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Francis T. Makowski | Deland, Florida | 04/08/2023

Professional, cordial, successful and timely

I recently had a my Duke Energy electricity supply re-routed from an overhead line to an underground line. Solar Source assisted Duke Energy on this swap, because it was the necessary prelude to Solar Source installing solar panels on the roof of my house. In the process, Solar Source's Engineer, Shawn Workman, was most cordial and thoroughly professional. Before mounting the solar panels, Solar Source installed a new roof on my house. Their crews were on schedule; they worked efficiently, and their results met or exceeded all of my expectations. Field Supervisor, Cassidy Richter, exhibited the same fine qualities as Shawn Workman. So did Ben Piper, Solar Source’s Residential Sales Director, with whom I contracted the work. The high calibre of Solar Source’s personnel was a prime factor in the successful and timely completion of my project.

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Judastasio | Sarasota, Florida | 06/29/2022

Expectations met. Efficient, as expected, no surprises as expected.

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Mark Brandt | Dunedin, Florida | 02/15/2023

Additional solar Panels

Solar Source added 12 panels to the 20 we already had. They did a professional job. The new panels are producing 20kw+ on a daily basis. There is one small niggling problem with one of the screens on the enphase site which shows daily output. It appears that this minor issue is the responsibility of Enphase, not Solar Source.

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Mary | Sarasota, Florida | 01/19/2023

Excellent Customer Service

Our sales rep, Bryan was experienced and helpful. He, along with the installers and technicians, were prompt and responsive to our specific needs.

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April RR | Orlando, Florida | 01/12/2023

We can swim year round now!

We've had a wonderful experience! We now swim year round in our pool. It's still a bit chilly in January (the sun can only do so much through our screen) but it has increased our swimming to almost every day of the year. With 2 kids under 10, this has been amazing for wearing them out. We finally make bed time happen...On Time! I would highly recommend. Work with David Spanier if you can. He streamlined the process for us and has since been really helpful anytime I had a question. (BTW, when I filled in the "panel" "system size" and "inverter" below I'm just putting in what's written on the side of my pool pump info area. That might not be the correct info (But that's what I have David for!). I haven't had any issues with any of the equipment.

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Abby Bolt | Clermont, Florida | 01/09/2023

My sales rep, David, was great to work with. He was very attentive and their team installed our solar panels very quickly. I would highly recommend Solar Source!

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A Stark | Orlando, Florida | 11/01/2022

Fixed Orange County Permitting Mess from other solar company

Solar Source helped us fix the gigantic mess we had with Orange County because our original installer, Sunlight Solar, never got the electrical permitting finalized. We had no idea there were 2 permits with the county. This is because they would never have passed, our electric panel box was too undersized to handle the Solar addition, and Sunlight Solar only added 2 breakers to the panel. When the Orange County Electrical Inspector came out, he said there's no way it would have passed, our electric panel was undersized for the new load, and we had to spend thousands of dollars fixing the mess Sunlight Solar made, including upgrading our entire electrical panel to a much higher amperage. That's not counting the nearly dozen solar optimizers, and THREE solar inverters that went bad. Beware who you get to install your solar, and CHECK YOUR PERMITS WITH THE COUNTY to verify they are completed and passed inspections! We didn't know, and boy did we pay for it. Solar Source has been professional and helpful with the entire electrical repair process. Shawn Workman is a phenomenal electrician, and bent over backwards to make our electrical system repair easier (it was not easy, since the new panel was much larger than the original). The company is incredibly busy, and one of the few who work with SolarEdge inverter systems, so this was no quick fix, but it's worth the wait to get things done right. We would definitely recommend them.

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Erik | Orlando, Florida | 10/22/2022

10/2022: Just had an 11.6kW system installed in Orlando by Solar Source. They were not the most competitive price but I am happy I chose them. Like all large, expensive projects there were hiccups along the way but Solar Source was always on top of it. Mustafa was my sales rep and he was great. Very knowledgeably. He constantly checked in with me throughout the process and was available 24/7 it seemed. Once my system was installed I called with a question about the app, the service dept took my call right away and fixed everything within the hour. From my experience they are very responsive and customer focused. Process took 3 months but much of that was waiting on specific panels they were nice enough to special order for me. Overall I highly recommend Solar Source. If I ever move or need more panels I will definitely be using them again.

