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Ridgebury TWP | Gillett, Pennsylvania | 09/10/2023

Positives. Fred McNeal (sales consultant) was my first contact with Paradise Energy Solutions. I've been considering Solar for are home for several years and could not get responses from any solar companies. Hence, I contacted Fred and he immediately reply for us to meet. Fred is very informative and made several trips to the home and we were comfortable deciding to go with Paradise proposal. The start of construction of the system did come with some hic cups. The installation of the metal uprights went well except for one upright went off plum. After the assembly of the frame for the array solar panels it was apparent there would be large dip in a section of the array, and I express a concern this would cause some stress in this area of panels and ask how this could be corrected. I asked if this one cross frame could be raised up to level up this section by drilling holes in upright to correct the dip. At first it was a maybe. This is where I want to mention Troy a installer from the Towanda, PA office. I do not know his last name. Troy worked out a solution that day to correct the dip, so the array was level throughout. Troy was always positive throughout the construction. A great person, professional and always answer questions I would ask. Troy went above and beyond. Also, I want to mention Bryan. Again, I do not know the last name. My understanding Bryan is from the New York office. Bryan was great installer, very friendly and easy to talk too. Troy and Bryan were two main installers. There were other installers for one day to help pull wire and it was great to have them on the site and they were also very professional. Negative. Daniel Trimm(Project Manager). My first interaction with Dan was going over the construction site. Dan walked through and discussed the location of array. In that conversation we talked about laying the conduit and the route to the house. I asked what type of equipment would be use for the trench. Dan said most likely use a trencher and he would be the operator as Paradise has no one else. The second visit by Dan was for the final to say they have been approved to proceed with construction and marked out the location. Again, I asked what type or equipment will be used for the trench to the home and Dan said it would be subcontracted out. Again, I ask what type of equipment will be used and Dan said an excavator. What size bucket would be used and did not answer me well. So, I said would it be a 12” bucket and he said yes. What the sub-contractor used was very large excavator with a 24” wide bucket. A 24 “trench to install a 1 1/4'” conduit. I lost my temper on Dan that day of construction. His arrogance was not welcome in regards the impact this was going to cause me a larger than expected area to clean-up and a expense of topsoil which will be around $1,000 to $1500 dollars, not including grass seed and mulch. All this will depend on how much settling takes place. If a trencher or small excavator with a 12” bucket was used, the clean -up would be easier, the settling would be manageable and the expense much lower. Dan visited the site a couple more times and we did not interact much. Troy and Bryan finished the installation and the next time I saw Dan was a early morning one day. He did not come to house to say he was there. I saw him at the array and on his phone. That day I received an Email from Crystal Bentley (NY Process Manager) for final payment. I then return an Email to Crystal was someone going to review the system with me and show me how to do the monitoring. Crystal replied back Dan would be contacting me for that. Later in the day I received an Email saying he sent me link for connecting for monitoring. This was very disappointing that no one was going to walk us through how to set-up for monitoring and how to understand the monitoring and review the system with us and say it was in operation. Again, for me Dan’s arrogance was very unwarranted. One more negative. On the first visit with Dan for the site he presented an sign off for Srec credits so Paradise could manage and sell the credits. This was new to us and never previously discuss before. This is where Fred McNeal should have given us more insight on the credits and handling of credits. The proposal shows possible yearly credits but did not talk about Paradise managing the credits with 6% or $4.00 minimum fee. Also, the agreement does not say if Paradise will sell credits every year and how will I know how many credits have been earned in a year. I sent an Email to Fred McNeal regarding the sign off asked him to contact me for more understanding and his reply was short and said you can sell the credits on your own. This is true if I clearly understood all this. At this time, I signed off for Paradise to manage the credits for two years. My point of this, the proposal should show this impact with Paradise selling the credits more education on credits. Bottomline Paradise is great choice for Solar system installation. There are other installers, but Paradise is very professional and will stand behind the work.

