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Jon Williams | Denver, Colorado | 02/10/2023


The solar company that installed my system went out of business leaving me high and dry without any follow-up information. I contacted at least six other Denver solar companies to get information and what I was supposed to do in this situation, and to get servicing in the future. Only one company returned my call, gave me all the information I needed, and will be doing my servicing in the future. Tom Nix was extremely re-assuring and helpful during this entire process. Thank you Tom and Photon Brothers for your support!

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Matt N. | Grover Beach, California | 02/08/2023

Poor Project Management and Communication

I did not have a good experience with Photon Brothers in San Luis Obispo County with my solar project install. From start to finish, it took 8 months from contract signing to getting interconnection with PG&E. I had signed my contract in May of 2022 and the communication to me with the timeline was to be done around September of 2022. I did not get interconnected with PG&E until January 2023. Communication and project management was poor to say the least, with very little communication about status or delays. Trying to get any information from the project team about status was laborsome and required multiple emails requesting status and long waits to get a response. To this day, I still don't know why Photon Brothers was so delayed on my project. Some of the mismanagement and issues I encountered: - Initial site visit, the tech made note and verbally communicated to me that both the main panel and sub panel needed to be upgraded. I even emailed my project manager, Lillie, to confirm (which she did) that both panels were going to upgraded as I did not hear from Photon Brothers about the plan changes. I come to find out months later that only the main panel upgrade was included in the plans. - In relation, come to find out that the main panel could not be upgraded due to utility proximity issues to the panel and PG&E would not approve the main panel upgrade. Changes had to be made to run from the sub panel and Photon Brothers was trying to get me to not do a change order, even though their contract notes that any changes to the project required a change order. I had to push to get a documented change order which was haphazardly put together. - I was not getting any communication about project status after I approved my project layout in early July as the install timeline was approaching. On August 10, I had emailed to request status of the permits. I was told plans were submitted to the city. Upon contacting the city, they sent me stamped plans, which were magically submitted to the city on August 10, plans were approved two days later. No communication from Photon Brothers about the plans being approved. - On day of installation, project team failed to communicate that their team was not going to show up due to weather. Project manager made the excuse that they did not know it was going to rain, even though every news outlet and weather source had predicted rain. The lack of communication cost me money as I had to make arrangements to find a place to work and send my dogs because power was going to be off at my house. - After installation, I noticed that Tesla charger I had on my project had the connector only for a Tesla vehicle. When I originally spoke to the sales rep, Ryan, about the charger, I asked if the Tesla wall charger was compatible with non-Tesla vehicles, which he said it did. Come to find out, the Tesla wall charger installed would not be compatible with a non-Tesla without an adapter. When brought to Ryan's attention, they did send out an adapter for me. However, as I communicated to Ryan, have I have known that an adapter would be required and the wall charger was not compatible out of the box, I would not have bought the Tesla wall charger from Photon Brothers. I wanted to cancel the project with Photon Brothers, however, the thing that saved the project was a competitor backing their reputation and work. I had called the companies I received bids from to ask if they do project takeovers if I cancelled with Photon Brothers. One in particular actually walked through all the information with me and where I was in the process. They were more than happy to take on the project if I wanted to, however, because of timing and increased pricing, encouraged me to stick with Photon Brothers because they actually do good work, even though their project management is lacking. Some of my friends that recommended Photon Brothers to me had good experiences, I did not. I will not be recommending their business.

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KW | Loveland, Colorado | 02/03/2023

Excellent customer care!

Kind and knowledgeable people who take the extra time to make sure everything is in proper working condition.

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DK | Aurora, Colorado | 01/03/2023

Solar Edge Inverter installation by Photon Brothers

stellar energy contractors went out of business and I was worried because I needed a new inverter installed. I met Eric at DIA, he had photon brother hat or shirt on ( do not remember). I explained my situation to Eric and he offered to help, I would not be able to fix this anytime soon if I had not met Eric and the team. Thank you all. Eric - Director of Project Management William Iles Project Manager Mark - technician Nate - Service Manager who scheduled my appointment Tom - Service Coordinator

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Fred Van Ackeren | Aurora, Colorado | 12/22/2022

Best service ever!

Service was great! Mark was on time and kept me informed at every step of the procedure. He got the system back online in half the estimated time. Though Photon Bros. didn't install the original system, they are my choice for any future additions or repairs. After all the work was done they called to see if I had any other questions. I highly recommend them. Fred

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Mylissa M. | Morrison, Colorado | 12/21/2022

Exceptional people, great experience.

