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Latest good review thumbs up

Brandy | Little River Academy, Texas | 02/06/2022

Sabrina was professional and very helpful. Install is complete and panels look great! I highly recommend Solar Centex!!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Kristina | Gatesville, Texas | 01/27/2023

Poor warranty and customer service after the sale

We do not recommend Solar CenTex. This is our experience with Solar CenTex. We first came across Solar CenTex at a home and garden show in Bell County. We signed a contract with them in 2018 to have ground mount solar panel array installed behind our home. This project went well, and our system was inspected and commissioned in October. It was not fully operational per the contract until 14 November 2018 because there was a portion of the project that failed to function as specified in the contract. After a month of back and forth, a relatively minor issue was resolved. That system worked well for us after the initial problems were resolved but, we later sold that house, moved and wanted to do solar at our new home. This time, we wanted a grid tied, battery backup so we reached out to sales at Solar CenTex. Sales and the installation crew have saved this from being a 1-star review. The paperwork, contracts and first check for $7k were complete by early July, 2021. The install crew started designing our ground mount carport solar panel array with SolarEdge inverters and LG batteries. All the contracts and electric co-op forms were signed by mid July, 2021 and the install work began in late August/early September of 2021. By the end of September, we believed our system was fully operational and all the necessary paperwork had been handed off to the appropriate agencies. Checks for more than $70k had been cashed by Solar CenTex, the project was complete, per the contract. Not actually the case. We did not find out until 28 April 2022 (contacted by our electric co-op because our meter read very low usage) that we did not have the correct meter installed, the electric co-op did not have a record of our solar and they had not inspected the grid tied install. I spoke with Solar CenTex and they did not share with me why the process was left incomplete. I sent the signed short forms to our electric co-op via e-mail and got on their schedule for an inspection. Our solar install was properly documented and commissioned through the electric co-op on 28 May 2022. Another issue has been with the SolarEdge monitoring app. We were having regular conversations with Solar CenTex about the lack of access to change the battery charging/discharge levels through the SolarEdge app software. We were not able to adjust charging/discharge levels and had to call Solar CenTex prior to weather events and rely on them to adjust the discharge capacity of our batteries. We were disappointed to have installed a system that could only be controlled by the installer. At the time (June 2022) Solar CenTex suggested we had a communication intermittency issue. I asked if that was an issue with cell service and Solar CenTex (owner) replied, “yes the cell service from the inverter.” I contacted SolarEdge directly that evening and the app issue was resolved on 4 June 2022. Solar CenTex (warranty rep) suggested I contact SolarEdge directly and I later let Solar CenTex know when the manufacturer was able to resolve our problem. The install was physically complete in September 2021. We did not have control of this system and its charging capabilities until 4 June of 2022 and on 28 May 2022, we were inspected and properly metered/sanctioned to operate, as a grid tied system, by the electric co-op. Solar CenTex was notified, and no explanation was offered regarding either issue. Where we are now: In December (8 December2022) we noticed half of our system was not producing power or charging the batteries. After working with Solar CenTex, it was determined that the comm card failed. On 20 December Solar CenTex (install crew) came out and installed a comm card Solar CenTex thought might work but turned out to be incompatible with our inverter. Solar CenTex was trying to help get us up and running at full capacity before a cold snap over the Christmas week. Presently (27 January 2023) our system is still working at half of its purchased capability. Before Christmas, we were led to believe the part was on order but hadn’t been shipped from the manufacturer. We have been informed we have an “RMA number” and the part has been approved but no part is available. We have asked to be kept informed regarding when our $70K grid tied, solar equipment will be fully functional. In conclusion of my review of Solar CenTex we have seen a downward trend in their customer service since we first interacted with them in 2018. After the physical install is complete, their attitude toward customers is poor. We hope this is an isolated performance issue on this install and that others have not experienced this many failures in their relationship with Solar CenTex.

