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Latest good review thumbs up

Kimberly Southwell | Oceanside, California | 12/12/2022

Mark Ivory is the best!

When we first bought our home we had never had solar before. We had a lot of questions - thankfully Mark Ivory was super patient and very knowledgeable and answered everyone of our questions. The install was great with no issues. The system has run without problems since and we can check and see how we are creating energy thru the app. Years later we wanted to add an energy wall. The only company we called was Semper Solaris for a bid! Super company to work with! It is a bonus that they are Veteran owned!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

ralph | Carson, California | 01/19/2023

They do not stand by their work.

Installed solar panels couple years ago under the solar panels I had tile roof now there's no tile and the shingles installed by this company did NOT waterproof it and now with these rain storms I had leaks and now they're saying that it's not under warranty. This is BS I do not recommend this company whatsoever. The audacity to copy and paste the same response. And no . You definitely don't stand by your work and you definitely don't strive...

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Mike Howard | El Cajon, California | 01/13/2023


Purchased a whole house solar unit. Semper said their warranty was the best in the industry with Sunpower panels. 25 year full warranty and they said no SDG&E power bills with the full installment. For 7 years, it worked well with no power bills but then the system failed to produce any power whatsoever. SDG&E is now adding electric billing at over $450 per month because the system is not producing power since the 12th of December 2022. It took weeks before Semper came out to do tech support. Semper said the problem was not the inverter but it was the Sunpower panels that needed replacement parts. Semper said that Sunpower had to send their techs to fix the problem. I've had to call Sunpower for the past 2 weeks and remain on hold for extended times. Finally Sunpower said that parts are difficult to obtain and that it could be months before they arrive and months before the problem is rectified. To sum up, Semper sold me a product that came with a warranty and they said that my power bills would cease. I am now on the hook to pay for SDG&E power that Semper told me would not be and they backed it with a warranty. I am going to have to sue Semper for damages since they sold me the product and installed it. That will not be a problem but first I must wait to have the system up and running which could be months and run into thousands of dollars of electric billing. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WHEN THEY TELL YOU THERE WILL BE NO ELECTRIC BILL AND THAT THEY BACK YOUR SYSTEM WITH A FULL WARRANTY. I have other properties and I will go with Palomar Solar for those.

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Michael B | La Mesa, California | 12/26/2022

No after the sale service - incompetent

One star too many. Worst company I've ever had to deal with. Installs an additional third Powerwall in April 2022, during installation techs caused electrical damage to our pond thermostat and UV lamp, fried every outlet and bulbs in the garage because tech had common incorrectly connected. Could have burned down the place. That was repaired and they did take care of that. In June the Tesla Powerwall gateway shorted and melted, our entire house power went down. Called on Monday morning and their answer is that someone might be able to come out maybe on Wednesday?? three days without power is okay by them? Really? Had to escalate my complaint and take it to several levels at Semper for someone to actually come out that Monday to bypass their bad installation just so that we'd have electricity. Semper senior tech discovered loose wiring again, took them three and a half months to replace the fried gateway, in the interim our 36 panel solar system also was bypassed and all this during the summer heat wave when we experienced several SDGE blackouts that should not have affected us... because... we have solar and 3 powerwalls! Thus far cost us thousands in electric charges we should have avoided. After replacing the gateway discovered that the batteries are not charging properly as designed. This was working before the gateway fried by the way. Endless calls and emails and reports at no avail, Semper blaming Tesla while Tesla is blaming Semper's installation. !2/19/22 Semper tech comes out, has not been briefed on the issues, have to guide him through all the history because he had no clue, wastes my time arguing he can't find anything wrong while admitting it's not working correctly. After he leaves I discover that now the app, the one and only place one can monitor and adjust the batteries stopped working. Reported this and asked for help to get this resolved, and no one has the common decency to return my calls or reply to my emails. I do however get regular perfunctory survey requests of "how are we doing?" or "how satisfied are you with our agent?" What?? No one at this company cares, will not get a reply, no updates for days and weeks on end. It has to be one of the most culturally toxic companies there ever was. As a US veteran myself I am deeply offended about their claim that they are ethical and better than their competitors claiming that their work ethics an loyalty to customers is somehow derived from someone over there having served in the military. This pretty much and closely resembles shameful stolen valor, because someone over there managed to get through USMC boot camp. There is no reflection of military work ethic, customer loyalty or semper fidelis for that matter whatsoever. Semper: Fix the issues once and for all if nothing else to save us the burden of seeking and retaining legal counsel. Asking nicely and having been patient for over 6 months with these latest issues hasn't been working. Batteries still not working nor is the app online to know if and what its doing.

