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Colin McKee | Redwood City, California | 03/02/2024

Excellent experience

With our original installer out of business, Citadel stepped up to help me with some issues including inverters damaged by a recent power outage. They had a repair technician on site within just a couple of business days, even though I was a new customer to them. The technician Eric was very friendly and efficient. He even walked me through the pros and cons of a couple of options that I am considering for solar storage / batteries. A year later, I purchased a solar battery through Citadel. The permitting process was painful due to typical local gov't issues, but Citadel saw it through. The actual install went great, and Citadel has been super helpful getting my incentive payment through PG&E. They're just a great company. Every person I have interacted with at Citadel has been helpful, friendly, and competent.

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Warren Doyle` | Santa Rosa, California | 05/09/2024

Service after teh sale leaves much to be desired

We've had our solar almost two years now. In February we lost power and 6 hours after the battery quit serving as well. We were completely without power for over a week, and could not monitor the system through the anaphase app either. I was told that the batter had discharged so much that it could o longer communicate with the system and we would have to wait for power to be restored by the grid. since the I still cannot communicate with the system using the app, and despite 4 texts and three phone calls asking for assistance reconnecting with the system, I've gotten no return calls and no help. I am so disappointed in their after sale service.

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Ms. A | Fairfield, California | 09/18/2023

Poor service

I am a new home owner and the house we bought came in with solar panels from your company. Sorry, I really dont have a star to give at the moment as my experience was so bad. We got the keys for the house on June 29,2023 submitted the documents on July 20,2023. I started doing a follow up on Aug 21,2023 and was informed there is a huge backlog from PG&E and it will take longer for activation to happen. I started paying PG&E bills in July and continued following up with agent(s) no one responded until the builder contacted them then one of them called. Got info I needed as I followed up with PG&E on sept 5, 2023 just to find out application was only submitted on August 25,2023! PG&E reviewed the application and there are couple of things missing and they did contact your company to respond. All this information was forwarded to the agent and he still blames PG&E for the delay. No accountability on their part or transparency at least. I know your company is good but you just have agents not concerned of the well being of your clients since the payment was done. I will be willing to discuss this matter with anyone from corporate office. Sorry had to bring this to this forum but I know you respond …

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Erica | San Jose, California | 05/08/2023

This company is fraud. Do not hire them.

Do NOT hire this company. We did not believe all the bad reviews about them and went ahead to hire them. They turned out to be the worst nightmare one can ever have. We are building an expensive mansion and talked to several solar companies. This company, citadel, promised us that they would do a professional job and that all the bad reviews about them were untrue reviews. However, we learned from The hard way that all the bad reviews about them are true. They did not contact us to go over their design and never told us that there would be a huge converter to be put in front of our house entrance. The converter is very ugly and severely affects the house appeal. Many companies don’t even have a converter for the reason that they don’t want this to affect the house appeal. Not only did citadel not inform us this and they refused to correct their mistakes. We have talked to them numerous times without avail. One of their so called manager said that it would be no problem and they would fix the problem easily but then got into an angry mode when we asked him to honour his promise. We offered that we can fix their problem for them but they said that they would take away their warranty if we do that. They also never came out to do the work. We had to beg them again and again for them to do their work. The schedular name Holly is extremely rude. She never responds to emails and when she emails us, she would scold and threaten us. The entire experiences has been horrible. We have to retain attorneys to help us to make them do the work. We have dealt with many contractors and have never had such an awful experience. Their work is also of low quality. Each time they sent different contractors because they don’t have their own. They have to hire others to do the work for them so we ended up having to deal with new people all the time and they never seem to know what work the other contractors have done. Do Not hire these people. They are fraud. We have suffered and we do not want you to suffer. We will be reporting them to the contractors board. This company of a scheme. They should not be defrauding the public anymore.

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Reply from Citadel Roofing and Solar: Hi Erica, We believe that your real name is Wendy based on the situation described in your review of our company. (You seem to go by many names since this identical review is also on Google under the name of Sunny Court and Yelp under the name of Jenifer.) Since you have made this a public issue, please allow us to set the facts out there. We pride ourselves on communicating effectively with our customers, and when we make a mistake, which sometimes happens, we own it. In this case, we did not make the mistakes you claim we made, and we believe your claims to be false and misleading. We did clearly communicate with you regarding the placement of all of the equipment. You asked us to coordinate with your contractor since you were too busy. So we did coordinate with your contractor, and he approved the location of all of the equipment. More importantly, you approved the equipment placement in writing prior to the installation happening. It appears that you are an attorney, so you must understand that when someone signed a document saying that they give approval to proceed, it should mean something. If anyone has a complaint, it should be us. On two occasions when we scheduled work to be done at your home, we had to send our crews home due to your property having open trenches in the areas where we had to work, which would have been a safety hazard. In the ideal world, we should have charged you for this wasted time. We completed your project per the plans that you approved, we commissioned your system, and it is working. Now you are demanding that we come back and move the equipment for free. We don’t feel that this is a reasonable request. And if you have someone else move our newly installed equipment, we will have no choice but to void our warranty as we cannot control the quality of other companies. Lastly, it is worth noting that we believe your reviews to be a form of retaliation because we advised you that we would have to lien your property due to your refusal to pay us the money you owe us. We submitted the lien for recording this week. We take pride in our work and customer service. We have one of the best teams in the industry, and we use our own crews to perform our work. While we cannot stop you from hiring attorneys and pursuing what you feel is the right path, we will defend our position with vigor since we did nothing wrong and honored our end of the agreement.

