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Latest good review thumbs up

Berkshire Happy | South Windsor, Connecticut | 06/17/2024

Good company & experience

Had a system installed last year in Western Mass, the whoe process was straightforward and easy to navigate. Their pricing was clear and the decisions were well supported with data. Had some minor hiccups during install, but all was straightened out in less than 24 hours. Highly recommend!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Michael Russo | Minnetonka, Minnesota | 11/07/2022

Still don't have a completed system almost a year later.

This has been an abysmal project. We paid in full just about a year ago and we still do not have a connected system! From bogus upcharges to misinformation about our connection with Xcel, to slow and sometimes even no communication for weeks at a time.... Save yourself the misery use literally *any other* local solar provider.

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Ariane | Scituate, Massachusetts | 06/14/2024


I am glad I chose All Energy, the whole team was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. The process was faster than I anticipated, and the system is working perfectly. I would recommend All Energy to anyone.

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EAA | Hanover, New Hampshire | 06/10/2024

Go green, go solar

My experience with All Energy Solar in New Hampshire was exactly what I hoped for and expected. I recommend this company to anyone who is thinking of making this change, especially if you're too busy to manage all the details. All Energy took care of the bits and pieces, just like they said they would. On budget too.

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Jim | Lempster, New Hampshire | 06/09/2024

An exceptional company to deal with from start to finish

From our initial zoom meetings with Molly, to the installation of our solar equipment, to the email and phone call updates from Carlo throughout the entire project, we could not have asked for a better experience. Molly was very knowledgeable, answered all of our questions and concerns, and if she wasn't sure of something, she would research and get back to us. Once we signed on for this project, Carlo, our project manager, continued to impress us with his emails and phone calls every 2 weeks, keeping us in the loop as to the status of our project. If we had any concerns, he immediately got back to us. The installation crew was equally great. We were kept up to date every step of the way, and couldn't have been happier! Thank you, All Energy Solar!

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Cape home | Centerville, Massachusetts | 06/04/2024

Outstanding company providing top-notch equipment and service!

OK, so I was (and usually am) very slow to make a decision when it comes to major purchases. I spend a lot of time looking at reviews, getting quotes, and doing my research on the equipment being used. I interviewed over a dozen companies, spoke with representatives, got quotes, and researched panels and inverters being used (along with the warranty being offered) before pulling the trigger on switching to solar. Yes, long process but it pays big dividends to do the research first! After a laborious process, I decided to go with All Energy Solar. Why you may ask? Were they the least expensive? Good service? Offered a good warranty? Not pushy or brash in their sales techniques? First off cost. They were not the least expensive, but VERY competitive in pricing. Some quotes were WAY over what they should have been, so we quickly eliminated those companies. All Energy came in about the lower 25% of the quotes were got. So they were definitely not the cheapest, but absolutely competitive from amongst the companies we researched. What sold me on All Energy was the people. Everyone we spoke with was friendly, professional, and NOT PUSHY! From sales to technical to installers, they knew their product, took time to explain everything, and never promised things that other companies would say "Don't worry about that" or " not an issue" without any explanation. They know the solar business and took the time to explain everything! Every question we had was answered (and then some)! The installation experience was fantastic! The technicians were very friendly, and professional and cleaned up after themselves. Our system has been live now for a couple of months and I could not be happier. We're seeing credit build up and the system works flawlessly. I love to watch the app show us how much electricity we are producing! If you are on the fence, I can't recommend All Energy Solar any stronger. This is the company you need to go with, period!

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Greg Knopff | Saint Paul, Minnesota | 05/21/2024

Great Job!

I was very impressed with the work and the people working for All Energy Solar. They all seem to really enjoy their jobs and it shows in the work

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C | Brockton, Massachusetts | 04/25/2024

