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Jeremy Zumbach | Marion, Iowa | 11/13/2023

Awesome System ECG is the best!

I cannot thank ECG Solar enough for everything they did for my family. I originally contracted with Moxie Solar to install my solar system. They went out of business and took my family's money with them. I called up the local news station and told them my story which was featured on I-9 investigates. ECG Solar saw the story, called me up, and offered to install a solar system on my home for free. I was taken aback as I have never experienced kindness, or compassion from a business in the past. Not only did they install everything free of charge they managed to get all of the equipment free of charge for my installation. The solar system has significantly reduced my electricity bill and is extremely reliable. The team is extremely professional. They show up when they say they are going to be there, clean up after themselves, and treat your property with respect. Deciding to make a financial investment this big is already a huge decision. Please take it from me and give ECG Solar a chance to win your business. You will receive a quality product from a quality team that stands behind their work. These two things are rare in this industry. Let them guide you through the process you will not regret your choice!

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Solar panel review | Cedar Rapids, Iowa | 05/20/2020

Installation and setup of $30000 solar panel system.

They came to my house asking if I was interested.

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Behrens | Des Moines, Iowa | 09/01/2023

ECG was professional, competent, and thorough

I began to research solar energy about 5 years ago. I checked out solar brand panels and solar installation companies. As a result, ECG carried the brand of panels I hoped to have installed, and ECG had many excellent reviews, so we selected ECG. We have no regrets. First of all, there was no hard sell, but their approach was to provide us with information. From the beginning of the process to the end, communication was ongoing and excellent. The electricians did an excellent job and worked efficiently and tried to save us money in the process. Every step of the way went well and was well timed. Our solar array is producing electricity and we are totally pleased with the final result. We would recommend ECG highly and have let friend know about this ECG.

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John R | Cedar Rapids, Iowa | 04/16/2023

ECG Solar installed our system in the Fall of 2022. They were very professional, installation of panels and electrical system updates were performed over 3 days. ESG coordinated all of the paperwork - particularly the coordination with local utilities. System is performing as advertised and we are enjoying our reduced electrical bills.

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Bruce Barton | Riverside, IA | 04/03/2023

Very good company

We did a twelve panel installation on our home. Everything went well and according to plan. All the technicians were great people to work with. Our system is working well. I highly recommend ECG Solar!

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D. Butler | Waterloo, Iowa | 01/10/2023

Easy to work with Great service!

ECG is a great company to work with for your solar needs. This was a major purchase for us and the proposal that was given to us had all sorts of great information that helped me make the decision to move ahead with the project. ECG made this a turn key operation and answered any questions i had which was really nice. Plus they are a local business offering top of the line products and excellent service. I make sure to let people know who installed my system

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Scott B | Bettendorf, Iowa | 12/12/2022

Highly recommend

Entire experience with ECG was top notch. They took the time to explain the entire project and how/what would take place, and they were exact on target. I had several other companies give quotes and presentations that thankfully I ignored as they were not honest in the expectations. If/when I add onto my system with batteries I’ll definitely contact ECG to do the work. Best workers in the office and the field.

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Bob Garza | Mason City, Iowa | 10/14/2022

Garza Solar Project

I would recommend installer , Very professional job done. Even had some obstacles in project and they came up with a viable solution. Product performs just as we were told.

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Muthu | Coralville, Iowa | 05/25/2022

Very happy with their service and would highly recommend ECG

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Grant P | West Branch, Iowa | 05/22/2022

Excellent installers, quick service, and helpful staff!

ECG did a fantastic job of the install. I'm producing wonderfully clean power and I couldn't be happier with the team and their patience with all of our questions. If you're going to get solar installed - go with ECG!

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Nick Becker | Cedar Rapids, Iowa | 05/19/2022

Disclaimer: ECG incentivized me to leave this review, but I've done my best to keep my review accurate and honest. My solar system was installed on June 14th, 2021 and (finally) powered on July 17th, 2021 after being approved by Alliant. ECG did a great job throughout the entire process. They adequately sized my system based on my needs, and the panels have effectively eliminated my electricity bill (minus monthly service fees) over the past year. Prior to installation, they provided an extremely detailed report with information about the expected performance, utility savings over time, expected ROI, and environmental impact. I've attached some pictures showing the end result at my home. ECG subcontracted a lot of the electrical work, but I thought they did a great job making the conduit not stand out too much. Initially I wasn't too happy about how they routed the conduit up and over the roof, but I rarely notice this anymore. They also removed a large chunk of drywall to run some of the conduit into my breaker. It would have been nice if they patched this up afterwards. One minor complaint is that the estimated utility savings in the report provided by ECG assumed that the power company had a policy of "net metering", but Alliant switched to an "inflow-outflow" tariff for systems (like mine) that were connected after December 30th, 2020. In particular, the inflow-outflow tariff does not include a "True-Up" payment to reconcile net-meter credits accumulated during the year, which was assumed in ECG's analysis. So currently I don't have a solid understanding of how much money I'm actually saving, but I assume it is comparable to what ECG estimated I'd be saving under net metering. It was disappointing how long it took to actually turn on the panels after they were installed, but this was no fault of ECG, and I was warned of this ahead of time. After the panels were running, I discovered that Enphase offered some optional hardware to enable consumption monitoring. I reached out to ECG and they were able to install this optional feature within a week or two. It makes it much easier to see how much energy I'm using and producing, and also makes it easier to verify that Alliant is billing me correctly. Overall, I'm very pleased with my experience with ECG and would recommend them to anyone interested in solar. I will definitely be reaching out to them in the near future when I decide it's time to add batteries to my setup.

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Garry H. | Cedar Falls, Iowa | 05/18/2022

Great Company

Nothing but good things to say about ECG. From first visit with Steve to finding out what hardware we needed to pricing (which was exactly what was quoted) to installation to start up everything went smoothly. The APP is a lot of fun and super easy to use to see what your production is. I would recommend ECG to everyone.

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The Premier Source For Solar Panel Installation & Energy Storage Services In Iowa. ECG Solar™ is a solar installation company based outside of Cedar Rapids that offers a range of products to help clients throughout Iowa increase the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing cost-effective, turnkey solutions with highly-skilled & certified employees using state-of-the-art equipment. Our offerings include PV and ACPV solar panels, solar battery storage systems, EV chargers, and backup power generators that provide better, safer, and more reliable operation than other similar products available on the market. Additionally, we provide exceptional service from a dedicated and highly experienced team with a profound understanding of how to help responsibly achieve energy efficiency and independence. We aim to educate our clients on the green options that are available and tailor personalized solutions that will meet their unique energy-saving needs.

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