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thomas | Wooster, Ohio | 08/22/2023

Great company to work with.

Rep and agents and workers all kept us fully informed throughout the whole process. This is a comforting aspect to a person spending lots of money. Workers are polite and easy to work with. They even handled a nosey 7-year-old with respect.

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John K | Queenstown, Maryland | 07/24/2023

Great people - competitive pricing

We had a large ground mount solar installed for our house. There were some delays due to county permitting, but Paradise installed at budget and on time. I found them to be honest and easy to work with. Doug Fenninger was particularly helpful with navigating the county requirements (Queen Anne's County), which were not easy. Very happy with our system - it's performing well

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Alex | Churchville, Virginia | 07/20/2023

Excellent to work with

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FMH | Kinzers, Pennsylvania | 07/18/2023

Clean installers

The install crew were polite and left the jobsite clean and organized each day as they left.

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Greg and Margie | Myersville, Maryland | 07/17/2023

SolarEdge Install by Paradise Energy

We went operational on June 1 with our system and are very pleased with it. We had a great team from Paradise working on this – Brian did a nice job getting the initial scope and pricing worked out and Jordan led the implementation team. He and his team were friendly and professional and we enjoyed working with them. Jordan was creative working with us and Paradise engineers on the configuration challenges we faced (limited space in the room where our electrical panel is located)– inverters and battery were installed in a detached building and the backup circuit equipment was installed in the house – it works great. The power company seemed to delay things – took several months to get an upgraded transformer installed and the system certified to be interconnected to the power company grid. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paradise for solar implementation and we're very glad we decided to move forward with solar and Paradise.

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MichaelsA | Columbus, Ohio | 06/24/2023

Paradise Energy Solutions is a first-rate solar installer

Paradise Energy Solutions is the place to start looking for a knowledgeable, professional, customer-service-friendly solar energy installer. After doing your due diligence and considering several bids, Paradise Energy will likely not be the least expensive. Whatever the price difference, the customer communications, quality of service, workmanship, deft navigation of the local permit bureaucracy, and follow-up monitoring are worth every cent. You will not regret using them for your solar installation. In addition, you will be very happy with your electric utility bills. Thank you Sheldon, Zane, Jeff, Tim, Michelle, and the entire Paradise Energy Solutions team for a great job on our 10.7 kW system.

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nussbaum | Columbia, Pennsylvania | 06/14/2023

very professional and responsive

from the begging though the entire process the communication was there. they were professional and efficient.

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Jeb Heller | Elverson, Pennsylvania | 05/15/2023

Amazing Company

From our first interaction with them to the last they were always friendly, informative and helpful. There was no pressure from our first meeting to go with them which was really nice. Every step of the way and every interaction was positive. They are an amazing company and I would 100% recommend them to anyone. We absolutely love the system and running our entire house on the sun is so cool. Thank you Paradise Energy Solutions!

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Amos Ebersol | Gordonville, Pennsylvania | 05/13/2023

Great experience through the entire process and the system is exceeding what was projected

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David Pettit | Wellsboro, Pennsylvania | 04/28/2023

Outstanding Service

Paradise energy made it very easy for us to install solar panels on our home. They’re representatives and construction crew were outstanding. Job well done

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Brothers Tim, Marcus, Matthew, and Jason Beiler started Paradise Energy Solutions in 2009. We've since grown to more than 90 employees in 8 states, helping 1,700+ businesses, farmers, and homeowners make a difference with solar energy.

We're a customer-focused team dedicated to being the go-to experts in the solar industry. We'll always do what's right, even to the detriment of our bottom line. It's this commitment to doing things the right way that has helped us rank as a Top Solar Contractor by Solar Power World for eight consecutive years and now be the #1 commercial installation company in Pennsylvania.

We understand solar energy is a big investment. We're committed to being your long-term partner by running a debt-free business so you can be confident we'll be around to honor warranties and provide service for decades to come.

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