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Latest good review thumbs up

Duaine | Marysville, California | 05/24/2024

Great install but tax write off such a lie

Was told to get a tax write off and pay 8k from taxes to keep payments low. Well I went to my tax guy and he said you don't get all that in one goes over 5 years well. Now my payment is going over 100 more....thanks for the misinformation. Fml

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Jeff and Karen | Whittier, California | 06/17/2024

Still looking at black tarp 6 mos. later

Semper installed our Enphase Battery Solar system in February 2024, and it is now the end of June and I am still looking at a large black tarp where Semper left it as they promised to repair roof tiles on my home. They have stopped answering my calls and have even blocked my access to their social media accounts.

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Pissed off | Aptos, California | 06/05/2024


Semper Solaris can't/won't fix my system. I have got through getting a hold of them or Sun Power 10 times since 2022. The 2 companies point the finger at each other and NOTHING gets done. PERIOD - NOTHING. Management of Semper Solaris is non existent either. Sun Power gives you the run around. From the reviews here, I'd say the Board, top management, procedures, and policies are poor and Semper Solaris is going to file for bankruptcy. Time for a class action suit. I've lost at least $4,000 to PGE because there 2 companies have their heads up their you-know-what. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

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M. McLaughlin | San Diego, California | 05/07/2024

I don’t take poor reviews lightly, but with all that’s happened during our contract with Semper Solaris, I feel like it’s important to bring some issues to light so that others can be aware before they commit. In the end, it took nearly 3 months to have our leaking roof replaced and nearly 14 months for our solar to be installed and operational. On March 4, 2023, we signed a contract for roofing and solar with Semper. We were getting roofing quotes because we had a major leak in the garage but decided to add solar to take advantage of the current net metering tier. We were told many times by Semper that the solar should be done around July/August. I should have known it was all just a push for sales when we followed up in April and were told they were backlogged “but at least you don’t have a leak” (as our garage roof continued to leak profusely). Our roof was not completed until May 27th and there were further delays getting started with the solar because SDGE required our panel to be relocated, which we had been assured would not be necessary. Throughout our year’s worth of follow up with Semper regarding our project, we were told it would be completed “by July or August”, “within 30 days” (multiple times), “by the end of the year”, “by March at the latest”, and “in one to two weeks”; our requests for a cancelation price were dismissed multiple times; a significant portion of our small yard was made unusable and unsafe for our young family for nearly 6 months; and Semper no call/no showed three times (despite multiple confirmations and reconfirmations on our part). Furthermore, in one of our many conversations with the Regional Manager, we were told that “trenching just isn’t a priority for us”. For over 3 months we had an approximately 40ft long x 3ft deep trench through our yard (along with a MASSIVE pile of dirt directly outside our back door and another completely consuming the parking spot next to our garage) at a house with a 4 year old, a 1 year old, and a small dog! The saga continued as our trench failed inspection, Semper was dishonest about scheduling inspections with SDGE, and the trench was completely filled without any compacting (despite the fact a worker had told us there was a note on our account to compact a minimum of every 1ft to create a stable surface under the pavers). In the interim of this mess, someone did show up for a quick fix after I expressed concern to the Regional Manager that because our transformer was lacking support, it had begun to tilt more severely with the rain (toward the trench that also contained our gas line). He realized the workers had widened the trench the wrong way, putting the transformer at risk, and they came the morning after our conversation to shore it up until the work was completed. As an aside, we were told repeatedly that the scheduling issues were due to the rain. However, I strongly refute that. Once the trench was dug and the conduit was laid, Semper didn’t schedule an inspection for two weeks. THEN the trench failed inspection and Semper didn’t schedule workers to return until January 24. The rain and flooding didn’t start until January 22, so truthfully, had Semper delivered on any one of the many timelines they had already promised, the rain would never have had an effect on our project. During this period, rather than receiving the 30% solar tax credit as we should have for the 2023 tax year, we ended up finding out we owed several thousand dollars in taxes. Eventually our system was installed, interconnected, and we were granted access to the app on May 3, 2024. Thankfully the crew that installed the panels, who were not Semper employees but who were contracted to do installations, was extremely professional, efficient, and communicative. Unfortunately we do not know the name of their company, though I wish I did so I could leave them a separate review (I did ask, but they kindly explained they were meant to be representatives of Semper in this case and couldn't provide it). They were the only bright spot in this entire process. As workers came and went from our house over the months we would hear things like how Semper laid off their trenching team and their installation teams and they were contracting the work out. And yet, rather than being honest and forthcoming with us, they continued to tell us our job was a priority and that “we’re going to expedite things”. They made promises for timelines that not only weren’t even close to being met, in most cases we literally would not even hear back from them before their projected timeline for completion had elapsed. We are so disappointed to be in a contract with a company that showed so little integrity throughout our various interactions with them. As much as I hate to say it, I absolutely cannot in good faith recommend Semper Solaris.