Sadraiderfan | Orinda, California | 12/21/2022

Excellent Follow Up

I had Tesla Powerwalls installed and there was an issue but I forgot about it. Luckily they didn’t and followed up with me months later to get problem resolved. The company kept at it until the issue was resolved over the course big several weeks after the initial visit. I greatly appreciate their follow up and willingness to keep at it until things were right.

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Davis Resident | Davis, California | 12/14/2022

Professional People, Professional Install

Citadel staff from front office, to engineering, to field install really first rate. No surprises, helpful, good communication, and available to answer all questions. We are very happy with our install.

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Eric | Clovis, California | 07/08/2022

We bought a new house in Clovis that came with solar and was installed by Citadel. We decided to install a bigger solar system and Tesla battery storage. Since Citadel already installed our first system and was familiar with our roof/home, we thought we would have Citadel install the 2nd system/battery. From the sales through the rebate process, we had a great experience with them. They are very communicative and responsive to any questions/concerns. We had a few items post installation that needed follow up and I very impressed that they sent technicians usually the following day to fix the issue. Citadel also took care of the PG&E battery cash rebate process – from filing the paperwork to following up with PG&E, we were very thankful to have Citadel guide us through the process. We love our solar systems and Tesla battery storage - thank you Citadel!

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Robert H | Lower Lake, California | 06/19/2021

Unethical Business Practices

This company in my opinion cannot be trusted. They had myself and several of my friends looking forward to having Tesla power wall's installed under the SGIG program. After months of waiting, their sales rep R. Romitti stated the batteries were back ordered and later stated PG&E changed how much I would be reimbursed. Mr. Romitti was also happy to just let me pay the full price. Who knows, maybe all of what Mr. Romitti stated was true, but when he asked me to lie about having sleep apnea to qualify for the Powerwalls, that's when he cross the line. Three of my friends stated he asked them to do the same. Had I done as he asked I'd be guilty of fraud and conspiracy. I'm therefore warning others of these unethical practices and I'm notifying the appropriate State agencies. Also Citadel roofing and solar pulled a permit to have work performed on my property but when I elected not to have them proceed after they changed the deal, they refused to contact the county and have the permit rescinded.

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Reply from Citadel Roofing and Solar: Hi Robert – We’re so sorry your project didn’t pan out as planned. Unfortunately, the issues you mentioned are out of our control. The Powerwall shortage stems from problems in Tesla’s supply chain. In addition, we are not a partner of SGIP and therefore cannot control changes to eligibility criteria. These issues have affected many of our customers. We’re just as frustrated as you are. When SGIP changed last fall, our sales reps called all SGIP applicants to reassess eligibility. That included explaining “medical baseline” – medical conditions by which customers could qualify. Citadel does not, and has never, endorsed fabricating medical conditions to qualify for SGIP or any other program. We will investigate your conversations with your rep. If something amiss happened, we will make it right. Please feel free to give us a call at (707) 446-5500 if you want to discuss further.

Ken | Napa, California | 05/26/2021

Very happy with Solar installation

I am very happy with my Solar installation by Citadel Roofing! The work was completed in a timely manner, was done correctly, and works great. The project coordinator kept me up to date on all paperwork and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Citadel Roofing and Solar!

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Dave P. | Napa, California | 11/29/2020

Awesome job from start to finish!!

These guys are total professionals. I am extremely happy with how the entire process went from start to finish. Eric Andresen was my Sales Rep and he did an amazing job setting it all up. Ticia Sauceda was my Project Coordinator throughout the entire project. She was excellent, and checked in with me every week to let me know how things were going. I got Solar and a Tesla Battery installed as well. The two guys who came to do the installation were excellent, they did a fantastic job, and were very professional. It all looks and works amazing! The entire project was certified by the Napa City Inspector and PG&E without any problems. The work is excellent. I now have two Apps on my phone so I can monitor my Solar System, my Battery, and my Usage levels at all times. Very cool, and very useful to me and my family. This company stands behind their work, and they do an excellent job. I could not be happier with how this project went or the outcome. I would highly recommend Citadel Roofing and Solar to anyone who is interested in doing Solar. You will be very happy you did.

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Katie | San Jose, California | 11/19/2020

Not a pleasant experience so far - operational problem

I selected Citadel to install solar panels in Aug due to a very attentive Sales person. Unfortunately it has been a super stressful experience afterwards (probably the last thing you want during this pandemic). As some other people mentioned, they didn't talk to each other themselves. I was communicated several times with multiple wrong dates. After calling them hundreds of times, I finally got the confirmation from three different people/groups that my panel installation date is today. Well, guess what happened, nobody showed up !!!!!! As what I learned so far, if you are located in bay area, bite your own nails and prepare to wait for a long long time until anything actually happens. They probably just want to save their multiple trips regardless how the customer is screwed up Unfortunately I still have the contract with them and can only wish the next date they will provide is actually a real date. Pray for me~~~

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Great job despite covid and the | Vacaville, California | 11/05/2020

Great Job

I thought Citadel did a great job from the initial sales contact to Final installation. This includes the help financing, scheduling, and the use of various apps likeTesla and Enphase.

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As a homeowner, you are no doubt feeling the financial pinch of ever-increasing energy bills, which is why more and more folks are turning to solar to protect their bank accounts AND the environment at the same time. Let Citadel Roofing & Solar install a new, money-saving solar system on your home. WHY GO SOLAR WITH CITADEL? LOCAL. We're your neighbors. All our employees live in California. EXPERTISE. With 30+ years in roofing and 20+ in solar, members of our team are true masters of their craft. We know how to do the job right. IN-HOUSE LABOR. Virtually all our work is conducted by our own employees, allowing us to maintain quality from start to finish. PERSONAL CARE. We’re there for you every step of the way, with full transparency and guidance.

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