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Latest good review thumbs up

O Henry | Houston, Texas | 11/30/2023

I did a lot of research on several solar companies before deciding on ADT Solar for the following reasons: pricing, quality products, 25-yr warranty and maintenance service. Additionally ADT Solar bought SunPro which is a stellar name in the solar industry.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Mia H | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | 11/29/2023

Still waiting to have panels taken off so roof can be replaced

We had to wait almost 8 months in order to get our system up and going. My electric bill has only gone down about $20 so all of the savings they promised was a lie. Due to hail damaged we received in July 2023, we need to have the panels removed so we can get a new roof. We opened a case at the end of August 2023 and on September 7th 2023 I had to send them a check for about $2,500 so they can get the permit process started. It is now almost December and we are being told they are pulling out of the Oklahoma market. We are trying to get a refund from them so that we can hire someone else to remove them so we can get the roof replaced but they are telling us if we do that, it will void our warranty. They're probably been 30 calls made to their customer service. No one ever calls us back and every time we get a project manager, the next time we call they no longer work there. Because it took so long to get them installed and inspected, it's too late to cancel the contract even though the system is not performing as promised. I really believed ADT to be an upstanding company but obviously I was mistaken. I'm unsure what's going to have to happen at this point because my homeowners insurance is questioning why the roof replacement has not been done.

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Solar Life | San Tan Valley, Arizona | 11/29/2023

Truly an amazing experience. The team was super organized, quick and thorough. I was informed from start to finish what was happening, how things were proceeding and given a final walk through of my system so I fully understood how it worked. ADT solar did an awesome job!

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Heidi | Fort Myers, Florida | 11/18/2023

Don’t do it!!!

Beware of the empty promises. We put 100,000.00 into Solar to ensure no power bill. They promised we would have enough Solar to not have a power bill on top of the Solar payments. I up front told them I could not afford both. I now have a 500.00 per month Solar bill for 25 years and electric bill of 200.00 per month. Prior to Solar my largest bill was 420.00 per month. They said I’m using more power. No. We definitely are not. Air hasn’t changed and nothing else changed. I can’t seem to get response. My Tesla battery was installed but not connected for 5 months. To gain response to that I had to complain on better business bureaus. Sure enough it was never installed correctly. Now they fixed that and I swear panels disconnected. No one has been out to help me and I’m in a situation of needing another job to pay for this crappy system. Don’t go Solar!! You aren’t helping the planet. Trust me.

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Phillip Morgan | Statesboro, Georgia | 11/13/2023

Has not worked as promised in nearly 2 years

I should've canceled when we first started having problems and delays during the initial install! Once the panels were installed it took months to get the system inspected, permitted, then approved so that the system could be turned on. I convinced my wife to wait until the system was active and to give it a chance and boy was I an idiot for doing so! By the time everything was up an running our 6 month cancelation period had passed. Not even 2 months later half the system went down and it wasn't producing any power. After we discovered the problem we contacted the company and were told that a team of technicians would come out to look at the system. That team of technicians didn't come out until nearly 3 months later. We were told that something was done incorrectly during the install that wasn't caught by the final inspection. By this time SunPro Solar had been bought up by ADT and became ADT Solar. The company paid $1000 to GA Power to compensate for this failure on their part and we thought we were finally good to go. We were sorely mistaken as we came to find out that our system was not giving us the returns we were promised for the investment. It was supposed to reduce our GA Power bill by at least $200 a month instead our power bills were still $260-$360 a month and we were now paying for the solar loan. Then came the next shock, our solar loan bill jumped by an extra $100 a month! The Sales rep neglected to mention that we needed to pay the finance company almost $25k by a certain date or our bill would go up! This was supposed to be explained during the initial contract discussion and it wasn't! We never received the "welcome call" from the finance company that was supposed to explain all this. Now I am stuck with 2 large bills that the solar "savings" was supposed to offset. No power company savings and another $368 bill for a useless Solar system. We have made numerous complaints to ADT Solar and either get a run around or promised a call back and no one ever calls back. We were promised a review back in March of this year and sent ADT Solar all of our power bills for the last year and got ZERO response. We followed up back in August and sent them the power bills from March to August and were again told our system was under review. Still no response from the company assigned rep! Now something happened to our system and half my home is without power. The half that is backed up by the solar does not work! The half of my home that is not "protected" by the solar backup and is just powered by GA POWER works just fine. When I called today I was given a ticket# and told that a technician would contact me. With my experience in how poor the customer service is I am not holding my breath for a quick response. I wish I could cancel my contract that I am now stuck with and I am far beyond dissatisfied with this company. I will tell anyone and everyone to run far far away from any dealings with ADT Solar!