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Reply from Solar Centex: You are one of a small handful of customers who bought two, larger systems from us. Thank you. This review comes on the heels of SolarEdge being backlogged on providing us a communications card to fix your secondary "follower" inverter. I have not been satisfied with their warranty part support and told you that prior to you posting this review. In your other social media posts, we discussed the warranty ("RMA") process; we never did and would never had said the "part was on order" and would only have said, "the RMA is approved" with ETA given after the part was released from the warehouse. You made comments about the first installation we did for you and the "not fully operational" comment you make is about the Secure Power Supply feature of the SMA inverters where up to 2,000 watts of daylight-only backup is available during grid failures. We told you at installation that the extended distance from the inverters to the "backup" outlet resulted in electrical interference that prevented the switch from operating and once we mitigated that it worked. I'm surprised to see this an issue to bring up here as we worked through the issue with SMA and actually brought that company some insight on extended-run communications to SPS plugs. You know that because we discussed that at the time. But this really all comes from the SolarEdge component shortfalls for your inverter with the error. I know you have not seen my "work below the waterline" in unlocking the component from SolarEdge, but very recent discussions with SE senior leaders discussing this shortfall as the symptom of a larger support issue to installers continued (this dialogue with SE pre-dated your warranty issue) and I now have assurances (and a new inverter vice a replacement components comms board) for you. As soon as SE delivers it we'll schedule it for installation. We still like SolarEdge because it has a robust storage solution that is code-compliant. They're not perfect. I'm not perfect. But we're certainly working hard to get the parts for your system.

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Hammer-San Angelo | San Angelo, Texas | 10/31/2022

Hammer-San Angelo

In December of 2016, my wife and I purchased a solar installation from a local, San Angelo, solar company. The installation went as discussed and we were happy because things went as planned. Soon after that installation the once local company, left San Angelo and we were assured that if there was ever a problem with our installation to, “call them for service”. Our system functioned effectively until 5.18.22(date obtained from our electric provider), we became aware of the issue with the June 2022 bill. The electric company came to the house to make sure there was not a problem they needed to fix, and it was determined that it was a solar system problem. The installer was immediately notified and was provided with the information he requested so that a diagnosis could be determined. From that initial contact with the owner of the solar company on approximately 6.15.22 until 8.6.22 we were without any specific information regarding a service call. Time and time again were we told that us being in San Angelo was going to be a problem for service. Finally, on 8.6.22 his office manager told us a service person would be here on 8.8.22. The technician did come and told us he could not download the necessary information in order to diagnose the problem and would need to return with the necessary equipment to do so, but could not tell us when that would be, “it would have to be scheduled by the office manager and the owner”. Over the next several weeks, from 8.9.22 thru 8.26.22, there were no positive efforts made to reschedule a service call. Phone calls, texts and e-mails went unanswered, I believe the phrase is, “no response, just crickets”. We were being completely ignored by the original installation whose contract states, “If there is an issue, we will come fix it”. Finally, we found Native Solar, who provided us with specific dates, updates, price guidelines, answered e mails, returned phone calls with relevant information and never once left us feeling ignored or told us you are out of luck because you live in San Angelo. San Angelo is a town where you can drive around and see who has solar and from there it is an easy phone call and contact to ask who your installer was and how is their service. I will be spreading the word about the quality of the service work done by Native Solar. They understand customer service and demonstrated that to us. As for the original installer, “all hat and no cattle”, and I will be spreading that word as well.

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Reply from Solar Centex: We didn't provide the service we should have. No doubt closing the shop in San Angelo turned into me not getting your the support I committed to. No hat, no cattle...but I take the point. My apologies to you and your lovely wife who was so kind providing advertising support when I was in your city.

Garry | Temple, TX | 11/12/2021

Solar Centex is great!

Solar Centex has been excellent to work with. Great sales and service and help with everything we have needed! CAll them today!

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Willie | Copperas Cove, TX | 10/19/2021


The Solar Centex team is without a doubt the best in Texas. They are totally professional, caring, and knowledgeable!

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Taylors | Harker Heights, TX | 10/19/2021

Solar Energy

Sabrina was our consultant and she did an amazing job. She is very knowledgeable about her product and answered all our questions. She made herself available if we needed more information. Our 33 panels were installed promptly and we are more than pleased. Our electric bill has been less than $15.00 a month since the program went on line.....even running the pool system. Solar CenTex.....we thank you!

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Kenneth H. | Temple, TX | 10/19/2021

Go Solar Centex you will be glad you did

Solar Centex installed our system at the end of January 2019 and after the system was up and running our electric bill began dropping. In April we paid $6.20 for our electric bill and haven't had an electric bill since then. Sabrina came out and answered all my questions about solar systems and about the installation process. Thanks to everyone at Solar Centex for the excellent system that you designed and installed. If you're serious about going solar call Solar Centex you won't be disappointed.

