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Roy H | Marion, Iowa | 09/15/2021

Professional, quality installation of our solar electric system

Very happy with our Solar Electric installed by ECG. Owner is passionate about quality and meeting standards and that showed throughout the process. ECG was not the least expensive of the proposals we received, in fact they were the highest cost, but, we had a relatively painless installation and commissioning of the system. One little hiccup when trying to commission the system, found connections not made right during installation, but it was fixed that same day and producing power. Must be patient with this process regardless of vendor, have to get through utility and local inspectors, it took a little over 3 months from start to finish for us. ECG's installation was one day, electrical was one day and then commissioning the system was another day. Most of the rest of the time was waiting for paperwork and approval from utility and some likely waiting for equipment and ECG's workflow. Do some research ahead to have an idea of what panels and systems are available but be open to input during proposals too. The owner provided us a good education and made a great presentation. Any questions were answered quickly, don't be afraid to ask questions, I waited on some and shouldn't have. ECG has a strong local presence and a passion for quality from the owner to the installers and we felt those we important qualities.

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Solar panel review | Cedar Rapids, Iowa | 05/20/2020

Installation and setup of $30000 solar panel system.

They came to my house asking if I was interested.

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SunMomma | Cedar Rapids, Iowa | 03/24/2021

ECG made my dream of Solar Energy a reality!

I prefer to do things "in person". It gives me a sense of who I am doing business with. ECG was prompt and professional. Their products are superior, and they are quick to respond if you have a question or concern.

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JB. | Solon, Iowa | 03/18/2021

Energy Consultants Group performed a timely solar system install

ECG was the low bidder on our solar system installation.

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Casey Simpson | Des Moines, Iowa | 02/23/2021

Excellent company takes the time to understand and give options

worked with ECG to complete 2 separate solar panel installs at my home. Sales rep (Steve) was incredibly responsive, answered all my questions, changed the bid easily a dozen times to make it work into my financial goals, worked with multiple finance providers to get me the best deal for my requirements (monthly payments less than what I'm saving in electric.). Steve did an excellent job in producing a full incredibly detailed forecast report on solar production to expect, and monthly electric savings. Jason did a great job in looking at the construction layout of my perlin-frame garage to make the panels use the maximum amount of roof space available. Installers were incredibly fast, got the entire array installed and up and running within a week (3 days initial phase, then about 1.5 days for the additional array on the back). The solar arrays have been in operation for nearly 5 months now and so far my actual production is beating Steves projections by about 15-20%, so producing even more than what they forecast. He did say their projection tool was on the very conservative side so not to over promise actual results and so far that appears to be accurate. Very pleased with the whole process. Cant forget mentioning Paula in this whole process also, getting all the paperwork submitted, installation crews lined up, scheduling electric company for tie-in, permits, filling out the tax rebate paperwork. The whole group was a charm to work with, and my electric bill has gone from $700/month average to less than $50 the last 2 months.

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Doran Williams | Riverside, Iowa | 10/30/2020

New install

We were referred by a friend that had an array built on their house roof. We had a ground array set and and are very happy with it. High quality equipment and professionally installed. The system is very well built and is working great so far. We just got set up and can monitor everything that is being produced.

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Michael | Clinton, Iowa | 10/21/2020

Great company, quality workmanship

Jason did a great job on our project, was responsive to all inquiries and very professional. I feel I got the best product available installed by the best installers.

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Anthony | Bettendorf, Iowa | 10/20/2020

1 year in - very happy

In 2019, as the solar tax credit was about to start its slow march towards expiration, I decided I should look into solar power. I hadn't done as much research as I probably should have and had tons of questions for our first meeting. They stopped out and provided a ton of insights into the process, documented long term pay back, how the loan would work to effectively keep my monthly electric bill on par with what it was prior to the solar install. Note that Iowa has a lot of unique rules and regulations, and that your local power company also may have many rules and regulations and hoops to jump through. The most work I ever did was answer questions, sign some papers, and pay my monthly bill. No up front costs, no dealing with permits, no dealing with the power company. They took me through the whole process (I think Paula gets most of the credit outside of the install!)

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Arcalargo | Marion, Iowa | 05/15/2020

Great results from ECG!

We had a great experience with the Energy Consultants Group team when we had our panels installed. They were on time, quick, and very thorough. If you are looking for a Solar installer, you'll find no better team in Iowa!

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Clive, IA | Clive, Iowa | 05/10/2020

Premier Solar Installer

Living in Clive, IA, I spent a fair amount of time researching solar companies. The team at Energy Consultants Group is the one to turn to for any of your solar projects. They are well versed in the latest technology and ways to optimize your project for the best solar gain. The service was excellent from design, permits, installation, and tax forms. They kept me informed at all levels and continue regular follow up on the installed product.

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PwdbySun | Cedar Rapids, Iowa | 04/21/2020

Great to work with: communication and professionalism.

Entire process went very smoothly. Communication was great at all stages. Held to original cost even though our installation needed an extra component and effort. Staff answered all questions and explained installation and system operation.

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Merle M | Tiffin, Iowa | 03/14/2020

Answered all my questions, professional

Locally owned company

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Reply from Energy Consultants Group, LLC: Merle, i certainly appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. As some customers realize during this process that the AHJ (inspectors) and utility company is not always easy to deal with including the long lead times for them to facilitate their process. We try to make it smooth as possible, and control the things we can. Thanks! Jason C. Gideon, President

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About Energy Consultants Group, LLC

Energy Consultants Group is a solar installation company based outside of Cedar Rapids that offers a range of products to help clients throughout Iowa increase the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by offering cost-effective, turnkey solutions using state-of-the-art equipment. Our offerings include PV and ACPV solar panels, solar battery storage systems, and backup power generators that provide better, safer, and more reliable operation than other similar products available on the market. Additionally, we provide exceptional service from a dedicated and highly experienced team that has a profound understanding of how to help achieve energy efficiency and energy independence in a responsible manner. We aim to educate our clients on the green options that are available, and tailor personalized solutions that will meet their unique energy-saving needs.
Throughout our time in the solar industry, we have provided homeowners, farmers, government institutions, and a wide range of other clients with customized solar panel systems. One way we stand apart from other companies offering solar panel installation services is that we provide honest, stress-free guidance when determining the best type of system. We pay close attention to details that could affect the performance of a solar panel system, including the number of panels needed to produce required energy, the placement and positioning of panels for optimal performance, and the potential inclusion of a solar battery to store power. Our solutions are comprehensive, and we take care of everything from initial site assessment through routine maintenance following installation, ensuring that our customers continue to reap solar rewards long into the future.

ECG's expertise in providing the ideal energy solutions is evidenced by our extensive list of certifications and accolades. We maintain our Authorized Dealer partnerships and are certified with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® (NABCEP). As one of the top 100 installers according to SolarReviews, it's clear we've also made an excellent impression on our clients. So, if you'd like to work with one of the area's top solar panel companies that is committed to maximizing your energy savings, the choice is clear – turn to ECG.

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