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Updated: 16 September 2022

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Katie Mafale | Orlando, Florida | 06/07/2022

Great experience!

I'm very new to anything solar related. I was beyond hesitant about getting them done. Colby sat with me for as long as I needed and explained the process from start to finish with me. We went over my electric bill and if I had any questions he made sure I understood every aspect. I appreciate the time he took out of his busy day to help me understand. He reassured me of everything. He also re-explained the whole thing once my husband came home. He was patient and very understanding caring person. I would recommend them to everyone who is thinking about getting solar panels. Colby also followed up afterwards to make sure if I had any questions I could feel free to contact him. He left me feeling at ease. He represented Atlantic Key Energy very well. Anyone interested in solar should consider AKE in their planning process.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Jean | Hollywood, Florida | 09/27/2022

the worst experience with this company

Before the installation, the sales rep, Alfie Carey was calling and passing by our house every day in order to convince us to get the solar panels. Not even after 2 month the problems started to arise when we had a very heavy rain and we started to have a leak from the roof in one of the room where the panels were installed. We contacted Alfie, back in June, regarding the issue and as of today nothing had been fixed. We also contacted Michael, the regional manager but also without any luck. Today , we called directly the customer service and spoke with the supervisor Sara, and she told us that just yesterday the issue was addressed to the company. Really? it took them almost 4 months just to addresses the problem to the company? I am just wondering how long it will take them to fix it?

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Suzy | Deland, Florida | 09/16/2022

Taken for a ride

Do not use this company. I feel like I was sold a bill of goods. To make a long, and painful story short, salesman promised us 107% energy independence with their product. We have had the panels for nine months of full use and have never had over 58% energy independence. We've only had two months where we paid Duke for only fees and taxes. We are supposed to be accumulating credits to offset any energy we used from Duke, this does not seem to be happening on a regular basis, or at all from what I can tell. Recently they sent someone out with a drone to do a system checkup, and are now telling me they need six months of data before making any decisions. I have a 1340 sq. ft. house, with 33 panels on four sides of my roof. We have a sunny yard, front and back, which is what made us a target for their product. On top of paying $171.97 per month for panels, my recent electric bill was $103.34, making my pay out for power just short of $300.00. I never paid any where near that amount for power before. On top of this, we were told of the $14000.00 tax credit we would be receiving, off setting our cost of $53000.00 plus. When I filed for taxes for the 2021 year, we only received a little over $1200.00 tax credit and were informed we would receive the balance with our 2022 taxes. So since I did not receive the entire amount of tax credit this year, I will have to come up with this amount to add to the remainder I receive next year to pay AKE the total tax credit money. I am now corresponding with a representative from a company called Lumio, which has apparently taken over AKE. I want this over and done with. I want my panels to perform they way they were promised or I want them gone. I will post again once all of this is, or isn't resolved.

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Cindy B | Cape Coral, Florida | 07/07/2022

I'm a true victim

I honestly don't know where to begin with this agonizing nightmare. First of all I reached out to Atlantic key to try to resolve but no one has gotten back to me and I'm trying to close on my house this very minute!! Let's start with, when the sales rep showed up at our door I told him no thanks we're going to be moving within the year probably the next couple months and his face lit up and he said that's great doing this will cost you no money, reduce your monthly energy bill AND it'll add 6% value to the sale price of your home. Well that sounded good, I mean pay no money, trade an electric bill for a solar payment that was supposed to be less and then get more for my house when I sold it Seemed like he was right it was like a win-win Well obviously it didn't work out that way. Never was I told that a UCC/lean was going to be placed on my home so when I went to sell it the buyers title company informs me I have to pay $75,954 to this solar loan company before I can close on my house You could have knocked me over with a feather So I reached out to the salesman who said well just get the buyer to take over the loan I told him the buyer was an investor and had no desire or intentions of taking over a $75,000 loan So then he says, just take them with you Well that's great BUT I still have to pay $75,954 to remove the UCC then another $12,000 to remove the panels then the cost to transport them and then pay to have them reinstalled on a new house! Doesn't sound very cost-effective!! The fact that the salesman knew that I was moving and knew what I was going to run into but never said a word, in fact he said everything the opposite making me think that I was in a win-win situation Trust me I couldn't feel more stupid than I do right now but I got to feel like Florida has laws to protect even the stupid people like me from being taken advantage of Which I believe should be and is criminal Then the second big thing is that I have 44 panels on my house and guess what my house is only $1,400 ft² Plus I had told the salesman I just paid to have new windows new doors new blown-in attic insulation and all new duck work So my electric bill was going to be way lower than the past year's average seeing I just had all that done No problem he says If you have too many panels you can remove them Well guess what, that didn't work out that way either You can add panels but you can't remove them. You couldn't fit another panel on my roof if you wanted to So instead of starting off slow and then adding if needed he put the maximum amount on, charging me the maximum amount of money and then tells me I can't take any off Again I'm stupid but there's got to be laws to protect even the stupid. I'll update my review when and if this gets revolved For my own sanity I pray it does!

