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ashernation | Sun City, Arizona | 07/06/2018

Happy Camper with Solar System!!!!

It's been a year since AEP installed our system. I'm sure glad they did because I'm paying only $35 on my APS bill for JUNE!!! Russ, the owner, conservatively estimated that my summer bill would be about $75 bucks with solar, which I was very excited about a year ago. Come to find out that he was way off. Paying $35 in June was a delightful surprise. Even my wife, who was skeptical, is glad that we invested in Solar. Since I financed this system, I decided to pay exactly what I would be paying without solar, but in 8 years, my loan will be paid off, and I will get to enjoy a much cheaper APS bill. If you live in AZ, I would highly recommend anyone to invest in solar panels because APS or SRP is only going to raise their rates. Solar is a great way to hedge against rising energy cost. There are may reputable solar companies in the valley. I would highly recommend giving Russ an opportunity to quote your system. He uses state-of-the-art solar panels that other competitors didn't use. Installation was very professional as well. They do not hire out their installers. They have their own dedicated installers who even painted the conduit tubes to match my house. Finally, please beware of using the solar companies that knock on your door to gain your business. Many of them are rip-offs. Go with a trust worthy company that has been around for a while.

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Steve Cifone | Mesa, AZ | 11/16/2021

Defective panel

I have a defective panel that is producing less than the other 2 panels in the row. All of the other panels are all producing overall the same amount of panel on the grid except this one. We have been going back and forth trying to get the panel replaced since the end of September. We are now getting the run around. I would not recommend this group for their lack of support after the product has been installed.. We are paying a chuck of change on this and would would want all panels to give you the same amount. Just stand behind the installation work, product and manufacture.

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Rebecca | Mesa, AZ | 10/17/2021

Horrible company

Horrible experience. We paid almost 90,000 to have 70 panels installed. The system hasn't worked well from day one. They don't monitor your panels like most companies. They ignored our concerns for over 2 months that the system wasn't producing what they told us. Finally sent someone out who told us the instal was done wrong and water was pouring into the inverter box when it rained. Over 2 months has passed again without it being fixed. Instead of fixing the issue they created they are arguing with Enphase because supposedly water getting in the box wouldn't cause the issue and it must just be defective parts. We are almost 5 months in to having Solar panels. We are paying our regular power bill on top of the payments for the panels, on top of the fees from SRP for being 'connected' to Solar. They don't return calls or emails. They straight up tell me they will call back in 30 min or they will email me the next day with an update, and don't. It's been next to impossible to get a hold of the one person who is supposedly working tirelessly on our case and when we do, she tells us whatever we want to hear and goes back to ignoring us. I am at the end of my rope and hemorrhaging money.

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Very Unhappy Customer | Glendale, Arizona | 07/31/2020

This is the worst service company I have ever experienced they c

This is the worst service company I've ever dealt with they will not return your calls they will not handle the problems at hand.

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Solar69 | Safford, Arizona | 05/11/2017


Super friendly, professional, impressive hard workers

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Billvxii | Wittmann, Arizona | 04/18/2017

Neat, clean job

The installer did a clean, neat job. Not one piece of anything left behind. He consulted with me on placements of every piece of equipment. <br />The owner, Russ, did the initial paperwork for the sale. He explainew each step and actually undersold actually over delivered on install and actual use dates. <br />APS had me up and running 10 days after the last county inspection. <br />The office staff were knowledgeable and answered every question. They even kept up on inspection results and APS connectuon. <br />Overall, I'd say it was the best company I've worked with in a long while.

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Pat M | Scottsdale, Arizona | 04/08/2016

17.6 KW System - perfect 1st time

These guys are great from sales thru installation, Attention to aesthetic needs without hassle and no adjustments were necessary once APS did their thing - worked right off the bat. System currently delivers what they said it would as promised. GOOD JOB - Pat Miletti

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Doc_aka_Rich | Surprise, Arizona | 02/26/2015

My AZ Ground Mount System

First off, be it known that Arizona Energy Pros installed a system for me that Solar City actually refused to contract. Lacking south facing roof space but with enormous available backyard area, Solar City refused to contract a south facing ground mounted system. Arizona Energy Pros stepped up, contracted, and installed the system I wanted. With numerous approval questions (county, city, and power company), Arizona Energy Pros flexibly worked with me, through a particularly difficult approval process. Ultimately, I have exactly the system I envisioned installed and running. Their entire crew had the professionalism (and tenacity) to turn numerous challenges to successful completion.

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tilley | Tempe, Arizona | 02/10/2015

Solar panel installation

We watched David on Sonoran Living and liked what we heard. Our thoughts were to be more environmentally responsible and as seniors to lower our energy costs into the future. We were very pleased with the process from sale to installation. <br />Paul Springs

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Zues | Queen Creek, Arizona | 02/05/2015

8.160 KW solar system

Arizona Energy Pros installed a system on our house last year. From the first time we talked with their Consultant our experience working with them was excellent. The work was performed way faster than we thought it would be, the only hold up was with the power company as we had been told it would be. We have not had any problems with the system up to date. Really like our system and the people we worked with installing it.

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Blackpit337 | Peoria, Arizona | 08/24/2013

My 8.425kW solar system

Arizona Energy Pros just installed a 8.415kW system on my house. The process was smoother than I could have imagined. The installers and office staff were very knowledgable and walked us through every step. We also had them do an energy audit and seal our air conditioning ducts, add insulation in our attic, and install sunscreens. I highly recommend this company to anyone!!!!

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Reply from Blackpit337: Give this company a chance. You won't regret it!!!

ADROCK | 03/12/2013

Great Job with my installation

Thank you Arizona Energy Pros. For installing my 9k system on my home.Very happy to see my savings over 200 dollars during the summer and 100+ during the winter. My 20k investment is making me more money than what I had it making for me with a CD....It's a investment worth exploring for your future customers.

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Reply from ADROCK: Great consulting staff with GREAT knowledge of the business

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