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Steve Ward | Spring Hill, Florida | 07/18/2022

I’m completely off grid!!

Thanks to EHS and its crew I’m completely off grid with my new solar panels and battery. Incredible job!!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Skilled buyer | Largo, Florida | 05/13/2022

Worse company ever, STAY AWAY!!!

What an error I did when I hired EHS to get my solar project. First, they got them installed all on the first floor because the team was afraid to get on the 2nd story. The 2nd story is the only spot pointing to south, so the very best place to put them. As the original plan, I was supposed to have 10 panels there. After multiple months of fighting (and a hundred follow up calls), I successfully get them back and they put 9 panels south. So, it's a lot better, but now, the panels are causing water to go over the gutter, which causes major flooding and will cause major damage to the house during big storms. When the team came back to move them, he agreed that I could recall to have them move up if needed. Now, I'm still fighting with them to have those others moved. I have a feeling I'll call my lawyer very soon.... So please, just get another company! They are cheap because their service is awful.

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Nuzio Imbriano | Port Saint Lucie, Florida | 07/08/2022

Awesome service!!

Great service at a great price.

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Michael Walker | Bonita Springs, Florida | 07/06/2022

This is a great company!!

When I decided to go Solar I did my research. Ehs came across and they gave me a very good price and the whole process was just like they said.

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Bill Hoefer | Saint Petersburg, Florida | 06/26/2022

Finally I went Solar!!

I’m very pleased with the job EHs did for me. The installer were great, they got the job done in one day. My sales rep was with me every step of the way just how he said it would be at the time of signing the contract.

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Gary Bouck | Hudson, Florida | 06/16/2022

Looking forward to save money with my solar system.

All good!! Efficient Home Services has done a fenomenal job. Thank you!!

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Wally | New Port Richey, Florida | 06/16/2022

Great job done by this company.

I’m very happy happy with EHS. Great customer service and staff.

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Roman Radon | Belleview, Florida | 05/31/2022

Awesome company !!

This company had treated me like family. From the office staff to the installers everybody did an excellent job. Thanks EHS.

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MK | Pensacola, Florida | 04/22/2022


EHS has NO BUSINESS working in the Panhandle of Florida. They are based in St. Petersburg which is almost 8 hours to Pensacola. If I would have known this I would not have chosen EHS! I signed my contract on July 20, 2020 and was told they would need to submit a permit application. I received no word until I followed up with them in Oct and they said they had JUST received the permit and that the panels had been ordered. They were ready to install my system late Dec and I mentioned that was close to Christmas and had family in town, but they said it would be an easy install. EHS arrives and all they have is a 30-ft ladder (my townhouse is over 40 ft tall). They start calling around for a lift rental and can’t find one. One of the techs is looking at my standing seam metal roof informs me that they have the wrong brackets and would have to return another time. They get ready to leave and there is a pallet of solar panels and a stack of cardboard boxes/racks sitting out in the open. I asked them to put the carboard boxes under my back porch but they left the pallet of panels in my driveway till March. In Feb, the crew arrives and they have no lift. The next day a lift arrives but the crew is concerned about how slick my metal roof is and they are not sure how to secure themselves. My roof is a 5/12 pitch and shaped like two rectangles. Should be easy for guys that work on roofs for a living. The next day they get about halfway done and the rain starts. They tell me they will have to return later since the rain was going to last a couple days. One month later the next team arrives. They have a lift rented and are ready to work. They drive the lift onto my lawn getting it stuck in the mud. They damaged the lawn, sprinkler system, and cut the cable to my neighbors. Repairs were almost $2,000 which EHS agreed to pay. They get the panels installed but the system is not operational as they are waiting for a bi-directional meter. Late March I find an aluminum bracket in my driveway. I examine the array and it looks like one panel has come loose. So EHS schedules a tech to visit. He tells me the panel is not the same manufacturer as all the others and is a different thickness. I told them this was unacceptable and that I expected it to be replaced. Mid May another tech arrives with a replacement panel. He installs it and I immediately notice it is the same mismatched panel. I get on the phone with EHS and they assure me that the tech will install the correct panel. A correct panel is then installed and the tech turns my system on and gets me set up with the Enphase app. Over the next 3 months I received full bills from the solar financing company AND my electric company. I was told by EHS that the summer months were hot and that I must be using excessive amounts of electricity. I continued to inform them that my power company was not receiving power from my system. Mid-June we had a tropical storm and again I find aluminum brackets in my driveway and the Enphase app shows a panel not producing. I alert EHS and by mid-July the tech shows up to look at my system and see why one of my panels is not responding. He looks briefly at my breaker array then finds that one of my panels has a bad microinverter and needs to be replaced. August 4, a tech was supposed to arrive to fix the bad panel. He doesn’t show up and I call EHS. They inform me the tech HAD been at my house and HAD replaced the panel. I told them I had been home ALL day, and NO one had been on my roof. I was lied to by EHS. EHS then tells me the tech had a flat tire and returned to St. Petersburg. The tech shows up August 9 and finally identifies the problem with my system. EHS incorrectly attached the power coming out of my solar array into my main power line – not directly into my breaker box. EHS then promises to pay for the past four months of solar financing. The tech rewires my system and turns it on…385 days AFTER signing my contract! IF YOU LIVE IN THE FL PANHANDLE DO NOT USE EHS!!!