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Pedro Uztariz | Bourbonnais, Illinois | 11/09/2023

Not satisfied

Took forever to have the system installed: Over 2 months beyond what was estimated, the system ADT sells is more expensive than the average, but I still went for ADT as they are a known company and not the typical firm that goes out of business and leave you stranded. Once installed, it took forever for them to stop by and inspect the installation, almost one more month later. Then, I had to wait more time until the utility company gave the final permission to start the system. I received an email with instructions to activate the system and download the monitoring software: OH surprise! Not working, not generating 1 watt and the day when I have to start paying the solar panel loan is approaching quickly. After calling and sending many messages to get ADT Solar at my house and fix the problem, they hldid not show up! To summarize: my advice to everyone, I totally regret having signed a contract with ADT Solar, stay away from ADT Solar!!!

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Joe S. | Tifton, Georgia | 11/09/2023


Stay away. Got the solar panels installed 2 months ago. Cant get the system activated. Every call to customer service is a different answer and the promise me that some one will call, o one calls. Reported to better business bureau for a false sales pitch, finally got a response, corrected the issue, now been trying to get system activated no response. Local sales manager gave me his cell phone, doesn't answer texts to get some one to activate. STAY AWAY awful customer service. Once your installed they don't care, they got their money. Better business bureau contacted again. ridiculous.

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Ronald Quick | Wylie, Texas | 11/06/2023


Half my panels have been out for over six weeks, I have made numerous calls requesting service with no response. Every time I call they promise someone will call back with service. No call back.

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Gregg M. | Tolono, Illinois | 11/03/2023

An Excellent Decision!

By in large the experience was great! There were some minor bumps in the road after the point of sale but I must say, the Sales process was top-notch. I worked with a gentleman by the name of Nicky Theis. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable and experienced but he made sure my needs were met in every way. He gave e all the options and made sure that I would be able to achieve 100+ percent off-set. This mean I will pay nothing for electric to my supplier. Although there were a few gaps post-sale, he stepped in and gave me all the necessary information when my account executive could or would not. Nicky is the definition of full service and he has lots of clients, so his ability to juggle those that are both somewhat to very needy was impressive. Nicky is a credit to the solar industry and without a doubt the brightest star of the ADT corporation. The installment process was also impressive. It was done in one day and was executed with near perfection. Nicky mad sure to follow-up with me to make sure my installation went smoothly. I highly recommend ADT as a company but mostly because of Nicky's outstanding Sales & customer service prowess. If you are thinking about Solar and live in the Central IL area, choose ADT and ask for Nicky T.

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InsuranceScam | Troy, Missouri | 10/26/2023

Insurance Scam or worse

Contacted ADT Solar to have the solar panels removed and replaced because my roof needed to be replaced in an unincorporated county within 60 days. It had to be done in 60 days or the insurance would not pay out. This was discussed with the first person on the phone in early August. That was the best part of the experience with ADT Solar. From there it was AWFUL. I was passed from department to department. Had to have CAD drawings done that raised the estimate for the insurance (Yes, this was for a removal and replacement in the exact same location). Then they had to call for permits, which they had been told that I lived in an area that was unincorporated and didn't need them. I had to follow up on everything, because there was no communication. The absolute worst was Marcos Cocom. He was not able to complete any task or communicate anything. On re-install, he asked if he needed to get permits. Yes, I lost money to the insurance company on this, because of ADT Solar's lack of process and procedure. You should have the original CAD drawings from the original install. The house hasn't changed in 2 years. If it had, I would understand new drawings, but it hadn't. This was clearly to run up the bill. That was the scam part of the process. On the re-install, I replied to the text message that Marcos sent and SURPRISE, no reply. SO, I called the toll free number. No response from anyone. So, I emailed everyone that I had talked to over the previous time on the removal process. Here comes Marcos again. Marcos said, the toll free number doesn't work, but I talked to someone from ADT Solar??? Oh and he got my text message. After two more emails asking about when it would be re-installed, the installers finally contact me and it is re-installed in a week. This was an awful mess. Don't worry, you only cost me $9000

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unsupported customer | Gainesville, Georgia | 10/23/2023

Service and Communication are lacking

I bought this system 6 months ago and they still have not turned the system on, they have no commination to the customer after they get your money. Do not pay them before the panels are installed, as you will never see them again and they will not let you know the status of the system, instead you must call them and plead to get you system turned on. This was a lot of money and they refuse to communicate or turn the thing on.

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John | Grand Isle, Louisiana | 10/18/2023

Still waiting

I purchased a monitor for my solar panels because my old one went out. I paid for it in full and no one can till me when a technician will come out to install it. You cannot talk to a supervisor or to the local office all you is call centers in who knows where. I really need this monitor because as of two months ago my sales back to Entergy has gone to nothing. So this is costing me money. ADT customer service is a joke.

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ADT Solar has a proven history and reputation for providing quality service and was ranked #2 for 2021 Solar Power World Magazine's Top Solar Rooftop Contractors nationwide.

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