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Latest good review thumbs up

Dane G | San Rafael, California | 07/27/2023


Our solar installation was excellent and the installers were extremely knowledgeable. From the beginning of the process each rep was transparent and the communication has been consistently helpful. It allowed for autonomy on my project. I'm very grateful and appreciative for the easy and exciting experience of going solar with ESP. Highly recommend.

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Reply from Energy Service Partners (ESP): Thank you Dane! We always strive for a smooth process and glad to hear it went exactly according to plan!

Latest bad review thumbs down

Frank | Ontario, California | 09/15/2023

Poor communication

Don’t do business with this company poor customer service they want me to contact SCE to have the system turned on been making payments for roof ornaments customers should file a class action lawsuit against this bogus company

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Reply from Energy Service Partners (ESP): Frank, we truly understand and share your frustration. SCE withdrew your NEM application in error because you have an existing system, which is an uncommon scenario but one we have encountered before and generally have been successful in getting them to rectify the error, thought it often requires contact from the homeowner. Unfortunately, we have attempted since May of this year to get them to fix the issue, and they have not responded to our repeated requests, so we are asking for your direct assistance because you are their direct customer and hold more sway than us as an outside contractor. We are working with your finance company as well and they understand the situation. The course of action that should yield the swiftest resolution is for you to contact the utility so that we can activate your system and complete your project. We appreciate your cooperation in this unusual situation and look forward to wrapping everything up ASAP once the utility fixes their mistake.

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Jaguar | Upland, California | 08/08/2023

Poor communication, good installer

All projects must start off with communication, unfortunately for ESP, the company does not train their employees to have great communication skills. In addition, employees must realize that they have a job because of us the customers. Finally I was furtunated to be dealing with ESP Customer Advocate, Gayla Dempsey. Project ran smooth and I was kept inform of the progress. The installation crew that came out to our house, they were superb, friendly and knowledgeable. The job was done perfectly. If ESP cleans up their communication issues, it's can be a great company.

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Reply from Energy Service Partners (ESP): We're sorry for the poor communication, but we're very glad to hear the installation experience was perfect! We are working on updating our processes to provide better communication experiences moving forward and appreciate the constructive feedback.

Val | Winchester, California | 07/24/2023

Very poor customer service

We had solar panels installed in July 2022. The installers had to change the design because they wouldn’t fit the way that ESP submitted them. That caused a long delay getting the inspection so that we could have them activated. Then they submitted the wrong new design to Riverside to get the permit for the inspection which caused another long delay. We were promised several dates that would come and go and nothing. When we finally got the inspection scheduled it didn’t pass the inspection, which caused another delay. When I would call my project coordinator she would take up to 2 Weeks after several messages sometimes to calm me back. She promised me that we would be reimbursed for the 8 months that we were paying both the solar bill and our power bill. I even have this via text messages as proof. Our panels were finally activated in March of 2023. When I tried to contact out project coordinator she wouldn’t return my calls so I asked to talk to the manager Scott. I was also told several times that he would call me back , which he never bothered to call me either. Finally in April he emailed me saying that they would offer me way less than what I had to pay extra and what I was promised. I replied back and let him know the exact amount that I paid toward the panels during this time which was &1,733.80 and that it’s only fair that they at least cover this amount since we weren’t able to have the panels activated due to their errors. He never responded. I have called several times, and I’m always told that he will call me back. I have never heard from him and it has now been more than a year since we had the panels installed. We also have and pay for a 15.4 kWh system that maxes out at 11.4 kWh. I’m not able to talk to anyone about this because no one calls me back. BTW we are paying $80,000 for the panels, but aren’t worthy enough customers to do the right thing.