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Timothy | Morgan's Point Resort, TX | 10/15/2021

If your thinking about Solar, think Local.

When we started looking for a solar installation company, we knew that we wanted a local dealer because we had heard about companies that didn't have a real office in Texas just salesmen. We immediately ran into some of them and found that they work for east or west coast companies and use contract employees to install the panels. After a lot a internet searching we found Solar Centex and Sabrina Arnold. This company is located in Harker Heights and has its own workforce for installation. Everything when as planned. Sabrina ensured that we got the information we needed on tax credits and explained the entire installation process. We now have 25 solar panels and the best part is that it supplies 35 to 38 percent of our electric power for the house.

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Haskell & Mangawang Families | Waco, Texas | 09/14/2021

Deserving of the high ratings.

When we decided to get a solar energy system, this company stood out for us as 1) it is local, 2) the majority of reviews hold Solar Centex in high regard, 3) it has NABCEP Board Certifications for PV Technical Sales AND for PV Installation Professional, 4) it has its own certified master electrician, and 5) some of its own people use the same components/systems that are put into customers' projects. While installation did take longer than expected due to Covid-related supply delays, we are very happy with how the final product looks and, more importantly, how well it is working. And having the option to add a pergola has been a great bonus for us. Sabrina and Chris have been wonderful with communicating with us about anything and everything pertaining to our project. All of our questions were answered promptly, any changes we or they needed were addressed and resolved to our satisfaction, and additional in-depth information regarding each component of our system was provided, as well. The guys who did the actual installation worked as efficiently as the weather permitted. We can't thank them enough for working so hard during a Texas summer. And they, too, were great about answering any questions we had or passing us along to someone who could answer better. Overall, we would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is considering adding a solar energy system.

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K Casto | Pflugerville, Texas | 07/16/2021

Fast, professional installation, great customer service

I initially chose Solar Centex because of their excellent reviews, and have been so happy I did. They took care of everything in the application process, including my HOA requirements. The finished installation looks fabulous, better than any other in my neighborhood. My first electric bill of $0 in the heat of July cemented my opinion - 5 stars all the way.

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Andrew E | Killeen, Texas | 06/13/2021

Fantastic company from top to bottom. Professional, punctual .

I recently Had a system installed by the crew at Solar Centex and I honestly couldn't be happier! I had some initial reservations like I'm sure alot of people do when it comes to going solar it's a huge investment. but the crew at Solar Centex not only met my expectations but exceeded them !!. from my initial email with sabrina who was there with me every step of the process..she answered any questions I had .. to trinidad who lead the crew who performed the installation of my system they showed up 30 minutes early!! I appreciated the punctuatality. all the way up to Scott the owner who came by to check in to make sure everything was running smoothly.. even after everything was completed sabrina stopped by to do a walk through and made sure that I understood exactly how the system worked and to answer any follow up questions I may have had . I couldn't have asked for a better experience I highly recommend Solar Centex to anyone who is interested in going solar . I'd like to Thank everyone from Solar Centex on a great experience from start to finish!!

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Adam Stear | Temple, Texas | 05/08/2021

We are SO happy with our recent solar & battery system install!

We were kind of guinea pigs for one of the 16.7kW popular LG batteries that Solar CenTex is starting to carry and install. There were some things that they had to work out to make sure that the system was working the way that it was supposed to, but I told Scot that I'd rather the system take longer to put in and it be put in RIGHT than it to be put in fast and not well. While it did take longer than initially anticipated, they were still well within their contracted time for the install... AND I still recommend them to others even with some of the hiccups. What I appreciated the most apart from the quality equipment and supplies installed with care was how well their team works together to help their customers. Scot, Sabrina, Chris and the rest of the team were very patient with my concerns and questions throughout the whole process. This is huge because sometimes I have a lot of questions! Also, they don't just do the installation then forget about you after it's done. They are prepared to offer kind and thorough customer support on their work and the equipment they installed. While this was expensive for me, I feel good about this purchase. Especially because of what happened recently with the ERCOT debacle. I FULLY anticipate that they are going to drop the ball this summer again... I just hope people don't suffer again because of it. Thank you, Solar CenTex team for this peace of mind!

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