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Paul Voss | Mebane, North Carolina | 05/09/2022

Very pleased with service and follow-up

We had a PV solar array placed on our barn roof to provide solar power and reduce dependency on our power company. From beginning to end, the service provided by Yes Solar Solutions was superb. The company was quick and expert in answering e-mail questions, the installation went smoothly, and the follow-up by their technicians and sales staff could not have been more thorough and courteous. I highly recommend Yes Solar Solutions as your solar installation choice. Mebane, NC

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Jennifer Winston | Chapel Hill, North Carolina | 04/11/2022

Solar made simple

Yes solar solutions walked us through the entire process, including the rebate process. Our solar system has worked seamlessly ever since it was installed.

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Reply from Yes Solar Solutions: Jennifer, thank you for your seamless review... and congratulations on your solar system!

CK | Cary, North Carolina | 04/11/2022

Overall a pleasant experience. They stepped me through the process to get NC rebate from Duke, Definitely appreciate the assistance. For the most part, the system has been performing as described. We had a few 'higher than expected' utility bills.

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Reply from Yes Solar Solutions: Thank you for your review. If the first few months were winter months, you would be seeing lower than the average estimated for each month. Once we get some warm spring and summer it will average out. Don't forget we have a production guarantee after the first 12 months if you do not see expected generation!

robert shaw | Greenville, North Carolina | 04/10/2022

very professional and helpful.

They came to our house several times and installed the panels perfectly.

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Reply from Yes Solar Solutions: Perfect installations make for perfectly happy customers. Thank you!

James | Henderson, North Carolina | 04/01/2022

Problem free power

I had my 12.77 kWp array installed 9 months ago. I have yet to have an issue with the system. The optimizer seems to have been accurately matched to my production and everything works as it should. In months where I'm not using climate control, I have had no power bill besides a $16 per month fee to hook up to the grid.

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Reply from Yes Solar Solutions: Wow...$16 a month for electricity! Happy to have helped make this happen. Thanks for taking the time to share!

Phil | Chapel Hill, North Carolina | 03/26/2022

Excellent service, great system performance

Late in 2020 we got bids from several vendors for a fairly large (38 panel 10 kW) residential solar system. We chose Yes Solar Solutions in part because they were by far the least expensive and more importantly because two different, very knowledgeable friends recommended them highly. We gave them a year's electric bills from which they modeled the size of unit and explained the tradeoffs with different system sizes. They mapped our roof using a drone, coached us on the warranty options and whether to add battery backup to the package, and ordered the components. Their team of installers worked fast and did a solid job. Of course it was a bit noisy having a team pounding and drilling on the roof, but because they were so fast, the inconvenience was minimal. Yes pulled the permits and arranged for the inspection, and they tested the system. They coordinated with Duke Energy to get a bidirectional meter installed, the last step, at which point we were able to switch it on. Finally, Yes coached us on how to apply for a substantial incentive from Duke Energy. In short, Yes Solar Solutions did everything for us that they could. Everyone was professional, helpful, and clearly very experienced. We couldn't be happier with their service and now, after a year of very low electric bills, we couldn't be happier with the system they designed and installed.

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Reply from Yes Solar Solutions: Phil, solar installation should be a one-stop shop, and we appreciate your trust and your friends' recommendations. Thank you!

Scott Nunnelly | Pittsboro, NC | 12/08/2021

Say YES to Yes Solar Solutions!

I'm so happy that "Yes Solar Solutions" did our install. They did an exceptional job installing our solar panels and inverter. The crew knew their stuff and were very polite and hard working. They were very neat and clean when they left. I can't imagine anyone else installing our home solar system.

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Reply from Yes Solar Solutions: Scott, thank you for sharing your positive experience with Yes Solar. You have been a great supporter and a great advocate for solar.

Drew | Apex, NC | 11/18/2021

Install 13 KW systaem

Yes Solar was reliable, delivered exactly what they proposed and helped me navigate the Duke power maze. I plan to use them again.

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Reply from Yes Solar Solutions: Drew, your beautiful 13 kW system was a pleasure to install and we are happy to guide folks through the Duke "maze". Looking forward to a long relationship with you!

Derek V | Rolesville, North Carolina | 09/24/2021

Educate then Sell! Works with me every time!

I met with three solar vendors. Sadly, I somehow knew more than one of them when it came to the current laws in place and how long they would be valid and apply to my situation. The second took wild stabs at trying to explain how the government tax credits work - I walked away more confused. The third, Yes Solar Solutions, went through the normal elevator speeches but as they finished their opening statement they didn't make that "we'll lets see what we're gonna put on your roof" transition. The associate stopped and asked how many questions that generated and then proceeded to listen to the questions I had. I wasn't cut off and I wasn't given cookie cutter replies. You know those replies that are based on keywords a sales person picks out of your question! Needless to say, the sales person was very patient with all the angles of questioning I come from. Every answer came without hesitation, with confidence and with accuracy. There were questions that I didn't know to ask or that I later had after everything was installed. That is where it got better. I took all the things I felt could have been done better or more from an ignorant homeowner's perceptive and offered the company the constructive criticism. Not only did they accept it and even acknowledge it, it didn't take too long to see it actually being put to use. I couldn't have asked for better before, during, or after support. The only thing that I can't say I am thrilled about is the loan company, BlueWave, they use (at least when my project was installed). I'm not a fan of that company's systems and administration but that is not at all a reflection of Yes Solar Solutions. The system installed on my house is awesome, flawless. And I LOVE the way it looks:

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Reply from Yes Solar Solutions: Derek , this is exactly how the process should work, including feedback on how we can make the experience even better for the customer, which is the whole goal. Thank you for your business, your support and your beautiful drone photos on YouTube!

CameronPark home | Raleigh, North Carolina | 09/22/2021

Home solar system working as designed, am happy with it

Got proposals from three companies, chose YES Solar after visiting their offices and talking with them. System was installed within about two months and we qualified for the January 2021 Duke Energy rebate with the help of YES. Wanted the system to generate a bit more power than we use for home and Tesla auto and it is doing so. Since March, our bill for kWh used has been zero each month.

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Reply from Yes Solar Solutions: Zero energy bill! Even with charging the Tesla. Congratulations on your foresight, your advocacy for clean energy and for choosing Yes Solar.

Kris K. | Carrboro, North Carolina | 09/21/2021

We have a complicated system and Yes Solar was great

The team at Yes Solar was easy to work with and very helpful in getting our system on line.

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Reply from Yes Solar Solutions: Solutions is part of our name and we hope to make complicated simple. Thank you for your kind review.

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Yes Solar Solutions is an unlimited General Contractor and licensed electrician, both of which are required for solar in NC. Now in our 13th year, we have distinguished our company by being the first and only in NC to be nationally accredited by NABCEP, the first to be certified by Tesla for the Powerwall and EV charging. We are one of the only solar companies with a dedicated service team, servicing other companies' warranties as well as our own. We are solutions-oriented and offer turn-key service that includes design, engineering, permitting, interconnection, commissioning, inspection and QA, as well as a post-installation meeting to review all warranties and documentation. We consider ourselves to be the perfect combination of local hands-on ownership and the high-quality expertise born of over 1,700 solar projects and over 200 Tesla Powerwall installations.

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