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mlofgren over 1 month

Doyle and his team did a fantastic job installing our solar system about six months ago. This is a vacation home for us, but was still averaging $140-$150 a month in electric cost. After the solar system was up and running? We have averaged about $5-6 a month! When we are here on a full time basis, our electric bill can and generally is around $400. Very large home, but this year our bill has been $98. What a fantastic difference and the payback will be much shorter than we anticipated. The system LOOKS great as well - very professional installation! We're having them back to install a system for our detached garage. Amazing!

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This installer does not publish their standard system prices on the net.

As such we have used average pricing from the installers service areas as a proxy for what this company would most likely charge for a solar system.

System size


Average cost per watt


Net cost of system

$10,862 - $13,276

Average payback time

Annual power production

14,226 kWh

Levelized cost of solar energy

Levelized cost per kWh is the cost of the solar system divided by the total number of kWh produced by a solar system over it’s lifetime.

4¢ kWh

If you don't get solar

22¢ kWh

Forecast average TX electric rates over the next 25 years

Installers description for their business

DT Solar was started in February 2016 by Doyle Tenney. We've steadily grown over the past years and now have NABCEP Certification, qualified sales representatives and site assessment specialists.

In 2017 DT Solar become a union electrical contractor as well. This opened the door to an endless supply of qualified electrical workers if needed and if not the company can survive any "hard times" in the industry.

So with a company like DT Solar, that has the ability to downsize without losing quality; you get the best choice for a solar professional that will be around in 20 years to support the system they installed.

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176 Whisper Wood Drive, French Creek WV, 26218


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176 Whisper Wood Drive, French Creek WV, 26218

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NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer
Doyle Tenney

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