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Big Wave Dave | Chatsworth, California | 07/22/2022

Great customer service

I purchased a property as a rental that had a SolarEdge PV system installed. The original installer was not responsive, so contacted NRG Clean Power and met Johnny Conde. As we were taking care of the warranty transfer, Johnny noticed a problem with my inverter not functioning. He immediately put in a request for a warranty replacement. This was in mid May 2022 when supply chain disruption was the order of business - think 21 week lead times. Johnny pursued various channels and within 8 weeks, I had a new inverter and the townhouse is ready to rent with a working solar power system. He did a great job which is why I rated him 5 stars.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Mike Parker | Walnut Grove, California | 03/16/2022

Bad subcontractors, bad communication. Would not recommend.

errible experience with this company. Signed contract in April 2021 for straightforward solar install and panel replacement. Beginning of August they show up to install the panels - whoops, the install crew didn't know that there was a panel replacement so they didn't have the power disconnected by the utility. Another month goes by, they partially install the solar but don't start the panel replacement. Another month goes by, and they do the panel replacement but don't bother to schedule the inspection and the utility to reconnect the meter. No worries, they reconnected it themselves without inspection or permission of the utility. They schedule and either no show, or fail the inspection for not having plans on site, or various other reasons, NINE times. No exaggeration. All while lying to me and trying to blame the inspector. "The county won't do two inspections in the same address on the same day." Nonsense. Finally passed all the inspections in December 2021. It's now March 2022 and they still haven't fixed the holes in my living room and dining room ceiling from the installers drilling all the way through my roof and my ceiling.

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Reply from NRG Clean Power: Hi Mike! I'm DeAnna with NRG Clean Power. I want to start off by thanking you for sharing your experience here. Secondly, I would like to apologize for the experience not going as smoothly as we both would like. I would like the opportunity to make it right, and make you feel good for choosing us. Please reach me at my desk 800-698-6627 ext 117. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Peter | Walnut Creek, California | 06/03/2022

Smooth process, friendly and professional installers

I quoted 10 different companies to get the best price. NRG Clean Power gave one of the best price (it was a tie between two companies). Throughout the process Kasey took care of my asks / needs - there were many rounds as I wanted to maximize the coverage of our upper roof. Unlike sales people at other companies, she listened to my needs and provided me very detailed information about anything I asked. Response times from county and fire dept was really long, and made the whole process running long. Most people I worked with from NRG was for pretty short time, as they had specific function (consultant, coordinator, project manager, etc) but Kasey was always present and responsive. Two things to call out: the initial plans were rejected by the Fire Dept - the designers did not include the needed setbacks. And during installation, a few panels had to be installed landscape instead of portrait as the roof measurements were not accurate. However, all these were solved without problems during the process. As the installation was just finished, I cannot speak about after sales support. Bottom line I am happy with how it went, and I do recommend NRG Clean Power and Kasey Decker.

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P N | San Jose, California | 03/10/2022

NRG was good to do business with.

We got three estimates from three companies about a solar install for our home. NRG had the best service, the clearest communication, and best price, so we went with them. While it took quite some time to finish the project - we got all signatures at the end of September, install was finished mid-January, and our power company approved and brought it online at the start of February - NRG was always available to answer questions. One of the bigger delays is permits, of course, but NRG clearly had an expedited process for that, as I am still working on permits for another project that I began before the solar project!! I do think that there could be a bit more regular communication at some points in the process. Because it does take a long time, there are times where it seems kind of dead, so it would be nice if there was a "yes, this is still in progress" email. However, whenever I inquired, I got a quick response, and some information about where things were in the process. No regrets, would recommend.

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Jim | Galt, California | 01/05/2022

After the install

NRG Clean Power has been great to work with. The install went exactly as planned and finished ahead of schedule. Now keep in mind these system are are small power plants. Sometimes there are issue’s. Things happen. How NRG handles these things is amazing. Aracely answers emails and coordinate’s repairs to minimize down time and follows up making sure things are done right and you are satisfied. Customer service after the install is more important than the install in my opinion. I would use NRG again without question.

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Tyfighter | Burbank, California | 01/04/2022

Took some time but worth it in the end

We read reviews and got quotes from a few places before deciding to go with NRG Clean Power. Our salesman Eric Cole gave a very through presentation and answered all the questions we had. He was the primary reason we decided to go with NRG. We were presented with a few financial options but ended up paying for the system outright. While the presale went well, there were some delays in getting our system installed, permitted, etc... There was an issue with our city's permit office and delays due to covid. We also ended up going with a different panel because of supply/delivery issues from the manufacturer which would have delayed our install. To NRG's credit, we were contacted by Ryan Kidder who explained to us what was going on and offered us upgraded panels and a gift card which we happily accepted. Our major issue was with our project manager who had poor communication and did not seem to prioritize our project. We ended up contacting Eric about the issue because we were frustrated with the delay. To make a long story short we found out our project manager was no longer with NRG. We were assigned a new project manager, Andrew Cohen, who got things back on track. Our experience with him as been like night and day compared to our previous project manager. He was always quick to respond to our questions and keep us informed through the different phases of the project. Soon after, we were given an install date. Installation of the system was completed in one day. The crew was very courteous and cleaned up after themselves which can't always be said about contractors. We are very pleased with the performance which has exceeded our expectations even during the fall/winter. Despite the delays we are pleased with the end result and would recommend NRG if you are looking into getting solar.

