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Vito Nuccio | Denver, Colorado | 04/09/2024

I can’t say enough great things about Photon Brothers. From day one they’ve been responsive and professional. They installed a high quality, trouble free system. Most recently I contacted them thinking I had damage to one of my panels due to the recent horrible wind storm. Upon contacting Kenneth, the service coordinator, technician Mike came out to inspect my system the next day! Luckily I didn’t have any damage. That was an incredibly fast response and typical of Photon Brothers’ customer service and business approach. Five stars again to them and their wonderful staff Alexis, Kenneth, and Mike.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Tilden | Thornton, Colorado | 12/30/2023


Terrible, terrible company and people. They just lie and lie and lie. They ruined our roof installing the panels and refused to pay for the damages because “it was already an old roof” even after telling us our roof was in fine shape for installation. They also refused to remove and reinstall the panels when we did get our roof fixed unless we paid them almost $9000. The cherry on top is that they breached our contract by not installing part of the system and then lied by saying it was impossible to install on our house when in reality it would have just been more work than they wanted to do. Currently pursuing legal options. DO NOT use this company

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John | Louisville, Colorado | 02/03/2024

Fixed my inverter

Not long after the original installer (Ecomark) went of of business my inverter failed. That was the same time that XCEL installed a smart meter. Jake with Photon Brothers diagnosed the problem and and Cam, the technician promptly replaced the inverter. Both were very efficient and easy to work with and the system is back to working fine.

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Dan | Penrose, Colorado | 01/09/2024

Best solar Company ever

Photon Brothers has made my day again. They installed my panels back in 2018. Then had a problem today. Jake of Photon corrected the problem.

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Christopher Latimer | Parker, Colorado | 10/21/2023

One of the More Frustrating Experiences.

There are many reputable solar panel companies in Colorado. Photon Brothers is NOT one of them. Do not use this company for your solar panel needs. We started the panel installation process in the fall of 2022. Everything seemed to go ok at first, with monthly updates on the county and electric company approval process. However, once installation started in May 2023, things started to awry. First off, Photon Brothers incorrectly informed our loan company, Mosaic, that our panels were installed and operational, thus starting the payment clock with Mosaic...only there was one problem, the panels didn't work. Not only did the panels not work, but I couldn't get anyone from the company to call or email me back for weeks. Once I finally did get in touch with someone at the company, they would promise one thing and then offer another. That is not a great way to engender your customer's trust. The panels continued to fail inspections throughout the summer, which is exactly when you would want your panels up and running. Photon Brothers also caused roof damage during the installation that ultimately had to be fixed by a roofing company. After several failed inspections, a new main electrical output (that came with its own headaches), we finally had solar panels that September of 2023. In addition to that lengthy process, the app that PB uses didn't work at first, requiring another visit and more troubleshooting. All in all, I wish that I had not purchased solar panels, especially from Photon Brothers, because this company was not worth the hassle.

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Tonya - CO resident | Littleton, Colorado | 10/19/2023

Great experience with Photon Brothers

We had our solar system installed by Photon Bros in 2021 and have enjoyed using the monitoring app to see our production month over month and year over year. Recently we had the misfortune of an inverter issue. When we learned of the loss in system production we emailed Photon Brothers directly. I received an email response from their service department and the individual had included their direct contact information in the signature line of the email. Who does that anymore!!! I was thrilled to have this line of communication, so I immediately picked up the phone. Again, to my surprise, the individual answered. I proceeded to explain what was going on and they said they would check on the work order and get back to me the next day. They did just that and even continued the line of communication for the next week until the issue was resolved. That individual was Katlyyn Arnoldi, out of their CA office. Katlyyn is a huge asset to Photon Bros. as she was very professional, patient with a frustrated customer, presented a positive attitude, gave me the basics and facts and earnestly cared about my experience and system. I told Katlyyn how much I enjoyed working with her and how happy we were with Photon Bros. Photon Brothers, you need to work hard to keep Katlyyn on your front lines, as she is the face of your organization and takes pride in her work, which shows through her interactions. Thank you Photon Brothers for standing behind your product and workmanship. Best regards, Tonya

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Bob P. | Boulder, Colorado | 10/10/2023

Don't pay the balance until ALL work is complete.

I made a mistake when I signed the contract for my panels by agreeing to pay the full price as soon as the panels were finished being installed. I was told several times “Our work is done” and you have to pay us in full. But here’s the problem: their work is not done. At least here in Boulder, CO. Photon needs to pass inspection (with an employee present) and then apply and be accepted into the utility company’s (Xcel) queue for new meters to accommodate the panels. I agree, it is not difficult to do this. My panels we installed in early May and I paid the bill as required by the contract. Several weeks went by before the inspection, which did not pass. Several more weeks went by while the plans were modified and someone came out to the house and made the required changes. Then several more weeks went by before the next inspection, which required a little more work on Photon’s part before fully passing. Another week passed, and then I started calling Xcel to see if I was on the queue. Turns out they did not fill out the application correctly, so another week was wasted. Oh, and then we had a leak in the roof where Photon forgot to put in a screw and our bedroom ceiling was stained and the carpet wet. They did come quickly to fix the leak, the project manager no longer works there, and they did pay one month’s electric bill because of the delays. The system was turned on September 7 -- 4 months after I paid the bill. I strongly recommend you sign a contract requiring 50% up front, 25% at completion of installation, and 25% when you are in the queue with the electric company and the solar company’s work is actually finished. I paid too early and had no recourse, because they had all my money. And I feel like our project was a low priority for them as soon as the bill was paid.