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Upset homeowner | Lehigh Acres, Florida | 06/09/2022

Project not done

Don't use this company. We contracted to get panels installed, the installers did a great job which is the only star. They never obtained or posted a building permit and after over 3 weeks there is still no permit, no inspection and no possibility of having the system turned on to even see if it works. My roof was already collecting enough dust without useless solar panels on it.

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DH | New Port Richey, Florida | 05/25/2022

Absolutely The WORST Solar Company World - Wide

Atlantic is quick to design, sell and install the system and panels. After that communication is non-existent, sales Rep Max Jones is of no after sales help and will not return calls or respond to Emails. All equipment has been sitting idle for almost 3 months not generating an ounce of electricity. When Atlantic is contacted NO ONE has a clue as to the status of our system and if and when it will receive final approval. The "COMMON" answer if you get one is " waiting on final inspection and approval to operate". Okay, and that is when??? Crickets and no response from anyone regardless of attempts and messages left. Highly suggest looking else where for solar and to not use this company. Terrible customer care, but reading the web-sight that's the most important quality for using Atlantic Key Energy. Damn, I'd hate to see how other companies are treating customers if this is the number 1 priority.

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Esperanza Neat | Lehigh Acres, Florida | 05/04/2022

Stay Away from this company

Horrible experience 8 months since contract was started we have not gone solar yet , paying for solar panel loan and Still paying my electric bill every month. During the transcourse we were left without power for close to two days. Spoiled food in refrigerator and melted ice all over floors. Have your wallets ready when dealing with this company.

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VeAnn Shea | Lakeland, Florida | 04/27/2022

OMG worst company ever

So this has been a very stressful time for me. This company is awful. They do not know what they are doing and I wish I had researched them out better than I did. I have had one issue after another since October. They keep blaming it on my city and I do think they have some blame as well but not nearly as much as AKE or their new name Lumino. Either way same company same issues same stress. Honestly it has been like a dog and pony show. The money this has cost me to go solar and they dismiss me for being upset. Other issue they are taking my payments for the last three months and told me they were sending me a gift card for a thousand dollars for all the inconvenience, now they are saying that is to give me back the money for the payments being taken out of my bank account. So unhappy with this company. I honestly do not think it will be resolved anytime soon. So take my advice go to another company they are really awful.

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Liznel Erazo | Daytona Beach, Florida | 03/08/2022


This is the worst company ever. Do not do any business with them. Terrible service. Customer service is worst. They are a fraud. It is a scam. I am going to explain you how they operate. They send a person to your house (you will never get the opportunity to contact again because will not answer your phone calls or emails) who is going to “analyze” your energy consumption and the will tell you the amount of solar panels your house will need. You are going to receive bills from your Power company (that you have to pay).Then, after a few months (when they say the system is “stable”) and you are not suppose to receive any bills YOU WILL STILL RECEIVE the bills and they will refuse to reimburst you the money. If you call them, they will not answer, they will ignore you. This same situation happened with my friend and they had to install 14 MORE PANELS!!! That was after a year with the solar panels. I have been with this system for 10 months and since the beggining I received bills from the power company. Now, they are telling me that my “energy consumption increased”, they are refusing to reimburst my money back and that we have to install 9 more panels for only $750 EACH!!!! This is a SCAM!!!! This is a SCAM!!!! They are doing the same with customer. If you really want solar panels go and get them with another company. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!! DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!

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David | Land O Lakes, Florida | 02/23/2022

Great experience

I got my install done first week in January and my system is operational now and I love it! I’m able to monitor the panel production and it’s cool to see that I’m now creating my own power.

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Coleman | Bryant, Arkansas | 01/24/2022

They do not honor their contract

When the original salesman came to our house, he assured us that if there were any issues at all with the panels, they would be covered, as long as we didn’t damage them ourselves. This is even stated in the contract. We’ve had the solar panels several months without issue, until our power went out in the neighborhood which caused a surge in our panels and they stopped working. The project manager here in Arkansas did not want to cover them. Thank goodness I trusted my gut to add it to our insurance in case AKE didn’t honor their contract. We are now stuck with a deductible out of pocket. I emailed AKE several times before leaving a review to give them a chance to make it right, but no one ever responded. Just wanted people to be aware.

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Lori | Milton, Florida | 01/05/2022

Not happy with solar

I had AKE install 32 solar panels, my house is 1746sf and I have an in ground pool. Install was in March my first 2 months were $20.70, which was great I thought money well spent, but my bill is now $122.00 plus very month after. I spoke with an gentleman who came by my house to see how I like my solar when I started telling him, he apologized and was gone. Then I spoke with a gentleman over the phone and he said that the salesperson missed quoted me on how many panels where needed for my house. So, I have spent $42000.00 on panels and have payments for the next 25 years. I really regret buying.

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