Photon Brothers is always amazing, professional and knowledgeable. They employ the very best people and Mark, Tom, Nate and Myka are no exception. They are all so pleasant, easy to communicate with and exceptional at their jobs. I am so grateful that I met Kris Tallent at that home show years ago and chose Photon Brothers as my installer for a great product with an excellent warranty!

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Jesse | Denver, Colorado | 11/15/2022

Honestly everything went great! I had a lot of questions and Sam helped with deep knowledge, several phone calls and a variety of quotes on the front end. We also got quotes from several companies and the pricing was very competitive. In conjunction with good reviews for customer service, the combination was a good choice for us. After we decided on a system Alexis did a fantastic job of handling the install and permitting. It all went smoothly and we didn’t need to do much. System is powered and generating as we expected. Awesome! Great experience and we would highly recommend Photon Bros. Thank you!

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Ken E | Colorado Springs, Colorado | 11/09/2022

Lighting Damage

Let me start by saying that Lighting and Solar don't mixes. But I'm very thankful I found Photon Brothers. they came on time and was able to take a look at my system and get some parts of it work right then. they also told me what they need to do to get my whole solar system back up and running. Now they done Yet So I will let you know how it goes. it's been great so far. Thanks Ken

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Hill | Littleton, Colorado | 10/25/2022

Excellent service, start to finish and beyond!

We had absolutely no issues start to finish. All of our questions were answered, and everything was complete as scheduled. The system looks good on our roof. We recently had a panel that was not working. We simply made a call & a service tech came out promptly and fixed the issue. Mark, Nate & Tom were knowledgeable and helpful. We highly recommend Photon Brothers!

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Alex Pitt | Broomfield, Colorado | 08/30/2022

Thank you Photon Brothers

My wife and I spent a lot of time researching solar energy companies and are very happy we went with Photon Brothers. After getting several quotes and reading through a ton of reviews we went with Photon Brothers because they have a stellar reputation, great price per kW installed, and they are a local small business. They installed panels for us in March and we have had zero problems with our system. The panels look great and modern, and the monitoring app is really easy to use.   We recently wanted to reconfigure our system a little to have our monitoring data be transmitted through LAN instead of cell data almost 6 months after our installation was completed and they were very responsive and extremely helpful getting this done for us. Specifically, it was Nate, a Service Manager, who coordinated the logistics and did a great job ensuring we were happy with the service, and Mike, the technician that came to our home showed up on time, was very nice, polite and professional and went above and beyond making the wiring on the outside of the house he had to work with look nice and tidy.   I also have to mention Amanda who was great to work with throughout the project and our main point of contact, and John Johnson who we worked with early on during the proposal phase who was very knowledgeable, also great to work with, and helped us spec out the best solar system for our needs.   All in all, Photon Brothers is a great company all around that has exceeded our expectations at all stages of getting our solar installed and we always recommend them whenever we hear someone talking about getting solar.  

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Golden owner | Golden, Colorado | 08/29/2022

Excelant service.

It is not an easy thing to find a solar service provider when your installer goes out of business. I was so happy when I found Photon Brothers. They took such good care of me. I certainly would recommend them to anybody needing solar repair.

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Tom Brooks | Broomfield, Colorado | 05/14/2022

Happier Every Day

Photon Brothers is one of the best companies I have ever hired. Everything about my project went perfectly, except installation was delayed twice, once by over a foot of snow and the other by below zero degree temperatures with winds. Because these dates were moved up from our initial installation date, the installation actually occurred as originally scheduled. See my full review on Google Review under Tom Brooks.

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About Photon Brothers

Photon Brothers is a solar energy company dedicated to providing you with the a high quality solar installation and an amazing customer experience.

The company was founded by brothers David & Matt Raichart, veterans in the solar energy space who believe that solar power is the best way for homeowners to save on their energy costs and move towards a more sustainable, Earth-friendly future.

From our friendly, no-pressure sales process all the way through to our fast, professional installation, Photon Brothers makes going solar an experience you’ll love.

If you are looking to hire a Colorado solar power installation firm, give the Photon Brothers a call and see exactly what they can offer you. Once you speak with our solar professionals, you will know immediately why we are deemed the best local solar company across the state.

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