After buying our first home we found that our electric and heating bills were unfathomably high. On average we were using 1500kwh per month and were spending $1,200 to $1,500 per month for oil and electric and it was untenable so after 6 months in our home we decided to look into Solar. The ecofriendly benefits were a bonus but realistically we desperately needed to stabilize our electric cost. I like to get as much information as possible to make the most financially sound decision and get the most bang for my buck. The first go around we received many quotes through Energy Sage, did a ton of research, and ultimately met with 8 different solar reps to review their proposals. We were pleased to learn that our house was somewhat of a golden goose for solar so we encountered so really aggressive salespeople who were promising the moon and 120% production estimates. Outside of the scheduled meetings we were getting doorknockers from newer companies frequently (sometimes multiple times per day) so it was important for me to find a company that had an established history in the business, were transparent, and realistic. Of all of the people we met with Molly Verville from All Energy Solar was the only one to tell me that it would be disingenuous to give us a production guarantee based on 6 months of electric usage data, recommended that we consult with an electrician, change our energy supplier, and prioritize weatherizing our home so that we can get a more accurate proposal. She gave one of the more conservative production estimates and actually raised some concerns about the impact that unnecessarily high production could have on our net metering credits due to some unimplemented legislative changes. I had a ton of questions and she knew her stuff. I never felt like she was trying to obfuscate or that she was just trying to make a quick sale which was a breath of fresh air. We followed her recs which were helpful and 6 months later we decided that buying solar panels still made the most sense and we had more reliable data to work from with updated proposals. We decided to go with All Energy knowing that we may be paying a bit more but would be getting top tier service. After signing our contract we were assigned to work with Carlo Maloni who was a great advocate for us through the process. He kept in communication with us with calls and emails every two weeks to keep us in the loop, ensured that if he didn’t know the answer to a question that he would get us in touch with someone who did, and made sure that we knew ahead of time if there were any potential delays. He coordinated a seamless transition of our project to his manager Annalise for the 2 months while he was on paternity leave, and when he came back he picked things up with us right were we left off fully up to speed. Our panels have been on for almost two months and they were so proactive with startup monitoring that in the first couple of weeks they identified a minor issue before I was even aware of it and their electrician Mike came over the same day to make sure it was fixed. So far our production has been exceeding our consumption and it the monitoring app has been extremely useful for us to be able to identify what is still contributing to high usage. Overall, working with him and everyone from All Energy made this a painless process. I am really happy we chose All Energy and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking to switch to solar.

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Isaac | Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts | 04/23/2024

Excellent Job on a Complex Residential Installation

I recently had a photovoltaic solar energy system installed on my roof by All Energy Solar, and overall, I am very pleased with the experience. From the start, the company's sales team made a great impression by being personable, professional, and thorough in answering all my questions. Once I signed the contract, I was assigned a dedicated customer service representative, Carlo Maloni, who kept me updated throughout the approval and installation process. His communication was excellent, and he made sure to keep me informed at each step. The interconnection approval and installation process went smoothly, despite some challenges due to the complex setup in my duplex home. The team encountered obstacles related to my neighbor's pre-existing solar array on their side of the roof, and the installation team had to develop creative solutions to work around the neighbor's equipment. Despite these hurdles, the installation team was thorough, resourceful, and respectful of my neighbor's space. While there were some minor delays due to these complexities, the team handled everything professionally and kept me informed about their progress. The timeline from "signed contract" to "first watts produced" was just under 6 months. After the installation was completed, the company continued to provide excellent follow-up service. They helped me set up the Enphase Enlighten app for real-time monitoring of my system's energy production and guided me through the process of participating in the residential energy credit (REC) market. I experienced a minor issue with the system's monitoring, but the company resolved it within hours of my call, which I greatly appreciated. In conclusion, I am very happy with the service provided by All Energy Solar. Their team was professional, knowledgeable, and attentive throughout the process. I highly recommend them for anyone considering a solar energy system installation in Boston, MA or the surrounding area.

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Steve Small | Lyme, New Hampshire | 04/19/2024


Everything from start to finish went smooth as silk. The installation was done in one day with little to no disruption to our home. The wiring was discrete and well planned out. All of the financial incentives were completed for me and the system is working as advertised.

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melanie | Barrington, New Hampshire | 04/18/2024

easy process

It was an easy process from the initial call to the final set up. everything was explained well. never felt like I didn't know what to expect during the process. the rain did hold up the install but no fault to the company. I am happy with my panels.

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Regina | Richmond, Massachusetts | 04/11/2024

Carlo Maloni was fantastic. He always responded within a day and always left both a phone message and an email to be sure I would get his message. He was out on paternity leave after the solar installation was complete and the approval then stalled. A large part of that was the Town of Richmond changing electrical inspectors at the same time but communication with All Energy was much slower. As soon as Carlo was back I was informed what was holding approval up and we did then get approval.

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All Energy Solar is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, and serves customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts. All Energy Solar provides a full-service solar energy integration experience for residential, commercial, agricultural, and government customers looking to make the transition to solar energy. The company provides accurate return on investment forecasting, direct financing, and hands-on help navigating the incentive and rebate process. With industry-leading certifications and full electrical and building licenses, All Energy Solar installs quality solar power systems at competitive prices and monitors and maintains the systems after installation.

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