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JM | Novato, California | 05/05/2024

Terrible Experience

We currently have a solar system in place, but it is not working properly. We requested to have Semper Solaris come out to inspect. Our first red flag should have been the $500 fee to assess our system. It tooks weeks to get that scheduled, with terrible communication. After the technician came out he looked over our system called us on the phone and said "your inverter is not working properly". That was the last communication we received, no write up about our system, no offer to fix our system. After multiple calls and emails no one has got back to us. However they were kind enough to send us a bill. And to make matters worse the technician shut off our system and left it that way and we did not realize it until we hired another company to come replace our inverter over a month later.

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Tony Kuri | Highland, California | 04/23/2024

Run like the rest of them

I'll keep it short and simple. You will get the best service and communication until you sign on the dotted line. After that, don't expect anything else. Took a year and a half to to finish a project scheduled to be done in 3 months. Repeated calls, texts, and emails to my sales consultant and project manager went unanswered. The roofing on the pergola over my back patio was supposed to be included in the roofing replacement and was never done...BUT I PAID for it. After reading some of these comments, I'm shocked and I guess relieved that at least my roof didn't leak this past winter as many others have stated. Oh, and concerning their deceptive slogan...they may be veteran OWNED as in the owner(s) and maybe some of the top brass might be former military but they are not veteran OPERATED so don't think you're being patriotic and supporting our military or American workers then be surprised when you find out the roofing and solar companies that get sub-contracted to actually do the work are pretty much day laborers probably scooped up at your local Home Depot (luckily, most of them are nice and do good work). OK...maybe not so short or simple. Now to contact my lawyer to get a refund on the unfinished work on this project because as of 4/23/24, the chat and email functions on the Semper Solaris website are disabled and the only option is to call...and I'm not sitting on the phone all day to get ignored like I have in the past.

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Disappointed Repeat Customer | Duarte, California | 04/17/2024

No follow up no return calls. Left in the dark. Paid the money though

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JeSul | San Diego, California | 03/26/2024