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Disappointed customers | Ridgecrest, California | 07/21/2023

Bad company (Beware)

We have had nothing but problems. We were told it would cost 1 price out the door. But after the high financing it was $15,000 more. They still never gave us a itemized bill of what we bought. And the installers couldn't even speak English. I doubt they were licenced. We were suppose to have enough panels to not have a up bill, last year our up bill was $900. We had so many delays with installation. We were paying both solar and electric bill. In the beginning of May our invertor stopped working. They were suppose to finally come out today July 21st, but they cancelled. They want to reschedule for mid August. We are back to paying solar bill $257 plus electric bill. We live in Ridgecrest CA, it's gonna be 114 today. We should be making electricity not double paying. And of course no one cares. E.S.P. is not going to reimburse us for our payments. So if your thinking about E.S.P. Run go with a different company. And do your licensed. GOOD LUCK

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Reply from Energy Service Partners (ESP): We're sorry to hear you've had this experience. It should have been explained to you that financing does have added costs, as with any purchase such as a home or a vehicle - cash price and financed price are different, but we apologize if the independent salesperson did not make this clear. Our installer teams are thoroughly vetted, trained, licensed, insured and bonded so that should never be a concern. As far as your true-up bill, variations in usage can tend to lead to billing changes, because the solar is designed for a specific amount of production annually. Regarding your inverter warranty concern, please reach out to our support team with your contact information as this review does not give us sufficient info to track down the project under your name. We look forward to resolving your concerns ASAP.

Johnny | Poway, California | 07/20/2023


Terrible customer service. No communication what so ever. No one knows anything. Mix information provided. Not satisfy at all

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Reply from Energy Service Partners (ESP): We're sorry to hear that you feel this way about the experience. We do show that your system is fully functional and activated. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you at this time, and congratulations on being powered by the sun!

Nabih KHoury | Simi Valley, California | 07/12/2023

Horrible Customer Service - Stay away from this company

I was very excited about getting solar at my home after I spoke with the sales rep and the planning department. The installation was completed very quickly and the panels/install look great. Fast forward 8 months after the system was turned on: I was seeing that each and every day I had hours on end that my solar production was plateauing and never reached above 3.8Kw even though I was sold a 5.72Kw System. I called numerous times and the Customer Service Reps are polite but are not taught to do anything more then take notes and have someone else call you back. I've emailed and called for over a week now with no reply from the staff or management that I have escalated to. Through my own research I found that they installed a 3800W Inverter to support my 5.72Kw of panels and hence why my solar production is maxing at 3.8Kw for hours each day. I've asked for them to either upgrade my inverter to support the panels they sold me or either credit me for the overage in panels they had me buy. Again, no response after several phone calls to the company. I am highly disappointed in my choice with them as my solar provider if this is the customer service we get for spending thousands of dollars on a system. Update: The warranty dept for the solar company txt me and said my system was sized for xxxx of Kw production for the year and unless I can prove it will not produce that, they will do nothing. ***CAUTION to any potential buyers*** I would highly recommend against using ESP as your Solar Company as they appear to just want your money and not want to offer any assistance if/when you need.

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Reply from Energy Service Partners (ESP): Nabih, very sorry for any confusion, but this is related to how solar systems function and are designed to produce power over time. Your system size and inverter rating do not correlate directly to production, rather its a function of total sunlight access and annual production estimates. Based on your system performance so far this year, you are on track to meet the estimated production that you were sold. Again, we're sorry if that could have been clarified better at any point leading up to this. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else.

Paula Marshall | Barstow, California | 07/10/2023

Non communicative and really does not know how to do the job.

Took just a week or so short of a year to install a ground mounted solar array. 65 panels and I have yet to get a credit from SCE. First solar year SCE costs 3000 + on top of paying 200 a month, second year 3500+ with also paying monthly amounts to SCE. This year the panels are not working enough and SCE estimates I will owe 8600+ at the end of my solar year. I am paying more than when I did not have solar panels. Call warranty is a waste of time, they promise the world and then ignore you. I am looking to go to the BBB and sue them as the panels are obviously not working correctly or something is terribly wrong with the set up. I am in a single family residence and keep shutting off more and more items and the bill keeps going up with SCE. It should be going down. I do not have any heavy equipment such as welding the only thing that is on 220 is my well and I have let all of my trees and most of my plants die. We have lights and TV with refrigerator and normal things so something is wrong and they are not willing to help. I have been calling off and on for three years and still no one helps

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Reply from Energy Service Partners (ESP): We're sorry for any confusion and the lack of communication but the system is fully functional. We can offer a power bill analysis to compare the system production to your usage over time and hopefully clear up why you're paying more for power. We have asked someone from our warranty team to reach out and discuss further.

