powerwall or LG Chem battery pack can be installed. The owner of Rethink Electric has also stated in writing that he won't honor the 7 year workmanship warranty that I purchased.

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14,627 kWh

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20¢ kWh

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Mike Nicolosi is the President of Rethink Electric. He has over 25 years of experience in the electrical trade with the last 15 years solely focused on solar installations. Mike holds certifications as a NABCEP certified PV installation professional, NABCEP certified PV Technical Sales professional and the International Code Council. He also has several electrical licenses such as a Supervising Electrician (Chicago) and Illinois Electrical License as a couple of examples. His main focus is on the safe, quality, and efficient installation of solar throughout the state of Illinois.

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