Do NOT recommend Semper Solaris

Nail/drill bit?/found in microwave vent-microwave & vent not working. My husband had to take microwave out to find a tool access by your employees. We were not home the entire time during HVAC installation. When the condenser was installed we were told it would require some digging and cutting of our hedge. The foreman decided to place the condenser in the middle of our hedge vs the edge. A section of our hedge was removed which aesthetically was a poor decision. DH (territory leadership)came to our home and agreed with our feedback. It was left at that. In addition, DH was a no show the 1st time he was supposed to come to our house to assess the work that was done. The rescheduled date/time he was to arrive he was 30min late. I had questioned the use of day laborers with roof removal. One worker spoke English. It was summer, it was hot, these poor employees were provided with no bathrooms or water jugs. One of the employees was asking to urgently use our restroom. He was in a clear panic. We could smell whatever he had to take care of throughout our home after he was done. With the amount of money we paid, if day laborers were used that information should be fully disclosed. Woodwork was also not completed in garage-open spaces over night to allowed for rodents, pests enter our garage. In addition to this day there is debris in our garage that was never cleaned up. There was no service recovery done for our bad experience. I expressed our experience with multiple staff (at least 10). IMG_0424.jpeg IMG_0425.jpeg IMG_0426.jpeg IMG_0427.jpeg IMG_0428.jpeg IMG_1353.jpegIMG_1354.jpegInformed staff that nothings between roof and our ceiling. They covered nothing in our home so all the debris from roof removal on our furniture, kids belongingsIMG_1356.jpeg Left like this overnight IMG_1357.jpegIMG_1358.jpegIMG_1359.jpegIMG_1360.jpeg IMG_1369.jpeg Exposed nails. Had to bring to staff’s attention for repair IMG_1375.jpegIMG_1376.jpeg Covered ceiling after mess was made IMG_1379.jpeg Staff moved our couch and bent attachment 71418049387__DAF79F0F-EEEB-4D4C-A9F6-C6C2222639A0.jpeg 71418055536__F993C965-89AD-492E-9A4B-1F9E1DA82661.jpeg Left on our roof during hurricane warning and dumpster left in driveway uncovered during hurricane warning. IMG_1470.jpeg Debris left in garage after roofing project-never cleaned up Splits made this noise that nobody could explain Resized_20230827_162243.jpegResized_20230827_162233.jpegResized_20230827_162229.jpegResized_20230827_162222.jpegResized_20230827_162218.jpeg IMG_1346.jpeg When we turned on our microwave after the roofing project it did not work. We had to take out the microwave to find a drill accessory, screws and debris in microwave exhaust because the vent on top of the roof was never covered. It’s great to receive emails with feedback surveys but pointless if nothing is done with the information received. As a big business, I would think that customer feedback would be valuable. Honestly, we would not recommend Semper Solaris to anyone. We hope that this feedback is taken into account so no other customer has this awful experience.

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T G | Antioch, California | 03/07/2024

Absolutel trap

Solar with all the bells and wistles a "moneytree" loan has. They lie about the price going up over 30% on your monthly mine is going from 395.00 to 729.00 after 9 months. They promise you refund insentive money is gonna come to you via SPIP but it's dry so nothing there either. My system hasn't worked properly since day1 and I am on day 250 now still waiting for them to do anything but make sure they have control of YOUR internet. Trap from day 1 and if you want it down because they cannot deliver, well that will not only cost your, it will damage your credit severely and the cost for removal will be on you.

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Syed Khadri | Reseda, California | 02/27/2024

Beware of false assurances

I had solar installed thru them in late 2020 and I was told at the time that if and when I get my roof done, there is a $35 per panel charge to uninstall and reinstall the solar panels. Fast forward to February 2024 and with the rains we have been having, my roof started to leak. Doing my research on roofers I inquired with Semper to do room and they quoted me $22K for the roof plus $315/panel to uninstall and reinstall. After much discussion, we agreed upon $75/panel whether I get the roof done thru them or with some else. Finally, found a good roofer for $15K and when I contacted Semper to write up a contract to do the uninstall and reinstall of solar panels, they completely breached my trust. They said they do not offer this service unless I get the roof done thru them or have battery installed or have solar work done thru them. This is what I get for supporting a veteran owned business. Very dishonest, ridiculously over priced, horrible customer service. Eric doesn’t know what Ameet is saying and Jennifer doesn’t know what Eric is talking about. Poorly managed organization causing nothing but agony, frustration and disappointment. Perfect recipe for my lawyer who is working diligently towards a hefty payday. Buyers beware. Stay away from this company and save yourself.

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Sparkey | El Cajon, California | 02/19/2024

Still paying $410.00 to the loan and paying $650.00 to SDG&E

UNSAT We’re paying for the loan ANY paying SDG&E at he same time!!! Had the solar installed on 13 Nov and now 19 Feb. This is going to save us money???

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VK | San Francisco, California | 02/07/2024

It is true- they ruin your roof, I live with buckets now

I was an educated buyer. The process of installing was smooth, but they ruined my new roof. I had the original roofers come out to take a look since Semper Solaris TAKES FOREVER TO RESPOND. They confirmed that the installation was faulty and showed me how the correct way to install solar panels on my roof would be like. I NOW see that the way they made errors and patched my roof was amateurish and I regret that I ruined my new roof. Don't use them. There are other much better providers. I really wanted to help the veterans but it's been rough living under a ceiling that is leaking cats and dogs due to them.

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