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PRV | Burlington, Massachusetts | 10/19/2023

Solar panels installation by Energy Monster (EM)

We had our panels recently installed by EM. A friend of mine recommended this company to me and I contacted Kyle Johnson (the key person for my project). I worked with Brenden Hicks who helped me to figure out the size and type of panels. The rest is all history and now we got our system activated in September and it has been working great for the last 30 days. Overall, staff at EM are very responsive and they will work with you throughout the process. It is not a big company and so they will get back to you soon if you contact them. I compared two other companies and picked EM. I believe the team wants to do the right thing to comply with regulations, earn customer satisfaction and grow their business, the best approach in my opinion for success in the long run! Thank you EM!!

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Jeff from Naples | Naples, Florida | 02/24/2021

Total incompetence! Failed install! 11 months & not working!

I thought choosing Energy Monster of FL. was a smart choice to purchase and have installed a Sonnen Battery Back Up System with 6 panel array to add to our existing 25 panel system. Worse choice I ever made! Here are just some of the things they did wrong: *Never checked our house wiring before the actual install - or even afterwards! 9 months later they tell me our house has a "neutral ground loop" & that i should hire an electrician - everyone knows the installer is responsible for this- not the home owner * The wiring in our house- should have been checked for BEFORE the install *Wired the unit incorrectly- we would have failed inspection + very dangerous! *Never tied the old system to the new system they installed (found this out 4mos after the install) *They expected the unit to operate with just 6 panels- which would never have worked properly *Had me re-sign NOC because "they lost the original one" *Hired a new "GM" who promised they would take the system down and out of out house- but then Duane W. this supposed new GM refused to do what he promised- cursed me out and hung up the phone on me *Mr. J Leet the owner has NEVER called or emailed me to apologize or to try to resolve the issue(s) *They never told me at first that all 25 of our original invertors were "dead" the only good thing they did during this entire debacle was to change them for me for free labor *With all the down time the Sonnen has needed battery replacement 2x (luckily under warranty) *The orig installer for Energy Monster (who did not know what he was doing- or maybe he did the shoddy work on purpose....) quit claiming Mr Leet the owner owed him $$$$ The next 2 service techs he sent to our home were NOT certified by Sonnen! No wonder they could not fix it at all- even with Sonnen's help over the phone! Both of these "techies" eventually quit while im still left with out a working system! (turns off after 5mins after being turned back on) WORST CONTRACTOR I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH! Stay away from Energy Monster- do your research better than i did!

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Dave G | Natick, Massachusetts | 09/09/2023

Great experience with home solar installation

The whole team at Energy Monster exceeded my expectations for our recent home solar installation. Everyone was very responsive to any questions I had, and did a fantastic job with the design, installation, and activation of our system. I highly recommend this team if you are considering installing a solar system for your home!

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Tim S | Webster, Massachusetts | 08/27/2023

Good company

Went solar with energy monster. It’s been a a year and I have not had an electric bill. I worked with Kevin who was very helpful. I also have a neighbor who also went forward with solar. These guys are pretty straight forward. A lot of the other companies I was chatting with felt very sales-ey with over inflated numbers. These guys were dead on.

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Brian Salley | Holliston, MA | 07/27/2023

Energy Monster Review 2023

We have been very happy with the entire process of our solar project. From the salesman to the Project Manager to the installers , everything has been perfect. Solar was new to me , so I had alot of questions and they were very patient and addressed all of my questions. They still respond to texts and email and phone call even after we have paid for the project . I can not imagine any reason to not select them for your solar installation.

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Karin B | Natick, Massachusetts | 02/13/2023

Great people to work with; terrific solar installation!

Thank you Energy Monster for completing my solar project from start to finish. Kyle and everyone else on the team were easy to work with, helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. The price was very competitive, the service was on time (in all of the elements that were within the control of Energy Monster), and the workmanship was excellent. While the project took 2 months longer than was initially anticipated, this was due to the various approvals and aspects contributed by other parties (plus some delay due to winter storms). Now that my system is operating, the solar production is more than I expected for February in Massachusetts, and I'm very pleased. I recommend Energy Monster if you are considering solar.

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Nafisa | Worcester, Massachusetts | 08/31/2022


The team at Energy Monster, starting with Kevin, and all of the office staff and crew members installing, were very professional and responsive. They go above and beyond with everything. If one team member is on vacation, other responded to my queries. I give them more than 5 stars and highly recommend their services. I was able to refer my neighbor, who saved a large amount through Energy Monster

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Cesar H | Ashland, Massachusetts | 08/17/2022

Best company in the area

I browsed multiple vendors (7 or 8). Of all of them, Energy Monster was the most professional. They came home, flew a drone and provided energy production that was much more accurate than other vendors which simply looked my house in google maps. The installation process was smooth and I was kept informed of all the details as they happened.

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JimD672 | Davenport, Florida | 01/02/2022

Awesome Solar Array

It's been about a year since I have had my 35 panel (11.2 KW-DC) installed. Energy Monster did a great job installing my solar array of 35 all-black panels and did it all within a day. No issues after a year and they have been very helpful at keeping me up to date with the permitting process up to the utility's permission to connect. In 2021, I have generated over 14600 KWh and only used 12000 KWh, sending a total of 2600 KWh to the grid by December 31, 2021. My house is about 2000 sq ft. They size the array for my house very well.

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Worcester | Worcester, Massachusetts | 09/23/2021

Best Service

Kyle and Kevin were very supportive, very through and detail, they made the whole process easy. Thank you guys

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Socpats | Oxford, Massachusetts | 08/20/2021

No Harassment

excellent service and no pressure

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Jim Martin | Hopedale, Massachusetts | 07/19/2021

Solar experience with Energy Monster

My wife and I had our solar system installed by Energy Monster just about one year ago. The staff at EM were very thorough, answered all of questions, and fully explained the system they thought would be best for us. Once the system was installed, it was turned on July 1st, so we had July, August and September, of extended daylight, which provided us with great production. Fall and winter, with shorter sunlight, obviously not as productive. As of our first spring with solar, March, April, May and June we have produced more than the first 6 months of having the system. We have accumulated a substantial credit with National Grid which will offset the most if not all electric usage in the fall and winter months. We are very pleased with system, all that the Energy Monster Team has provided us. Jim Martin--Hopedale Ma

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Wattson Home Solutions is your local green expert when it comes to improving a home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

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