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M | Los Angeles, California | 12/22/2021

Literally the worst company ever.

I can't explain the frustration we've had with this company from installing panels in the Shadows to clogging my drain with used cement, to causing a leak in my roof, to sending out the construction crew without scheduling with us first. I've been reaching out for a bit but when you dial #2 for customer support it just hangs up.... I just spoke with a tech support person and they were on the attack from the beginning of our one sided conversation. They really need to have some sort of training to help with customer service and not make the customer feel like everything we did was wrong..

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Reply from M: Hi Matt, Aracely from our customer service department is reaching out to you today to handle the situation.
Reply from NRG Clean Power: Hi there! This is DeAnna with NRG Clean power. I would really like to earn the opportunity to make this a better experience for you. Please reach me at my desk 800-698-6627 ext 117 so you can tell me what would make this better for you. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Andre | San Jose, California | 12/20/2021

Good price and clean system

Due to pandemic woes NRG installation took slightly longer than expected but the company worked with me to make sure everything went according to plan eventually.<br />The system performs well and the monitoring works great. Communication could be improved and can sometimes test your patience but with most of their office affected by covid they pulled through nicely and made sure I got all my needs taken care of. Not much else to say except that I am happy I got solar at a very good price with this company.

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Reply from Andre: Hi Andre, This is Sean Molloy, a Senior Manager here at NRG, is it possible for us to have a call and discuss your issues. I would like to rectify the problems. I am at

Aaron & Amy Barak | Saint Helena, California | 12/16/2021

Amazing 2nd Experience

This is my second NRG install (two homes) this year. The first was complex and challenging. The most recent install was amazing from start to finish--Sherry Anvi was assigned to oversee the job and had everything nipped and tucked, no surprises. When we did run into various challenges, she communicated and resolved the issues. The install itself was top notch. Highly recommend NRG and hopefully you get fortunate enough to have Sherry assigned to your account.

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RW | Palm Desert, CA | 12/06/2021

awesome service

Sherry Avni was my contact person and always returned my calls and answered all my questions promptly. She has a deep understanding of all aspects of the process and guided me through the project with the utmost professionalism. She is a credit to the company and i have sung her praises to many who have inquired about our solar project.

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Sunshine | Menifee, CA | 11/25/2021

Top Notch Start to finish

I started reviewing and contacting solar companies at the beginning of August and got nothing but high pressure sales people trying to rush me into signing a contract without providing much information about the system, the delivery timeframe, or potential hidden costs. Finally I contacted NRG around mid August and talked to Branden Kelly in the Sales team. Branden was very knowledgeable and focused on answering all of my questions about solar systems, installation timeframes, and loan options. No high pressure sales pitch. I learned more in a 30 minute conversation with Branden than I had learned in my previous month trying to work with other companies. I was impressed by the professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment shown by NRG right off the bat. Branden sent me a copy of their solar agreement which was much more simple than previous agreements I had received and less laden with disclaimers. Working with NRG was night and day from working with the other companies. I stressed with Branden that I absolutely had to have this system installed by the end of 2021, and he told me the average project took about 10-12 weeks to complete, so about mid Nov. estimated completion. Right from the start things were expedited. The contract was finalized 1 day after my initial contact with Branden and 2 days later my solar loan was approved and I was assigned to a Project coordinator named Andrew Cohen within a week who has been awesome. Andrew got a site inspection scheduled within a week, and got the project off to a fast start the first week in September. Andrew was very supportive throughout the whole installation process, and responded to any question or concern almost immediately. He was always polite, considerate and addressed every concern in a timely fashion. He even helped and guided me through my HOA approval process. He was totally committed to have the system operational in 2021 and made any needed adjustments to keep things on track. The system was installed and inspection completed on Nov 15th. The permission to operate was granted by SCE on Nov 24th. The whole process was painless and went smoothly from start to finish.

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Paul | Aromas, CA | 11/20/2021

Went very well

I am very happy and satisfied with my solar purchase from NRG and particularly the way the process has proceeded smoothly with Sherry as my project coordinator. She’s been very present and quickly responsive with all of our interactions. She’s also handled two administrative setbacks with poise and efficiency so that we’re still on track (even slightly ahead) with our original timeline in spite of them. It was always reassuring to feel like she knew what she was doing even if I felt like I didn’t

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About NRG Clean Power

NRG Clean Power is the leading clean power provider in California and Texas. We leverage over 30 years of superior customer service installing solar across both states. Not only do we offer top-tier solar services, we are also a total home performance company, devoted to sustainability and energy efficiency.

We offer fully customized home and business solar installations with battery backup capabilities. We are on a mission to change the way energy is produced, consumed and stored. We believe that energy production should be decentralized, deregulated, affordable and most importantly, renewable. We envision a future with zero fossil fuels and plan on reaching this through cutting edge solar and storage technologies. Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect and the cornerstone of our business.

As a result, we have earned the prestigious Diamond Certification 4 years in a row, along with the 2019 Angie’s List Super Service Award.

NRG Clean Power offers the finest solar products at the best rates with finance options for everyone. We will be with you every step of the way and for years to come.

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