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OC CA | Laguna Niguel, California | 12/11/2022

Rookie Installation

Check out my yelp review. It’s being featured. The install process started with appt on Sept 13th 2022 and today on Dec 11th (Sun 7:30am) I have no power. They don’t have an emergency number to call to get my power restored and battery working so when I called them to get help on customer service line, I got a message “we are unable to take you call right now, leave a message” I also called corporate office, same thing. I update my yelp review documenting my experience with the company. My next step is to find out what agency I can file a formal Complaint with to get things fixed.

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Doran | Springville, California | 12/07/2022

I initially went with Semper Solaris because I appreciated the veteran owned and American made approach and they had the best financing option. With that said, I deeply regret my decision and wish I had gone with literally anyone else. Here was my experience... Semper Solaris subcontracted my solar install to the lowest bidder. A crew eventually showed up and installed the system over the next few days, however, they did not follow the plans well and some panels were haphazardly placed and did not look good. We paid extra for an attic run, that the installers knew nothing about and tried to say it would take eight additional weeks because the job would have to go back to permitting. We said no thanks, obviously, because we wanted the job done, which the installers then said they would just do the attic run anyway as if they were doing us a big favor. They left nuts and bolts, wires, scrap, and other trash all around our house. They mounted the enphase combiner box on the outside of our house crooked ($40,000 system and you can't bother with a $5 level?), didn't fill the gaping holes they drilled behind the box, left tiles scattered on our roof, and just did an overall really really poor job. When the installers left, I asked about the Enphase app and how to monitor the system. I was told I would receive an email from Semper with setup instructions, which I obviously never received. A few days later I was told by the installer that the system had passed inspection and to turn it on, however, I still couldn't monitor the panels. Over the next few months, I contacted everyone I could at Semper and was never able to get the monitoring setup. I even called enpahse directly, provided them the S/N of my combiner and they told me that the system was already registered to a guy named Carlos in Porterville and that I needed to contact Semper. Frustrated, I left a one-star Google review and a few days later got a call from customer support and they promised to look into it. Come to find out Semper gave me a used combiner box that was previously commissioned to Carlos in Porterville and they aren't able to transfer it to me apparently. Furthermore, I was told my system was NEVER actually inspected and Semper promptly turned it off December 1st. So now I get to pay my power bill AND my solar loan for however long it takes them to figure this out. In conclusion, there are so many other Solar companies out there, please do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere. Semper is not any cheaper than anyone else and there seems to be real communication issues within the company. In addition, they just closed their Bakersfield office which doesn't install confidence that they will be around for the long haul to support your system.

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meike kopp | Santa Paula, California | 12/05/2022

Bizarre and Negligent Experience

BEWARE - It says so much about a company when they refuse to communicate via email, clearly not wanting to commit their maliciousness to written fact - I contacted Semper Solaris in May 2021 because half the panels on a fairly new system that was installed in 2018 (sold to a veteran for $49k) had blown off and the system was down. As if in slow motion, it took Semper almost 5 months and 3 inverters to fix the system (which I was told by technicians were installed incorrectly). I believed, Semper Solaris owed me money for electricity costs during such a long down time (note: they insist they never pay electricity costs for downed systems) - at which time I realized how could the electricity cost not change with the system working or not? Weird. I contacted Semper Solaris and was assured I was unclear on my electricity usage. However, my deductive reasoning suggested that the system was either not connected to the grid or perhaps not connected to the meter. Was that possible from a system installed in 2018? Semper insisted they could not determine this themselves, its a Southern California Edison issue to solve (which I discovered is not exactly true and could have been solved very easily by a Semper Solaris technician coming and opening the connection boxes). After almost a year and a half of phone calls, emails, waiting on hold, more hours than I could count to resolve - I finally get Southern California Edison to inspect the meter 6 weeks ago, and low and behold - this solar system has not been connected to a meter since its installation in 2018, thus paying full electrical costs! Wow, and the SCE technician also stated that he had been here in 2018 because previous owner complained of the same issue, when the technician discovered that Semper had mistakenly connected this solar system to a third party oil rig and marked the oil rigs connection box with solar power stickers. Then in an attempt to correct (once discovered by SCE), they illegally accessed the SC&E meter and jury rigged a what they thought was a connection - once again, incorrectly, so that the solar system was, again, not connected!! SS finally connected this system , after 4 years of being unconnected (and don’t forget the beginning of the story where half the panels blew off). Their account exec disdainfully recently told me that I am like a person who bought a car from a car dealership and am complaining about a flat tire! This is so offensive after all I have been thorugh with them. They have skirted any kind of accountability conversation, and have now begun to refer to this as simply a “warranty issue” and will not discuss any financial damages. If it were not for my tenacious work over 17 months, this system would have paid full electricity for the lifetime of the system after almost $50,000 investment. While Semper Solaris seems to get press as a top tier solar company, I did find them on a consumer watchlist at California Solar Consumer Protection (, you can look up their watchlist of non-compliant solar providers. This has been a lesson in repeated corporate buffoonery and egregious and negligent business practices, over and over and over again. Stay away from this company!!!!

