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Updated: 22 April 2021

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A Moore | Naples, Florida | 07/12/2023

Superior Knowledge and Experience

I am not sure I can fully convey my satisfaction with Florida Solar Design Group and its owner Jason, but I will try. I began my solar 'adventure' while constructing my new house, I thought I could 'do it myself' after all I was building my own house. Long story short after purchasing panels and inverter online and keeping them in storage before I was anywhere near to starting I wisely decided its not a DIY project, at least not for me. I wish to share my full experience, but not everyone maybe interested, if you feel inclined read on to the end. When looking to install Solar at a minimum do yourself a favor and speak to Jason. I highly recommend speaking with him after (or better - before) any sales pitch from another vendor - he will not give you a 'sales pitch' he will listen to your wants, tell you what is possible and at what cost. What is 'realistic' and what isn't. I think we have come to expect that solar is just something easy to do, slap some panels on a roof and your golden, but if you want more than just something offsetting your power, like solar power when we lose power (and who doesn't want that in SWFL) battery backup etc. it gets pretty complicated quickly. Experience and knowledge matters, not everyone can do it or has gained the knowledge to do it SAFELY. From my experience with Jason he has probably forgotten more stuff than some other installers even know, and his crews have many years of experience also. Always call Jason & FSDG you will learn a lot - and learning and being knowledgeable is very important when going solar to make sure you have a satisfactory experience and no regrets. So now for the full story of my install, Back in May of 21 I reached out to some installers and Jason was 1 of 2 that came to my construction site. I was immediately impressed with Jason's knowledge and he was frank and honest about what I had purchased, what was 'missing' (a fair bit) and what I could expect, of course this was less than my initial expectations. We kept in touch as the house was built, I sent some equipment back and with Jason's instructions ordered some other parts. My house construction was not going the smoothest (covid etc.) and the electrician just wasn't understanding what my plans were but we had sold our old home and needed to move in quickly so we finished up the house 'standard' then after another meeting with Jason came up with an electrical plan for what we really wanted which included adding panels for a larger system (my first pool home and I had no idea what those suckers run especially when heating them). After some further delay (NOT FSDG related) about a month ago we were ready for Jason and his crew. Jason came back out again (I think that may have been 6th time and there were countless emails) to confirm everything was ready and all the parts (his and mine) were ready, he got us on his schedule almost immediately. On a very hot Monday one crew ran the wiring in the attic while another was on the roof setting up and wiring the racks. It was a REALLY hot day on a metal roof, the wiring and inverter were ready to go but it was just too hot (southern and western exposure of course) to finish in one day - the poor guys probably lost 10lbs in water weight. Next morning bright and early they were back to finish the panels 50 of them in total. Jason came by a little later to supervise the final installing and hook ups and to make sure everything was right then by 12:30 he allowed me to turn it on - I don't think I have ever been happier to do almost nothing - its kind of surreal seeing the screen on inverter showing solar power and no grid power coming in. No noises of machinery, no bells and whistles just silent power to run all the other noisy stuff. I have batteries for partial backup and I look forward to figuring out my usage and getting ready for when I know the power will go out at some point - I am ready and in no small part thanks to Jason and FSDG. Thank you Jason & FSDG

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Fran Rowley | Cape Coral, Florida | 04/22/2021

Simply the Best!

This is my second time working with Florida Solar Design Group on a new install - new house, pool. Five years ago, they did our solar panels, then a few years later, the salt system. The level of knowledge and professionalism is beyond compare. I trust them, period.

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Roddy West | Sanibel, Florida | 04/23/2020

Great job from presentation to completion

I interviewed 5 different solar panel installers and I was really impressed by Solar Designs presentation and analysis of our specific job. I also was able to check with other nearby residents who had used Solar Design and had good experiences. The install and hook up went really smoothly and we’ve had great results with our electric bills. Really like that they are a local company and easy to contact with concerns and questions. I’m really glad we used Solar Design Group for our Solar install.

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Reply from Florida Solar Design Group: Tha ks for the great review!
Reply from Florida Solar Design Group: Thanks for the great review!
Reply from Florida Solar Design Group: Thanks for the great review!

