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Updated: February 21, 2020

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DENISE Lynn | Mt Holly, NJ | 02/21/2020

Excellent appearance

Production has been as quoted

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Not satisfied | 06/24/2019

Not reliable

Micro-inverters seem to go bad constantly

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Jay | Center Moriches , NY | 10/01/2019

Good panel

I chose Sharp panels because it’s what SUNation used.

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Debbie | Fountain Hills, AZ | 07/31/2019

Trusted brand and made in the USA

Trusted the company, liked the low-profile on the roof and most efficient at the time

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Pauline | 07/06/2019

This was the product recommended to us by Southface Solar.

The panels have been working since 2012. No problems!!

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TLDunbar | Hermosa Beacj, CA | 03/22/2018

Sharp Panels

No issues at all with panels

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DebTB | 11/17/2017

Review added by DebTB

There have been no panel issues I know of since the system was installed in 2008. We have had no problems since we bought the house in 2012.

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Cory Avery | 04/01/2017

Review added by Cory Avery

Very happy with the Sharp solar panels.

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Optimal Building Systems | , AZ | 01/30/2017

Review added by Optimal Building Systems

A major advantage of micro-inverters is that you can track per-panel variation over time so if a panel or inverter fails or experiences a drop in performance, you can spot it right away. Although there's no way to isolate panel performance from its inverter, in my case I knew my issues were inverter related. <br /><br />For reasons explained in the inverter section below, Net Zero Solar replaced all of my inverters two weeks ago. Since then I've been tracking per-panel performance on cloudless days and I'm pleased to see less than +/-2% variation across my 24-panel array. Moreover, after six years, the average output, normalized for the daily temperature range on cloudless days, is tracking less then 3% off initial performance numbers. These stats are better than expected. So I'm very happy with my Sharp panels.

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Steve Net Zero Solar | 12/03/2016

Review added by Steve Net Zero Solar

Cost effective at time of installation. No problems with any modules since installation.

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Mxou | 12/03/2016

Review added by Mxou

Our neighbors have 24 Chinese made panels and generate LESS kw each day than we do with 18 panels.

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Anonymous | 10/11/2013

NT-175U1 panels are working very well

Excellent results so far, meets or exceeds expected annual KWH production.

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