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Yuliya K | San Diego, California | 11/28/2022

Not trust worthy with inferior product

Besides unacceptable worst customer service ever with overpriced quotes, unprofessional conduct of sales reps coming over with hang over and alcohol breath with shaking hands barely listening to our requests with shaken after all night in the bar hands (Rob, salesman words not mine, mine is just an observation), there is NOTHING military grade service about Semper Solaris…and and I speak as a retired Navy veteran. I am speaking and trying to have upgraded service from them for over a year. Given false promises, fake advertisements for upgraded systems, there is nothing noble resembling military integrity and conduct about them. Executive assistant held me in limbo asking to take off my negative review on Google for almost 2 months meanwhile attracting customers with false advertising of IQ8 upgrade which is available to exciting customers (this came directly from the owner), and false promised service and to be delivered contract masking it with claimed being best solar company yet just simply attracting more and more customers deceitfully attracting new customers with faulty promises and products without a doing legitimate job with improper advertisement yet bound current customer with technically inaccurate and misleading warranty; didn’t even bother to call me when she promised. Everything about them is improper and way below Military integrity and ethics of work delivery and promise.. Look at Truspilot review, it is real evaluation of this company “2” stars. Run away before they will get you with a flow system on false pretense. I don’t do such a brutal negative wen comment for local companies, but Semper Solar sure deserve it. To conclude and wrap it up: Last conversation was to actually deny me a future project. Owner denied it on a fact I posted a legitimate, verified on current advertisement and my own experience honest reviewer. The Fact that false advertisement accusation was based on failling the delivery of IQ8 microinverters and battery systems,, which I temporarily suspended hoping they actually will delivery the promise. Just hear me out… they found me by fake warranty and upgrade is denied, AVOID this company at all costs. Veterans/military don’t treat each other like that, they correct the problem and move on, refusing service has to be legitimate. I don;’t believe it is even veteran own or founded, and all the Jets Co-founder can afford to fly on your honestly earned money will not be of all mistreatment, below optimal product and inferior product. Trustpilot has a true reflection of their performance or lack of it. (2 stars is noo much for their performance).

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Joe | San Diego, California | 10/31/2022

These people are Great!

Ok, from my first contact to even now, the response I get from the many persons working for Semper Solaris is quick, understandable and friendly. When I have questions they quickly return my call and give me answers that help. I referred one other person to them and that person quickly signed up with Semper on their home. That person referred another person and they signed up with Semper Solaris. No kidding their sales people are super and always with you every step from installation to inspection. They know its a big commitment but they have your best interest at heart. My electric bill was over 300 per month now 35 or so per month. The money I'm saving pays for the solar panel bill easy. But I was able to pay the solar panel off now I own them. In addition the value of my home has increased, and I like that. This might sound corny but I want to say to the world, thank you Semper Solaris for helping me and my family make ends meet in this difficult world. Joe

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J. Swanson | Carlsbad, California | 10/19/2022

Poor Customer Service

We have attempted to get service on our system for 2 months. DAILY calls went unanswered and not returned, until we advised we would take another avenue to solve our issue. A technician came out within 1 week. After assessing the problem he said we needed a new invertor. We were told we would receive a call in a 'day or two' to schedule the install. That was over 2 weeks ago! Once again, multiple calls, hours on hold and no return calls.

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Xavier | Chula Vista, California | 10/18/2022

Don’t even waste your time

I called and made an appointment for someone to check what my roofing and AC problem was. The guy came and spent 5 minutes at the location. Not even went on the roof and said he had a lot experience and he could do an estimate. Never got one. 2 months later I get a call asking how was my experience and why I didn’t go on with the project. I said I never got a quote. The lady insisted I should talk to someone about some changes in my quote. I tolde her, just send the quote. Long story short. They didn’t have any info on my house. The visit 2 months ago was useless. They were getting on my house again. Bunch of lies and time waster. They are just interested in big quotes. No repairs just replacements. Worst customer service possible.

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Johnny Wilson | Brea, California | 10/08/2022

Lack of competency and professionalisim

I started my Tesla battery purchase about 6 months ago. Still not finished as of this date. Everything from the time frame, battery location, rooms to be backed up by battery, following the inspectors instructions, communications, and still not done. But 4 different people (so far) have told me "how busy they are and they are spread thin". they cannot even communicate accurately with each other.

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