Kevin R | Oviedo, Florida | 09/23/2019

Unmatched customer service, a pleasure to work with

It has been a goal of mine to go solar for many years. With the purchase of an electric vehicle, I wanted to completely power my home and vehicle with renewable energy. I reached out to 6 or 7 companies, went through multiple online referral websites, and looked up everything I could regarding solar. I came across Florida Solar Design Group when researching the possibly of a DIY install. After reaching out through the website, I immediately got a response by email from an actual person who was genuinely interested in helping me. Unfortunately, his crew did not service my area since I live quite a distance away, but that did not stop Jason from answering all my questions about solar. Through our discussions, he determined I most likely had the capability of installing the system myself and offered to put a diy package together for me. I asked an annoyingly huge amount of questions and Jason always responded right away (we are talking 10 minute response time in some cases). His prices were FAR better than any other company that had actually responded for my request for quotes. I also could not get over how unhelpful every other company I contacted was, treating me like I was not worth their time. Jason at Florida Solar Design Group was the polar opposite of anything I had experienced up to that point. It is obvious to me a lot of solar companies out there have inflated prices and are looking for customers who have deep pockets and don't ask too many questions. Most of the the systems quoted to me would have had a 15 year or more payback period. With Jason's help and package he put together for me, it will be just under 6. This past weekend he made the 4 hour drive and personally delivered all the supplies for me we had discussed. He included everything perfectly sorted and extras of the pieces I was likely to mess up since it was my first time. Having everything included paired with all the questions and preparation he helped me with made the installation go very smooth. It was glaringly obvious he is an expert in this field based on the package he put together and the tips and tricks he shared. It was such a rewarding project and I could not have asked for a better experience. I am obviously not accustomed to such great service and whole heartily recommend these guys based on my experience. If they serviced my area and I was not the type of person to want to do this myself, I would not think twice about having them install the system on my house or business. You just don't typically get this kind of customer service paired with good and fair prices. I can't say enough good things about them.

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Reply from Florida Solar Design Group: I don't help a lot of DIY clients, but Kevin clearly had the drive, determination, and skills to pull it off. He asked the right questions and I was confident it would be a success story. It was a pleasure assisting him and his lovely family realize a dream. It was just as rewarding for me. Keep in touch!

Cassi H | Fort Myers, Florida | 09/12/2019

Great Group to work with

From the beginning each and every person we have encountered with this Solar Company has been helpful, professional, respectful, and honest. Very easy to work with and we would recommend them to everyone looking for Solar Pool Panels and/or Solar panels.

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Reply from Florida Solar Design Group: Thanks for the kind words, Cassi. Enjoy your 11kW Solar Photovoltaic System!

Christopher Lange | Marco Island, Florida | 09/05/2019

Great From Start To Finish

We originally had an on-site review and estimate done in December 2018 as part of preparations to convert our residence back to a second home from a rental/investment property. We then had solar installed at our home in Massachusetts in the winter of 2019, allowing us to learn a few lessons and understand how everything works. We then made the decision to convert our Florida home to a second home in late April 2019. We contacted Dominick again, did some back and forth on getting the system optimally sized, and signed a contract for installation. The installation was able to be done without us needing to be present, which was a big plus. Another plus was that the installation timeline was able to be accelerated and done earlier than estimated. The only issue encountered was the local utility changing and not documenting or communicating a placard requirement; Jason went to our home on his own time (weekend) to remedy this. The utility swapped the meter to a net meter within a couple of days and we were running. The monitoring site/app meet our needs for what we need to see. Follow-up and communication pre- and post-sale have been excellent, as were updates before, during, and post-installation. The people at Florida Solar Design group were great to work with and quite knowledgeable, and we'd recommend or be a reference for them without hesitation. Thanks Dominick, Jason, and Susan.

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Carrie1964 | Bonita Springs, Florida | 10/01/2015

Very knowledgeable, trusted them most

I had a PV system sold to me by Florida Solar Design Group. Dominick came to our house and was not pushy at all. He explained all of the options and we went with an Enphase microinverter system. We had a lot of questions and Jason the other owner was amazing. He definitely knows what he is talking about. There was an issue with our circuit breaker panel, and they helped us get it fixed. The installation went perfectly and we are now saving money and watching our solar panels online. Overall these guys know their stuff and we chose them over three others who we did not feel comfortable with even though it was a little bit more expensive.

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