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Updated: 13 October 2023

Installing solar since 2009

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AZ Customer | Paradise Valley, Arizona | 02/02/2023

Great Experience

Erus installed a solar energy system at my home. They did a great job and had excellent attention to detail

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Reply from Erus Energy (Out of Business): Thank you for your kind words! We are very glad to hear that you had a great experience with us. We strive to provide exceptional customer service and high-quality work, so it is gratifying to hear that we achieved that. We hope that you continue to enjoy the benefits of your solar energy system for many years to come.

Latest bad review thumbs down

Helle Adul | Converse, Texas | 11/06/2023

Solar installed in TX

Where to start?! System was sold to us in early 2021, finally came online end of Oct 21. Since then it has gone offline several times, can’t get ahold of anyone. We were told our electricity bill will be 0, in reality we are dependent on the grid 60% and up. We don’t break even between paying the light bill and loan on the panels. When calling the number, they have technical difficulties. The San Antonio office is closed it seems. It definitely is not a reputable company. The sales people who sold it to us are no longer working for the company, they either knew they were lying to us or were totally incompetent in doing the calculations. I looked back at our power usage before the solar panels and weirdly enough the usage is way up from before we had the panels and our reported usage is a lot above the average of the same size home in the area. It is a ripoff. Would not recommend them to anyone. Not sure at this point whether they still are in business

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Golfer Bill | Tucson, Arizona | 10/13/2023

They lie and don't care about customers

System they installed not working. Had to give a deposit to schedule a technician. Never called as promised to schedule. Service manager was sent a message and I was told to expect a call. No call came in time as represented. I'm losing money every day and they don't care! Not happy previous home owner hired Erus for solar installation. Very pissed off in Oro Valley!

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Grumpy | Tucson, Arizona | 09/13/2023


Agreement signed in May 2023, and panels installed, however wiring for the meter install still has not been approved by TEP and has not been installed properly. This is now mid September 2023 and system not up and running. Disappointed with ERUS in that they started a job, however as of this date, has not completed the job. Solar panels may look great on a house, and may be producing power, but if it's not connected, it's not working. I have been in contact with my current Project Manager and it appears the salesperson that talked us into ERUS Energy has moved on as well as the initial Project Manager. I will do another review in six months to let you know how well this company actually is.

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Conrad | El Paso, Texas | 05/19/2023

Con men company

Would not recommend Erus they lie about the process and never do anything to resolve issues, then if you call them they give you the to bad so sad you signed and there is nothing that can be done...stay away from these con men..especially if the salesman is Gregorio Macias in El Paso..

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Angry customer | Tularosa, New Mexico | 04/24/2023

Horrible customer service

First off it tooknover 9 months for them to install the panels and everything. Second they have an electrical issue that keeps blowing the 40 Amp fuse and they refuse to come fix it. Last I checked the panels and the work had a warranty on them and they are refusing to come out without being paid $250. This company is garbage out of El Paso TX. Go with someone else.

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Reply from Erus Energy (Out of Business): We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We take customer satisfaction seriously and we are sorry that the installation process took longer than expected. We would be happy to address the electrical issue and honor any warranties that are in place. Please contact our customer service team so that we can quickly resolve this issue. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

RCLNM | Chaparral, New Mexico | 04/17/2023

Stay Away. Far Away

Stay away from their heavy pressure sales. Don't fall for it and shop around. I was excited to get solar but ever since Oct 2022 this has been a nightmare. They were quick to do a fast ship and install then everything stalled from there. Fast forward to April 2023 and after 3 failed inspections, a total reinstallation of all the ground electrical components, power pole redo and a new meter that has doubled my normal usage I still do not have solar capabilities. I'm not confident that system is sized properly. Not confident in the install. Stay away. Far away. Don't even consider them. Eff this place.

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Reply from Erus Energy (Out of Business): We apologize that you have had such a negative experience with us. We take pride in providing quality service and products to our customers and we are disappointed to hear that we have failed to meet your expectations. We appreciate your feedback and we will use it to help us become a better company. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us so that we can make this right.

