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Brad Spencer | Rolling Hills Estates, CA | 10/21/2021

they were thorough, and professional

The service and follow through exceeded our expectations, And the savings exceeded their estimates. The most unexpected benefit is my wife not having to reset all our clocks when there is an outage...the battery takes over wife says that was worth it by itself.

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Andy | Los Gatos, California | 09/30/2021

Stay away and use another solar company.

Stay away and use another solar company. Semper Solaris is dishonorable and misrepresents their services. There was so many issues with our installation that I requested a small 5% discount/reduction for all the misrepresentations and inconveniences. They choose to battle me over email and voicemails left at 7AM or on weekends over multiple months. Their communication was horrific. They just ask for money vs. trying to solve a problem or even apologize. They have not agreed to any resolution except to threaten me. They do not care about customer service or satisfaction. There are many solar installation companies, don't use Semper you will be much happier. Here are the details. First they promised to install by the end of Dec, but then delayed until March, then April. We locked in a good week when the kids didn't have school some days. We made our work schedules light because we expected power disruptions and banging on the roof. The installation took 6 days vs. 2 days promised due to their teams working short hours, 4-5 hours and not having full teams show up together. Even worse it was not 6 consecutive days but spread out over 4 weeks. They had to turn off our power most of those days creating many issues as we worked from home and had kids in school via Zoom. Additionally, they had told us they could install the equipment on the side of our house, but when they came to install it was physically impossible and thus they had to install on the back of our house, not hidden and creating an eyesore. Had we know this, we would have made a very different decision and not purchased the Powerwall. Their installers were polite, the problem was always with Headquarters which is likely not local. I strongly recommend avoiding any Semper Solaris franchise because they all connect to the back-end HQ which doesn't care about its customers or local providers.

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Oscar Ros | Wofford Heights, CA | 10/07/2021

Honest company!!

My experience with Semper Solaris was excellent! Nothing like the first company who came out (Fuzion). The first company didn't want to provide any documents about the solar before signing the loan papers. I called other companies, they made appointments but didn't show up. Raedene Solano was the person who came to my home. Everything was upfront about the system, financing, etc. She did an awesome job helping me understand and representing Semper Solaris. She gave me all the information from the beginning and I was comfortable with how she set it up. Thank you, Rae! Thank you, Semper Solaris!

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SGT G | Indio, California | 09/26/2021

Predatory Company

Semper Solaris is a predatory company. Do NOT do business with them. The only goal of Semper Solaris is to make sales, regardless of the lies or pressure they put on the consumer. As long as they make their sale that is all that matters to them. Semper Solaris DOES NOT care about their customers, period. Being a Combat Wounded Veteran myself, I was eager to give my business to a Veteran owned and operated company. Boy when I tell you I feel ashamed for doing so is an understatement. I called to have a Rep come to my home and explain Solar to me and allow me to make an education decision if solar was right for me. However what I got was bamboozled and pressured into making a decision on the spot or "the great deal" he was offering was off the table. The Rep was pushy and even made me feel guilty for having him at my home and not agreeing to the sale. My tipping point is when he stated my monthly bill would be "about $4 to $8 a month" with the summer months, or high use months, being "about $120". Boy what a crock of lies that was. My bills on average have only lowered by about $30 a month, $30!!!! Now factor in my $200 month Solar finance payment and I am actually spending MORE per month to have solar than I would have without it. It has been about 2 years since I have had the system and I have begged and pleaded with Semper to just give me answers. The only answer they are willing to provide is that it is my Utility Service Providers fault and to take the issue up with them. I have contacted my provider, Imperial Irrigation District, who then passes the blame back to Semper. Finally I had to pretend I was interested in upgrading my system before they sent someone to my home. I felt bad for the new Rep because I ambushed him with print outs of past utility bills and usage reports from the SolarEdge monitoring. After over an hour of him reviewing all of my bills/usage he was perplexed as to why I am getting such high bills and he was convinced something was wrong. He stated that he would push it up to his supervisor to figure out what what was wrong. A few days later I got a phone call, the supervisor had advised the Rep that "he just has a crappy utility company, tell him to vote to get net metering". Several weeks later a sales rep called to see if I was still interested is upgrading my system, I related my experience to her to which she apologized profusely and said she would have a manager call me... I'm still waiting for that call, it's been months. If I could I would rip the entire system off my roof and mail it back to them. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I am reminded about having this system or for ever giving them my business. Now given the recent price increases by my utility company I am still only saving about $30 a month but my bill has gone up over $100 a month. Semper Solaris has put me into a financial hard ship. Shame on you Semper Solaris. V/r US Army VET Purple Heart Afghanistan