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Pat in Colorado | Littleton, Colorado | 08/15/2023

Save yourself the aggravation

I live in Colorado and cannot recommend using Photon Brothers for your solar panel installation. While I believe they sell quality panels, the installation process was extremely disorganized and frustrating. The plan for arranging panels on our roof was clearly covering vents and too close to a skylight. After several tries at revisions, the co-owner assured me it would work. Turns out it didn't and the design team had to change the plan after all. They rewrote it but didn't tell anyone including the installers and the county. The installers arrived and couldn't implement the plan as written. The system failed county inspection and another in a series of delays ensued. I had to follow up on every single step of the installation process to get any action. Who has time for this? Once the system was approved by the county and the energy company, I sent the second payment. I later discovered 2 problems with the original installation but service requests go into a black hole and there is no response. No one answers the phone.

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Tony Burg | Atascadero, California | 08/14/2023

Photon Brothers are the BEST

I had the pleasure of working with Photon Brothers over the past several months and had a tremendous experience. Starting in sales, my rep Ryan Montgomery was extremely professional, knowledgable, and easy going. He told me my system would be on my roof my August... they had it done in MAY! SHABANG!! My onboarding rep- Andrew- was easy to get a hold of and very responsive. Top notch communication from start to finish. He addressed all of my questions and concerns in a very timely manner. The team of guys that came out to install did a great job. They were also great with dogs. That has nothing to do with the job... but I like to see that in a crew. While they didnt have to, they stuck around and helped me download the Tesla App and start tracking all my production! Would 100% recommend Photon Brothers to install your solar. Great team.

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Jimmy B. | Denver, Colorado | 07/11/2023

Photon Brothers saved me from a bad situation!

Our house went for sale in early 2023. We had a new roof put on the house in April, 2023. Photon Brothers performed the solar panel remove/replace for this project. They did a great, professional job. In May, 5 days before we were to close on the sale of the home, water stains appeared on the ceiling of one of our rooms. We asked Photon Brothers to come out and see if the leak had anything to do with their earlier work on the roof. Christian and Josh arrived within 3 hours. They found no evidence that their solar panel roof penetrations were causing a roof leak. They stayed more than 3 hours beyond that to figure out what was the cause, and they found it! This was hot dirty work in a dark crawl space! We were blown away by Photon Brothers generosity in doing this for us. They pretty much saved the on-time sale of our home for us and the buyers. Obviously, we would reccomend Photon Brothers to anyone considering a solar install!

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Frustrated customer | Centennial, CO | 06/08/2023

I do not recommend PhotonBrothers

It has been a year since we signed a contract with Photon Brothers to install a solar system. There were a lot of excuses up front about the amount of business they were getting and we allowed for that. They finally finished the design in 2022 and then waited for them to do the installation. That took several months. They finally did the install but had to modify it as the original design had them installing an overhead line to the meter which was a non-starter. They ended up getting approval to instill the meter and disconnect on the building and completed the install. Then they had to do a change to the city permit to reflect the as-built. We were told we had to pay the final payment upon completion of the installation so we agreed to final payment. It has now been several more months with no meter installed, not permit approved and now CORE is cancelling the permit for the meter due to no communication with Photon Brothers. We are beyond frustrated and when we talk to Photon Brothers we just get told they are working on it. It doesn't take months to do an update to a design. obviously they are more interested in getting new business than getting existing customers on the meter. jI would not recommend them and regret ever hiring them to do our solar install. This has been a complete fiasco. Others experience may be different but not everyone gets the same treatment. Buyer beware.

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Unhappy pappy | Longmont, Colorado | 04/06/2023

Cannot recommend for solar

My experience with Photon Brothers has been pretty bad. The sales person, Kristion T (redacted for privacy), lied about so many aspects of my project that it has been a uphill battle ever since. Communication between team members and the customer is extremely poor. The timeline given for installation was one day. It has been almost three weeks and they still can't give me a correct timeline for completion. They also told me an electrician was coming to finish. I took off work to be home for that, and he never showed. They never explained why and have still not rescheduled. It is continually up to me to push for answers that never come. It has been one disappointment after another. I was very excited about the idea of solar. I have been completely deflated from this process and wish I could go back in time and not pursue it. If you are definitive on putting solar up, I strongly recommend a different company.

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About Photon Brothers

Photon Brothers is a solar energy company dedicated to providing you with the a high quality solar installation and an amazing customer experience.

The company was founded by brothers David & Matt Raichart, veterans in the solar energy space who believe that solar power is the best way for homeowners to save on their energy costs and move towards a more sustainable, Earth-friendly future.

From our friendly, no-pressure sales process all the way through to our fast, professional installation, Photon Brothers makes going solar an experience you’ll love.

If you are looking to hire a Colorado solar power installation firm, give the Photon Brothers a call and see exactly what they can offer you. Once you speak with our solar professionals, you will know immediately why we are deemed the best local solar company across the state.

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