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M Webster | North Las Vegas, Nevada | 05/06/2021

Great experience!

We recently moved to North Las Vegas and met Arthur from Icon Power. Our system has been installed and we are now waiting for it to be turned on. We never felt pressured during the entire process. Our Representative Arthur, communicated with us each step on the way. We are very impressed with the integrity of this company and their employees. Merrie & Morris Webster

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Centerville | Dayton, Ohio | 01/06/2021

Wait time for repairs could take months

We called them saying one of our panels was showing "0" production which means the inverter is not working. This seems to be happening too often as this will be the five or sixth inverter to break down. We have 29 panels. Icon Solar told me in October, they would be out before Thanksgiving. It is January. We called again to be told the company in Canada has not been shipping the inverters, warrantied or not. They are having a problem getting the inverters from the manufacturer. This really upsets us as we invested in this company. At this point, they need to find another manufacturer and hold up to the warranty they promised upon installation. Very frustrating.

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Robert | Dayton, Ohio | 05/23/2019

First Choice for Tesla Powerwall

Icon Solar installed my system in December 2017. It has performed perfect for the past one and a half years. I have 20 solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall 2. The solar panels produce 290 Watts at best lighting conditions. This is the amount promised. Icon Solar subcontracted the electrical work. This included installing the Tesla Powerful back-up battery. Only contractors certified by Tesla can install the Powerwall. Icon Solar workers designed the system and installed the solar panels. The survey to layout the panels was done as good as could be. They did an excellent job. I was first concerned about placing seven panels facing West, but it turns out the West panels only produce eight percent less power than those facing South. That proves Icon knows what they are doing. I was also astounded by how well they attached rails to support the solar panels. This requires using lag bolts to attach the rails to the roof rafters. Every lag bolt hit a rafter dead on. He must have x-ray vision. The electrical work was made more complicated by adding the Tesla Powerwall. But the electricians had no problem. The addition of a back-up battery requires components not installed when only installing solar panels. This work took a whole day by three electricians. They did a very neat job. The entire system worked as promised the instant they turned it on. Icon Solar is the first choice for installing solar panels that include a Tesla Powerwall.

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Alphonse | Nicholasville, Kentucky | 01/17/2019

Everything as specified

The salesman was knowledgeable. The installation was completed in less than a day. Everything has worked well. The company has stood behind the warranty. The only shortcoming was the high price. This is a very professional and effective organization.

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Reply from Icon Solar: Thank you for the kind words! We appreciate it, and let us know if you need anything!

Kevin Jones | Mount Vernon, Ohio | 01/12/2019

Icon Solar took care of the problem and did a lot more.

Took the over 6 months to replace a micro inverter but that was not the problem still producing 1/2 of what the others are not it's like pulling teeth to get them out again<br /><br />EDIT 1/23/19: Icon Solar took care of the problem and did a lot more.

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Reply from Icon Solar: Mr. Jones,<br />We are very sorry that your experience has not been good. In investigating this matter, we discovered that the manufacturer of the micro inverters used in your system determined that a micro inverter that was not reporting or producing power on your system was defective and required replacement. The manufacturer authorized us to replace the micro inverter and sent us the replacement micro inverter in July, 2018. Unfortunately, it appears that your service ticket was somehow lost in our system, and we apologize for not getting back to you in July when we received authorization to replace your inverter.<br /><br />We have no record of any communication (telephone or email) with you until December 11, 2018 when we noted in our system you called to inquire about your micro inverter. We located the replacement micro inverter and authorization sent by the manufacturer and telephoned you on December 18, 2018 to schedule the replacement for January 2, 2019. The replacement occurred on January 2 as scheduled with you and your system (including the replacement micro inverter) powered on and was operating.<br /><br />On January 4, 2019 you telephoned our office to inform us that the replaced inverter was producing less than your other inverters. We investigated both independently and with the manufacturer of the micro inverter and determined that the replaced micro inverter is working but is reporting a lower voltage than normal being received from the solar panel. We called you on Monday, January 7, and left a message on your voice mail requesting that you call us to schedule a time for us to visit your location to diagnose the low voltage problem. We did not receive a response to our January 7 voice mail message. We have attempted to reach you by telephone several times since then. There seems to be a problem with both of the telephone numbers you gave us because we get a busy signal on both numbers each time we try to call you. We sent an email requesting you call us, but we have not yet heard from you.<br /><br />As you can see from all of our reviews on any source, Icon Solar takes customer satisfaction very seriously. We are very sorry in this instance for our substandard performance in taking six months to replace your inverter. We would like to speak with you so we can finally resolve the issues with this panel and inverter and get your system working at full capability again. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can get this taken care of for you.
Reply from Icon Solar: UPDATE: The information posted by Mr. Jones is not accurate. We have been trying to reach Mr. Jones by telephone and email since January 7 to arrange a time for our technicians to visit his site and diagnose his problem. Mr. Jones has not returned our calls or responded to our emails. Instead, Mr. Jones is going to various sites to post bad reviews about our company. While would like to help Mr. Jones correct any problems with his solar system, we cannot do so if he will not communicate with us.
Reply from Kevin Jones: I changed everything back to five stars got my phone # to them and icon worked with me very fast. They replaced the bad panel and everything is working great. They have a new system in place to prevent this problem won’t happen to anyone one else. Hope to have them back in a few years for ground mount panels due to 40 panels filled my roof. I hope the federal discounts still are there. Have to get the first 40 paid off first or I would do it now. Go solar it saves you a ton of money I like having between 0 to 50 dollar electric bills. Used to have 200 to 400 dollar bills
Reply from Icon Solar: Thanks, Kevin. We always try to do right by our customers. We hope to talk to you soon!

Thomas F | Cincinnati, Ohio | 08/22/2018

Satisfied customer

Icon Solar was the quickest responder when we were considering solar.<br />Their sales representative, Marc, arrived promptly, provided great information up front , and answered questions without hesitation.<br />Within a few days, we had a preliminary drawing for our 2 systems and had an opportunity to speak with Jay, the in house architect.<br />We agreed on the contract and installation was completed approximately 5 weeks later.<br />On the day of installation, there were 10-11 workers on our site, including Marc, the sales representative.<br />Installation was completed in 1 day, with excellent care of our property and good clean up .<br />They verified that allpanels and inverters were working properly, instructed us on the operation and monitoring of our 2 systems, and departed .<br />We later added the varmint guard to keep put squirrels, birds, and leaves.<br />Excellent , experienced , cordial workers.<br />They worked through lunch and would not even allow us to buy them lunch.<br />Our systems were correctly "sized" and are producing as predicted.<br />Icon Solar did all of the paperwork for the power generator licenses and assisted us with the SREC sales set up.<br />I have recommended Icon Solar to 5 friends and a few people that called me, and will continue to do so.

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Reply from Icon Solar: Wow! Thanks, Thomas! We've sure got a great, hard-working install crew. Thanks for your support! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

pleased solar customer | Versailles, Kentucky | 07/13/2018

home solar pannels

System was installed in late June, 2017. Installers were professional and fast and I was completely <br />satisfied. The system has worked perfectly and is properly sized for our energy needs. Most months we pay the required minimum to cover the base meter fee and the taxes. On an annual basis we produce more energy for the grid than we consume from the grid.

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Reply from Icon Solar: That's for your great review! We're glad you're happy with it!

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