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Robert W. 1 week ago

I loved that Meo and his team wore masks and were conscientious about health in this time of Covid. Working with Meo at Affordable Home Solar was a great, smooth experience. I called him, and he had no sales pitch, or mandatory appointment with a sales consultant. He provided a fair, balanced, informative, and customized assessment, and a very reasonable quote. I really appreciated knowing who I was working with from start to finish, and he warrants his work. Also, Meo did not try to sell me a system too big for what I needed, and he worked with me on and helped me select a brand and solution properly sized for my needs. I saw from another post that Meo teaches classes in solar installs; he has true expertise and passion! I trusted Meo from start to finish and he and his crew at AHS did not disappoint! I highly recommend him and his team if you have a solar project. He has a small, expert team and he himself helps with the install, which I liked. I did not want to work with a big company where it is hit or miss in terms of end-user experience with installers etc. Those might have been fine, but for me, knowing who I was working with, and having Meo available any time I had a question, were all positives. Also, Meo does the paper work for PG&E, another plus! Meo was reliable (showing up at all appointments on time or early!), and working with him was no hassle and he got the job done very well. The conduit metal holding the wires is good quality and professionally installed, and he even painted any exposed conduit on the roof so that it more closely matches the dark roof color. That’s great attention to detail I appreciate. Also, he figured out the most efficient and aesthetic way to wire the panels. I wanted a good looking install, and symmetrical: he understood and delivered on aesthetics too, from selection of panel type and size, to placement on the roof. I am happy w the process and final system. He said he would install in about 5 weeks and he did!! Biggest slowdown in the process was Oakland city for the permit approval and final inspection. But Meo took care of all the interaction with the city. I did some research and decided I wanted a specific high-end brand. He quoted me for my choice but he also pointed out an alternative which I ended up going with. He knows the brands and will work with you for a great solution for your circumstance.

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$9,161 - $11,197

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8,682 kWh

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52¢ kWh

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Affordable Home Solar is an organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, and San Diego that installs solar photovoltaic systems for the homeowners and small business owners. Our mission is to streamline residential and commercial solar installation practices and to bring down the cost of solar to make PV accessible to more people.

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