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Wayne D | Julian, California | 09/16/2021

Extremely Professional and Very High Quality Installation

Semper Solaris installed our backup battery and did a spectacular job. From the very beginning where Alex Darr provided above and beyond service. Alex proactively fixed small hurdles in front of us so that the process of signing up and choosing options and locking in a path was done super smoothly. He was always readily available via phone, email and text to answer any questions I had and remove bottlenecks in the process. I was genuinely impressed. The Semper Solaris employees continued to impress me during the entire job. They kept me in the loop as the project plans were developed, did several pre-inspections and then the installation was extremely well executed. Everybody I interacted with was courteous, very knowledgeable and professional their role. The system was installed without incident. They installed it such that I was super-happy, adapting the design as I changed my mind. The quality of the electrical work was very high. They kept the jobsite very clean and multiple people reached out to ensure everything met my expectations. Indeed they exceeded my expectations! I would thoroughly recommend them to friends and utilize them again. My first call would be to Alex. Thank you Alex and Semper Solaris team!!

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Karl Kurdi | Brea, California | 09/14/2021

Great company, top-notch customer service, reliable

My wife and I are interested in renewable energy and just trying to be a bit more planet-responsible. We’ve been researching solar energy for a while, and we received bids from different companies, we settled with Semper Solaris not only for the cost but for the amazing customer service we received throughout the process. Our sales representative Alexander Darr was the nerve center of the whole process, he made our transition to solar & batteries pleasant, easy, and I can't praise this guy enough for his professionalism, attentiveness in going above and beyond to help us every step of the way. The installer Eric Lopez and his crew were awesome. Overall I had a wonderful experience, and we consider ourselves blessed dealing with a wonderful team, helped us transition to solar & battery energy that was designed to fit our needs and power usage! We just passed the final inspection on September 13th, although we are in the very early stage of our solar system, I feel very confident that this is one of the best decisions we made!

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Aniket | Olivehurst, California | 08/19/2021

Custmer Service Jessica from Semper Solaris was awesome

Jessica Robertson is a sales specialist working for Semper Solaris. I worked with her to design my solar panels. Though I am still yet to find an affordable package, I would like to mention that Jessica was patient in listening to all my questions and if I was not comfortable with any package, she would always be willing to come up with another option with a better price or power. She will never get upset or show dissatisfaction even if I reject her proposal. Her communicaton skills are great and she would always get back to check on what my solar needs are or my comfortable zone and then try to come up with another option. Though in the end even if I refused to go with them, I was quite happy with her service and her quick turnaround for any solution. She is and will be a great asset to whichever company she works for. I definitely recommend her. I am sure she will do a good job for her company and I wish her all the best

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Mike K. | La Canada Flintridge, California | 07/24/2021


This is a warning that this company is completely inept. I contracted to have 4 different jobs with them over 14 months ago. The final job (solar and battery installation/operation) was just completed less than 3 weeks ago. However, the key is that they have been fully paid since January 2021. What that means is that I have been paying for solar without the benefits of solar for 5 months. I have been double-billed, by the solar company and the electric company. Now, I get it....every job gets delayed, especially with a pandemic. However, this was not due to any unforeseen delays. The delay was due to lack of licensing and inspection/approval from the city. Again, I know that you're thinking that this is not Semper Solaris's issue. However, this would be incorrect. When I checked with the city, they informed me that they did not have a request for inspection and that they were no notices put forth by Semper Solaris, and this was close to 5 weeks after they completed installation. Once the city inspected, they asked for a couple of clarifications and/or changes. And, true to form, Semper Solaris did not provide the necessary documentation / changes for close to 4 weeks after. At the time, I kept calling and trying to get this resolved with Semper Solaris. I was told that it would be taken care of and that there would be financial reimbursement after all of this was resolved. WRONG AGAIN. After completion, there has been no return texts, emails, phone calls, etc. from Semper Solaris. They have been paid, and no longer care to provide any service, much less communication. To name names, specifically, the customer service department, won't provide any updates. Our sales person, Ross Berman, has not responded to any texts or provide any information. And, the solar project manager, Michael, has never returned a phone call after numerous messages and requests from me. To be clear, all 4 of the projects that I contracted with Semper Solaris amounted to just over $100,000. Yet, it took over 14 months from start to finish, and now I can't get any response from anybody. Again, I would encourage everybody to get a solar system....just not with Semper Solaris. There are many different options, so just choose another one. These guys are not shy about talking about their military backgrounds and integrity. However, they should be ashamed to even evoke any ties to the military, as this is such an offense to the people that serve our country.