Charlie | Gilbert, Arizona | 04/13/2023

Find a more reliable and competent solar company

The timeframe Erus energy gave us was 8 to 10 weeks. It took them almos 6 months to complete our project. Communication between departments was atrocious and every time I spoke to someone I had to repeat myself over and over. No one knew what was going on with our project. The workers they sent were either incompetent or not well trained. Sometimes they showed up when they were supposed to and many times they did not show up at all. The electrician they sent to hook up our solar panels did not do it correctly and consequently, we failed our SRP inspection. When they installed the solar panels, they did it in the heat of the day and damaged our roof tiles. Overall, it was an EXTREMELY frustrating experience. After I complained to the salesman about all the problems with our project, he did agree to compensate us with 2 months worth of our electrical bill. The system seems to be working OK but I certainly would not do business with this company again.

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Mike Yost | Tombstone, Arizona | 03/23/2023

Bad customer service and time line.

We had our first meeting with Erus Energy on January 11, 2022. On May 12, 2022, the install was done of the panels on the roof. APS inspector came on June 9, 2022, and put a green tag on the electric box as being approved. August 4, 2022, we requested an update. Erus Energy said they were waiting for APS to green tag the electric box. We took a picture of the green tag with it's approval date and inqured why the poor communication between APS and Erus Energy. Then they were trying to tell us that not only would we have to pay to have our shed moved but would also need to pay at least $2,500 for an "upgrade". The shed was too close to the electric boxes installed. We told them we would not be moving the shed as it had been there all along and that we were not paying for any upgrade, as nothing had been mentioned at the initial meeting about any upgrade. Every time we would reach out to the contact we were given, we were told we now have a new contact. They finally received the utility modification approval and were ready to start the relocation and MPU process. On November 2, 2022, we received an email stating that we were right around the corner from completion and start up. The final hookup to our solar system was completed on February 24, 2023, one year and a month and a half from start up. The worst part is that we were promised 12 months of no payments from the time the panels went on the roof (5/12). But since we didn't get the final hookup until 2/24/23, we lost out of 9-1/2 months of no electric payments (estimated at least $950. In short, investigate any solar company you may want to do business with but we DO NOT RECOMMEND ERUS ENERGY based on our experience.

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Reply from Erus Energy (Out of Business): We apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you experienced with your solar installation. We understand your frustrations with the lack of communication and the unexpected additional costs. We take customer feedback seriously and use it to continually strive to improve our customer service and process. We are sorry that the installation took longer than expected, and we regret that you were not able to take advantage of the 12 months of no payments. If there is anything else we can do to help, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your time and feedback.

MadInTX | San Antonio, Texas | 12/05/2022

They Stole Money From My Bank Account

They took $250 from my bank account for a service call they did not complete, and they haven't given it back. I'm in San Antonio, TX, to be clear, but I would steer clear of them because business must be so bad they're resorting to stealing from people just to make quotas.

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Reply from Erus Energy (Out of Business): Hello, Please contact our service department at 888-623-8077 so that we can get your service request completed. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and will ensure that this does not happen again in the future.

Erus Energy | Mesa, Arizona | 03/23/2022

Total Scam!

The sales person proposed a solar system that he claimed would cover the energy needs of my home. After talking to SRP, they told me exactly what my annual usage was in KW and the system Erus designed was less than 1/2 of that. It would not even produce enough energy to run the electrical needs of my home in the winder. So, I cancelled the project. Apparently I didn't do this within the 3 days allowed for cancellation so I now have a $4000 invoice that I owe them for not doing anything. This company is very shady, should not be trusted and I'd suggest not even talking to them.

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John | El Paso, Texas | 08/10/2021

Great investment and price

I had thought about hiring a different solar company locally but i made the right choice when hiring erus

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About Erus Energy (Out of Business)

Erus Energy was originally started in 2005 as a licensed, general contracting business that specialized in high end custom home builds.

In 2009, Erus entered the solar energy business and began to focus exclusively on residential and commercial solar.

Today, Erus is fully integrated offering financing, installation, ongoing maintenance, and service to both residential and commercial customers in multiple markets across the US.

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