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Updated: 02 December 2020

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Wadsworth 2021 | Wadsworth, Ohio | 01/31/2022

Residential 54 panels. Really impressed even when cloudy

Cody, Paul and their team were great to work with. We had 1 panel fail shortly after install but it was replaced in a timely manner. I'm surprised at the power it generates on cloudy days. Can't wait to see the output and savings after 1 entire year. We check the App frequently to see how things are going with the system. I was able to identify a reoccurring power pattern and resolved the reason for the periodic spikes in usage that the electric bill doesn't show. I waited to do this review until I had some time and experience with the product and people. I highly recommend YellowLite.

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ClevelandSun | Broadview Heights, Ohio | 01/31/2018

OK, needs to be more responsive.

I had a 5 KW system installed on the roof of my home in January 2012. I also requested that a battery back up system be installed. Total cost was around $24000 or so, or $17.5K after tax credit. For the first few years, it was trouble free. We got Mage solar panels and they have been great. However, it has been pretty painful getting a response from the company whenever there are issues. Cody, the sales guy who initially worked with me on the system, is a nice guy- but there is only so much that he can do when there isn't tons of communication between the installation staff and the customer. The battery back up system is functionally dead about 4 years after installation. I may have used it 2x during that span. I don't know if it would have lasted longer if the system was built differently. I don't plan to replace them. There was a part of the system which failed and they were responsive in getting it replaced about 2 years ago. Other times it has been a challenge getting responses, after the sale is done. They are a small growing company, so I understand the hiccups. And when I make enough noise to enough people, things get done- I don't think it should have to come to that. I will change this review if my experience changes, but in hindsight, I don't think that I would have invested in a battery back up system if I could go back.

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Dan | Cincinnati, Ohio | 12/02/2020

Great team to work with. Very Satisfied.

I suspect I'm picky about customer service, and know I'm picky about how things are done and how they look on my house. These guys were knowledgeable, and just great to work with. Did a very nice job. Professional, quality work. I'm very pleased.

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Terri R. | Dayton, Ohio | 11/11/2020


YellowLite installed my 11.5 kW solar system (36 panels, 91% of my energy requirements) in mid-Feb 2020. I have not paid a utility bill since then, and still have a $500 credit on my net metering. Not bad for an all-electric tri-level home, where I keep the AC set on 72F all summer..... I used the EnergySage website to gather quotes and do my research. Of the four quotes (one outside of EnergySage), YellowLite was the best system in terms of energy generation, as well as least expensive by a wide (about 20K) margin. The installation crew were very efficient and professional, as were all the folks who were involved in the project planning, surveys and service initiation. Communication was spotty before project installation, but things really took off from there and I honesty cannot recommend YellowLite highly enough. Installation took less than one day. The SolarEdge app lets you see exactly what your system is generating every hour of every day. It's so wonderful to wake up every day and know I did something wonderful for Mother Earth, and it's paying me personal dividends as well. Even on an overcast November day, my system is producing SOLAR ENERGY. And if you do your research, you will likely find that if you need financing to go solar, your monthly loan payments will be about the same as you are currently paying to your energy provider; the difference is when your loan payments are completed, you will have FREE ENERGY for years to come. If you are thinking of a solar system, DON'T WAIT!! Your free electricity and your solar energy tax credit (22% in 2021) are waiting!!

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Great Experience | Conneaut, Ohio | 02/01/2020

Excellant company

We had a 6.2kw system by Yellow Lite 5 months ago. Experience was truly a pleasure. Everyone we dealt with was top notch they made the process very easy. It was a high quality install from start to finish. We are happy we decided to use Yellow Lite.

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Shanepasterchek | Seville, Ohio | 05/20/2019

Very friendly, easy to work with!

From start to finish yellow lite has stood by everything they said they would do for the exact cost I was quoted. They always checked to make sure I was ok with the placement of everything before the install and during. Going solar was one of the best choices iv ever made. It saves us so much money an is basically maintenance free. Yellow lite did a fantastic job on the install and customer service. Highly recommend to anyone looking to go solar!

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Cari O. from Stow, OH | Stow, Ohio | 05/14/2019

Exceeded expectations

My April, 2019 electric bill was $1.05. I am amazed at the solar production of my YellowLite system in NE Ohio. We installed 20 solar panels (6.2 kW) in July, 2018 after learning that some friends used YellowLite and were happy with their installation. The company was helpful teaching us the ins and outs of solar power before we made our purchase. YellowLite handled all the permits and paperwork with our electric company so we didn't have to. The installation crew and electricians did a great job. The SolarEdge app is a great way to see how much power we're generating on any given day. We picked YellowLite because they have a long track record of solar installations. We're already planning to buy more panels sometime in the future as we've since bought an electric vehicle. Solar power is essential to a clean environment and we're happy to invest in a cleaner world for future generations. YellowLite did a great job for us.

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P^2 | Cincinnati, Ohio | 06/05/2018

The most satisfying consumer product purchase experience ever!

Yellowlite was brilliant from beginning to end. This is the most satisfying consumer product purchase I have ever made. Yellowlite manages the entire process. It was so easy from beginning to end - and they moved as quickly as possible. The staff are tremendous! I plan to install six more systems, and I would not even consider another service provider. Yellowlite also offers reasonable prices - no others I shopped were significantly less. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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JCZPT | Columbus, Ohio | 01/24/2018

Solar Install

Yellowlite just recently installed our 7.83 kW solar panels (27 panels) onto our south facing roof (Dec. 2017). We were impressed with their professionalism, the knowledge of the staff, their courtesy, the quality of their work and the fact that we were barely inconvenienced for the installation. We were always updated both via phone and e-mail. All necessary inspections, permits, etc. were taken care of by the company. We would highly recommend Yellowlite.<br />Jeff C.<br />Gahanna, Ohio

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JE123 | Loudonville, Ohio | 07/08/2017

I recommend YellowLite....

After shopping around and researching extensively, I made the choice of YellowLite. Though there was an initial problem with layout, everything worked out satisfactorily. I was especially pleased with how YellowLite personnel took care of everything including permits and arranging for my energy credits. The online monitoring system is especially handy to know how much energy is being generated every day. I recommended YellowLite.

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KBG | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | 11/26/2016

Excellent Service

Prompt, fast service with great customer service to back it up. Our solar panels were up in one day and everyone at Yellowlite was a pleasure to work with.

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AkronOH63 | Tallmadge, Ohio | 07/26/2016

Solar In Tallmadge Ohio

Love my new solar system. Tied in to Ohio Edison. It offsets some of my electric usage and if I am not consuming all of my electric at any given time it runs my meter backwards to sell electric back to Ohio Edison.

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