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Daniel Coleman | Ocala, Florida | 03/10/2022

Highly Recommended

if you are looking to go solar, trust me, look no further. Very good customer service and they work really fast. I had a few questions after my panels were installed and they were prompt to answer them and provide me with all the information i needed. Highly recommended!

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SteveC | Seminole, Florida | 03/07/2022

Poor Leadership and Quality Assurance

Contracted for roof replacement and solar installation. Roof replacement went well. Incorrect disconnect box (Square D) installed. Failed Pinellas County inspection on first attempt due to incorrect disconnect box used and improper placement (within 3 ft of air conditioner compressor). Marc (supervisor) is totally incompetent. He was present at first inspection and sends same install team out again and arranges for simultaneous county inspection without addressing the failures. System failed inspection a second time. They finally locate the correct disconnect box and send a true electrician (install team are not electricians) to replace box but never give him a "Fail List" so he doesn't know that not only does the box need to be replaced, but it also needs to be moved. Had I not been home the install would have failed inspection a third time. Inspection has not been done yet since work is being done today. Called Marc's supervisor, Natasha, on multiple occasions but she doesn't return phone calls. This all points to serious flaws in/and poor leadership, accountability and quality assurance.

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John | Simpsonville, South Carolina | 03/02/2022


I could write a book of the past year with this company. Basically, We have been through 3 project managers, 4 failed inspections, I dont even know how many contractors, holes in our ceiling that took months to get repaired and a year later- they still dont work 100%. We have 13 panels not working. They have been aware of this for 5 months or more. They are showing no interest in fixing this issue. This project is a year old this month- and still not working. I am paying the bill for the panels AND a power bill now. We even tried to not sign the paperwork for the finance company to pay them until the job was done. Nope! They went around us and obtained the financing without our permission. Now we are stuck with a system that doesn't work. AVOID them at all costs!!! Absolutely TERRIBLE company. I cannot stress my displeasure enough.

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At Efficient Home Services of Florida, our mission is to save you money. No other home energy company serving Tampa, Orlando, and other communities in the west central Florida area offers the range of cost-saving solutions that we do. Whereas other businesses might focus on one component of a home’s energy use, such as solar panel installation or HVAC unit installation, EHS provides services across the spectrum to address every aspect of your home’s energy inefficiencies. We are a team of knowledgeable professionals who banded together to give homeowners what other companies promised but could not deliver – real relief from high electric bills. Since our founding in 2011, we have built a reputation as an industry leader that operates on principles of honesty, fairness, superior workmanship, and impeccable customer service.

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