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Josh B 1 week ago

I am very happy we chose Exact Solar for our solar installation. I got several quotes (several via EnergySage). I ultimately chose Exact Solar primarily because of their reputation, especially after I spoke with several people who used Exact Solar for their solar installation. Choosing the right installer is about getting the installation done right and having the same high level of service after the installation is complete. This is why I chose Exact Solar. It's somewhat analogous to buying a car where you're required to service the vehicle at the dealership where you bought it. You should be really happy with the dealership. The entire process of quote, contract signing, scheduling and install was smooth and professional. The installation team was great. On the second morning of the install, my car battery was dead and the guys gave me a jump right away. Post installation, Exact Solar responded to my numerous questions promptly and professionally (and I had many, many questions). And they facilitated the process of signing me up with an SREC broker. Our solar production is already ahead of forecast. We're still in our first year and our production so far is ~11% above our estimated production for the entire first year.

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System size


Average cost per watt


Net cost of system

$21,280 - $26,008

Average payback time

Annual power production

15,796 kWh

Levelized cost of solar energy

Levelized cost per kWh is the cost of the solar system divided by the total number of kWh produced by a solar system over it’s lifetime.

7¢ kWh

If you don't get solar

20¢ kWh

Forecast average PA electric rates over the next 25 years

Installers description for their business

Based in Yardley, Pennsylvania, Exact Solar has helped thousands of your neighbors in the Greater Philadelphia area go solar over the past 15 years. Known as subject-matter experts not only on all types of solar energy systems, but also more broadly on battery and other clean energy technologies and policies, we stay on top of the latest trends and technology advancements so our customers can be sure they're getting the right system for their home or business, using top quality components, and installed by our own, skilled and caring employee installers. We provide complete turn-key installations and take care of everything from engineering to permitting to post-installation inspections and final state incentive paperwork. Our customers reduce or even eliminate their electric bills, insulate themselves from rising utility rates, and start saving money right away. Come join our Exact Solar family. Power your Property, Free your Wallet, and Save the Planet!

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1655 Fairfield Road, Yardley PA, 19067


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1655 Fairfield Road, Yardley PA, 19067

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Top 100 Solar Installers of 2019 Top 100 solar installers
NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer Solar Energy Industries Association American Solar Energy Society Solar Power World

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Residential Solar Electric

Commercial Solar Electric

Solar Hot Water (Thermal)

Solar Pool Heating

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NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer
Vladislav Ringe

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