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Happy Tom | Chatham, Virginia | 08/09/2023

A GREAT company to do business with.

I talked to several solar installers before I chose Main Street Solar to install my 28 panels. The "on the ground" support frame and panels were installed in a very professional and timely manner. The inverter was installed inside my basement with the wiring underground. After all work was completed, they cleaned up all their debris and leveled the underground trenches. It was an excellent "turnkey" job. The inverter failed after four years (under warranty) and Main Street Solar was very helpful in obtaining a new inverter from the manufacturer. It was installed as soon as it arrived. I am very pleased with Main Street Solar's work, and highly recommend them to anyone interested in a solar system.

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Scott | Copper Hill, Virginia | 07/09/2023

Professional and Reliable

Main Street Solar did a really nice job at our remote homesite. It was not an easy job to get the system installed in a mountain location. The system is reliable and producing more energy than we are consuming. Very pleased with our new Enphase system with battery backup!

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Happy solar family | Hardy, Virginia | 05/27/2023

Happy to have chosen Main Street Solar - great installation

We have requested quotes from Main Street for the last 3-4 years, never really felt the payback was worth the cost. We also wanted to get the last 2-3 years out of our roof shingles before installing solar panels. After 2-3 rate increases by AEP, our $/kw went up 30-35%, and there's is talk of additional increases, we asked Laura and Andrew to update their quote and compared that to 3-4 other quotes we solicited. Main Street wasn't the lowest cost per kw, but they were very competitive with everyone. Very happy with the level of communication and workmanship. Install was only a few weeks ago, so we'll have to see about the production estimates over time. Their experience with Solar is obvious given the prompt, intelligent answers to all of our questions. Very happy with our choice of Main Street Solar.

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Pat R | Luray, Virginia | 05/11/2023

Excellent Solar Panel Installation from start to finish

Main Street Solar installed our solar panels in Luray VA in 2018. They did an excellent turnkey job. We sold our house in May 2023 and the title company wanted to be sure we owned the solar panels. I couldn't find the receipt, but we called Andrew, he found our records and forwarded them to the title company. That is above and beyond excellent service. The panels have been producing for 5 years without a problem.

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Rob | New Castle, Virginia | 05/08/2023

Wonderful to work with

I would 100% recomend Main Street Solar to anyone looking to add a solar system... ill try to break it down to the points that mattetlr to me.. Price- no, its not cheap.. but they are priced fairly and this is definantly an area you get what you pay for. I cant give a 1,5, or 10 year reveiw because its not been that long, but the brand of panels they recommend are highly rated and acourding to the reveiws of others should continue to function well for a long time. Comunication- there was never a time that an email for phone call went unanswered. Emails where usually answered within the hour and phone calls where either answered at the moment or returned within a day. The only comunication issue was MY email lossing the contract in my spam folder which they were understanding about. Trustworthiness- these are people I felt comfortable with being in and around my home. Scheduling- it took a little bit to get on the schedule, but they where upfront with that from the start, they got to me right about when they said they would. Time to work. It took 3 days (two of them where half days because of weather) to install our system. And worked with me to an extreme to ake sure i knew when to expect them

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Vn2000ltd | Goodview, Virginia | 09/02/2022

Experienced, knowledgeable and willingness

For over a year I've been chasing my tail trying to get my dealer, Solar Thyme (Richmond) to respond and repair a long standing issue with pvlinks and panels. Owing to that experience I reached out to several companies providing solar equipment in my area but found only 1 thoroughly responsive to my concerns and many questions. Andrew always answers the phone says what he means and means what he says, is very knowledgeable, and well meaning and said he would schedule a visit if needed. He offered to do what many companies wont consider doing and that is to come into a situation not of their own making and provide the time and effort to troubleshoot and diagnose an issue and along the way impart invaluable information by helping correct long standing misconceptions on solar workings. I have a technical background and have readily identified Andrews depth of knowledge and confidence in taking responsibility and care with a customer that is not his own. He provided practical ways that helped me deal with the equipment, and understand the net metering/utility solar concept. I wouldn't hesitate to call again if needed and get Main Street Solar involved.

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Great Company | Bedford, Virginia | 06/27/2022

Great company

I had solar installed on my roof in 2018. It has worked perfectly and continues to do so. I have made many calls to Andrew, some very trivial (how to read the inverter) to serious (My solar panels don't work!) But they did. In a series of email exchanges he figured out the problem (a wire connecting to the internet had come unplugged). The system was working all the time, I just didn't have access for a while to the web site. I have recommended Main Street Solar to many people and I will continue to do so. Wonderful customer service and easy installation and great performance!

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Matt | Fairfield, Virginia | 02/14/2022

Extremely pleased

We used Main Street Solar for our panel installation and have been very happy with the service we received and the performance of the panels. Andrew Brenner sized our installation accurately, and after a year, the annual power production comes very close to our usage. Main Street's pricing is very competitive - we shopped our installation for about two years, and Main Street's combination of service, price, quality of the materials and being a local small business sold us.

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Ed | Hardy, VA | 11/14/2021

Solar panel experience

This is a great company with great desire for providing superior customer service and delivering on what they sale.

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Scott Denham | Glade Spring, Virginia | 10/04/2021

Excellent from start to finish and service

Nimble, responsive, clear and accurate estimate for a new system for a major remodel with an extant metal roof. Kept to their timetable. Good communication. Two years out we had an inverter problem that they took care of promptly. Good people. Great system! We’ve never paid more than the basic monthly fee ($8.93) to APCO here in SWVA.

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KC Selhorst | Moneta, Virginia | 08/19/2021

Fantastic people, extremely knowledgable, just plain NICE

Mainstreet solar was the best experience in purchasing solar. They know there profession, will give you all the facts, and not sell you on needless things. Installation was on time, castle free, with no mess.

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About Main Street Solar

Main Street Solar installs solar from the Shenandoah Valley down to the New River Valley and beyond!

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality service at a reasonable price. Using the best products and superior installation techniques our systems are built for a lifetime. We make your investment a lifelong reward.

Drawing from over 30 years of solar experience and certified solar installation specialist, we provide a system that best match your needs and budget for the greatest return on investment.

Main Street Solar is a Class A solar contractor. We provide a "turn key" service with a fast turn around which provides our customers with a stress free, worry free experience. All work is performed by Main Street Solar professionals using advanced equipment and installation techniques. All materials and Installation are backed by warranty.

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