Paul in Palo Alto | Palo Alto, California | 07/10/2023

Unaccountable delays

After numerous design delays, we finally got the panels installed May 9. At least it had finally quit raining by then. Since then, no final inspection, no inspection even scheduled, no turn on of the power nothing. Have no idea if the system even works. The install crew did a good job and was done in one day. Now I get a different story from the city than from ESP, and now none of the numbers I had for them work or even take messages. Wish I had seen all these reviews last year, would have cancelled the whole thing. These people have no idea how to run their business.

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Dissau | Glendora, California | 06/29/2023

Estimated 3 mos, now onto month 6

They have no clue what they’re doing. Signed contract in February, estimated completion 4/29/2023. One panel was damaged and not installed, project manger has no record of it EVERY time I call, even though they’ve been on every correspondence for 3 months about the issue. ESP refuses to give dates for final tie in, install of defective panel, and final inspection….very dissatisfied

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Reply from Energy Service Partners (ESP): We're sorry if the communication on your project has been lacking. Your project manager confirmed that the panel in question is scheduled to be reinstalled at the final inspection, which as of this writing is just a few days away. We have asked your project coordinator to be in touch and give you next steps from there. We're always hoping to improve timelines and communication and are sorry it took this long to get here, but we appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to completing your project as soon as possible.

Kim K | Danville, California | 06/28/2023

Terrible Customer Service

We had a solar system outsourced to be installed by ESP in February 2020. Our system was an operational SolarEdge EV Inverter, meaning our inverter has built-in EV charging capabilities. This was working fine until about 8 months ago, when it suddenly stopped being able to charge our cars. Luckily, our cars are plug-in hybrids, so we don't have to rely on electricity only. If that was the case, we'd be out of luck. ESP has absolutely terrible customer service, and has not responded to any of my support tickets via email, call, or live chat. I contacted SolarEdge support, and was told that they would need to troubleshoot my system in conjunction with ESP support, as they are our register installer. Since January, I have attempted to talk to ESP to get support and could not get anyone to respond to us. If you are hoping that you'd be able to get support, then ESP is not the company for you. They are more than happy to sell you whatever you want, install it, collect your money, and then leave you out to dry. Any post-sale customer support is non-existent. They are not a customer-first business. All the talk about a 25-year warranty is useless at this point if ESP refuses to support it. So they'll happily sell you a warranty but refuse to support it. Take that as you will. I've never dealt with such poor customer support for a product. I've gotten better customer support for $30 items on Amazon... imagine paying $20k+ for a product to get zero customer support!

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Reply from Energy Service Partners (ESP): Kim, it looks like we did speak with you to have a warranty ticket opened for you back in January of this year. At the time, it was determined that it was not an issue related to the equipment we installed. We recommended that you hire an electrician to investigate. We don't have any records of contact since then, but are happy to reopen an investigation for you if you contact our warranty team as you did earlier this year. We look forward to serving you soon.

Mike | Ventura, California | 06/16/2023

Highly recommend ESP

I went into my decision to go solar with very little information or experience. Fortunately, I found my way to Energy Service Partners. Summer and her team have been excellent in their communication, the workmanship of the system is clean and they have kept their word on the timing of the project. Thank you Summer and Energy Service Partners for your hard work and ongoing support. Highly recommend working with these guys!

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Reply from Energy Service Partners (ESP): Thanks Mike! We're always striving to improve our communication and processes, and we're so glad we got to work with you and do it right.

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