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David W | Orlando, Florida | 10/21/2022

Absolutely Terrific Service

These guys are simply amazing! I worked mostly with Mustafa and Cassidy from Solar Source. Right from the very beginning, communication with them and the company was top-notch. I always got a swift response to emails, phone calls, and texts. My installation was very complex, as it was an upgrade to an existing system, doubled the size of the array, added two new inverters, two batteries, an EV charger, and enabled enhanced system monitoring. The team did an amazing job and I was always kept well-informed of their progress on the installation and configuration. The complexity of my system made it so that the team had to come out to my home numerous times and work collaboratively with the manufacturer on my equipment to get it all working exactly the way I was looking for. They were always a pleasure to work with, and even let me know when they detected issues and came out to service the system without me even having to initiate! Our system was put in just before hurricane Ian came through. The storm damaged two of the panels, and the company came out to replace the damaged panels first thing on the Monday morning following the storm. No questions asked, no issues or challenges, they simply came and took care of it! Solar Source offers truly amazing service, which is remarkable in this day and age. I could not be happier!

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Doris | Deltona, Florida | 08/25/2022

Extremely happy with solar source

Wonderful workmanship, very professional and helpful with everything. Job was done and looks great.

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Kyle | Longwood, Florida | 08/16/2022


This company has been great from the start. Everything has been seamless. I have been so impressed at the quality and customer service I even referred them to install a system at my in-laws. I highly recommend Solar Source.

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Michael H | Winter Springs, Florida | 08/10/2022

10 year PV customer with two installations

I purchased my first set 22 panel PV Solar system (Enphase) from Nick Arcenaux and David Spanier in 2012 (back then the company was called Superior Solar). The entire process from getting a quote, answering all of our questions, purchasing and installing was very professional. Before we went with them I was able to see another companies work in my neighborhood and geez was it ugly. The install at my house looks amazing, everything is water tight, no wires hanging around, the tie into the meter is flawless, and they even spent additional time to route through the attic so that it wouldn’t interfere with my storage space. Over the years since 2012 I have had over 18 service calls. Most were to replace faulty Enphase inverters at no cost to me (covered by warranty). Solar Source made the process easy, just called to report a problem, they confirmed it within seconds, they submit a warrant claim and call you back to schedule a service appointment once the part is received (if they don’t have it already). You can tell they want your solar system to get back to 100% as much as you do. In most cases I didn’t even need to be home for the service appointment since everything is outside which is great. In addition to warranty service calls, I also had Solar Source handle the panels when I needed the shingles on my roof to be replaced. They removed the panels, placed them in my garage and then re-installed them once the roof was completed. I trust Solar Source, I recommend Solar Source to my neighbors, friends and family, I even tell sales people from other solar companies that knock on my door (Yes they still do) about Solar Source. I have shown others in my area my install at my house. This is why I purchased a second system (Solar Edge) of 20 panels in 2020. Now I am net zero. With this new system I did have to get the inverter replaced, which I followed the previously mentioned process and just like that, a 30 minute swap out fixed my issue. No cost to me. It’s great to know they are there for the customer well after your purchase, year after year, and not going anywhere. Thanks Solar Source!

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Founded in 1984, Solar Source is a licensed solar contractor specializing in residential and commercial projects. The Solar Source legacy has been trusted by over 60,000 clients since its inception, making Solar Source Florida's most recommended solar company by roofers, builders, and homeowners. These honors were achieved through a steadfast commitment to top-quality products, exceptional service, and reliable support.

Our unwavering commitment to quality solar energy solutions and best-in-class service set us apart. Whether you are harvesting solar energy for your home or your business, Solar Source offers optimal solar solutions to ensure you are saving green... both in the environment and in your wallet.

With our decades of experience, Solar Source will help you save money and bring you a new, hassle-free way to go solar.

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