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Charge Ups Incoming | Clovis, California | 06/27/2021

Charge ups

The contract was signed for close to $55k for roof and solar. Then someone comes to do the site plan. A couple weeks later her comes the request for increase charges of nearly $5k. There were a handful of things to justify the charges... osb, fascia replacement, flat roof for the patio, expense of removing/ disposing of the tile. Interestingly enough, all of these things were discussed before the initial contact was ever written. My existing roof was tile... didn't change. Skip sheeting... didn't change. I was very clear that the roof would need complete replacement (sheathing and all), including the flat roof on the patio... nothing new, nothing changed. When asked why the $5k difference, i was told the predominant issue was the expense to dispose of the tile. Apparently tile gets heavier after you sign a contract. Who knew

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Shelly | Bakersfield, California | 06/24/2021


signed contracts back on 3/26/2021 it is now 6/24/2021 Solar service still not up and running let alone even on roof yet. I have found that they are quite good at passing the buck as to were the problem is!

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Palo Alto | Palo Alto, California | 06/15/2021

"Nice" People but Totally Incompetent and Tried to Inflate Costs

Semper Solaris is either stunningly incompetent or downright crooked, from my experience, seemingly both. If I were a former Marine I would be furious at their misappropriation of the Marine motto, “Semper Fi” (“Semper Fidelus” is Latin for “always faithful”). More fitting for this clown act would be “Simper Fly’” as all they did was feed me simpering BS and fly away from fulfilling their contractual obligations to me. I first spoke with them in December of 2020 about roof repair and a solar project. They made several errors on my initial quote concerning both costs of work and amount electricity generated (some of which I found and pointed out to them). After these errors were corrected and I signed and paid a deposit then they tried to rewrite my signed contract to increase prices by $7881 for additional errors they claimed to have found a month later. When I tried to cut them a break just to get my project done and agreed to reduce the scope of the project so they wouldn’t lose money because of THEIR errors, they sent me near daily change orders that significantly reduced the scope without reducing the price. When I called multiple people to sort out the mess, they were all very nice, but all I got were promises of actions that didn’t happen. This dragged on for months while dry rot continued to eat my roof. On top of all of this, they kept sending me DocuSign agreements that would give them authority to deduct payments directly from my bank account without even specifying amounts! When I finally talked to the boss of the guy who had made the errors in the quote, he tried to convince me that this is all normal in the roofing business! I finally told them that if they aren’t going to fulfill my contract as agreed, that they can cancel it. They wasted months of my time, caused me a lot of frustration and stress and now I am back to square one needing to get my roof fixed.

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shaun | Lakeside, California | 06/12/2021

Dont put your trust in them!!!

I chose them because they are veteran owned and seemed to be the right fit after talking with them.

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Semper Solaris is California's premier solar panel installation contractor and residential roofing contractor! Semper Solaris is a SunPower Elite solar power company and we've been honored as SunPower's Residential National Dealer of the Year! We offer the best solar panels available on the market and we are locally and Veteran owned. Oo-rah! We'd love to crunch the numbers on your power usage and determine the best way to install your solar panel system to save you the most possible money, and while we're inspecting your roof, we can do any roof repairs needed or put on a whole new energy efficient roof! As the top rated California solar and roofing company, we are also proud to serve Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Orange County, Palm Springs, the Inland Empire, and the Bay Area. If you want the best solar power system and energy efficient roof replacement from the top rated local solar energy company, call Semper Solaris today! Ask about our HERO approved energy efficient upgrades.

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