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Federal ITC 30% (tax credit)

State tax credit: No

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There can be solar tax credits and incentives available at the federal, state and local levels. The calculator above will show you the value of all incentives your home is eligible for.

Summary of Nebraska solar incentives 2024

If you live in the Lincoln and Omaha areas, here’s some good news. Your utility company allows net metering to give you credits for sending your solar power back into the grid and make it pretty easy to interconnect.

However, without stronger rules protecting that net billing arrangement, the current climate could shift and homeowners who want to install solar could be S.O.L.

Nebraska is a beautiful state with lots of natural bounty to protect. But when even residents of one of the state’s most forward-thinking cities have shown tepid interest in supporting solar, where is the legislature, which with a few simple laws can spark a solar revolution in Nebraska like we’ve seen in other states?

Read on to explore the entire savings, policy, and incentive picture for home solar panel installation in Nebraska.

On this page, you can:

  1. Learn what solar incentives are available to Nebraska homeowners

  2. See what Nebraska solar incentives you qualify for based on your utility company and city

  3. Find out how much these incentives and/or Nebraska solar tax credits will reduce your cost to go solar and add batteries

Federal solar investment tax credit

The federal solar investment tax credit will have the biggest impact on the cost you will face to go solar in Nebraska

If you install your photovoltaic system before the end of 2032, the federal tax credit is 30% of the cost of your solar panel system. This is 30% off the entire cost of the system including equipment, labor, and permitting.

Example: If your solar energy system costs $20,000, your federal solar tax credit would be $20,000 x 30% = $6,000.

The federal tax credit falls to 26% starting in 2033.

Net energy metering in Nebraska

With net metering in some states, you get full retail rate credit for the amount of electricity you send back into the grid with your solar panels.

Net Metering requires your utility to monitor how much energy your solar power system produces and how much energy you actually consume to make sure you get credit for the surplus.

Nebraska requires all electric utilities to offer something called "net metering," but it doesn't meet the full definition of the term. All monthly surplus energy production (also called "net excess generation, or NEG") is applied as a credit to your next bill at whatever the utility decides is fair. Net metering is available for all solar power systems up to 25 kW in capacity on a first-come first-serve basis until net-metered systems reach a total of 1% of a utility’s peak electricity demand during the previous year.

Unfortunately, that leaves Nebraskans without a clear picture of how much they can save with solar. NEG varies from month to month, and is usually high in the summer and non-existent in the winter. In a state with full net metering, that ebb-and-flow allows you to size your solar system to meet your full annual usage and simply save credit for the excess until you need it. In Nebraska, you've got to size your system just right to be economical.

Luckily, the experts at system sizing are the installers we know. If you're in Lincoln, Omaha, or anywhere else, connect with solar installers near you to see how much you could save with solar!

Nebraska solar rebates

While Nebraska does not have a dedicated state rebate for solar panel installation, some manufacturers offer their own solar rebates. These programs are usually time sensitive. 

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