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Updated: 25 October 2022

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Satisfied in Coupeville | Oak Harbor, Washington | 10/26/2022

Whidbey Sun and Wind did a fantastic job

Our garage/office space was new construction and broke ground just a bit before COVID hit. WSW installed solar panels, inverter, battery, and ran circuits to the separate house. They also wired the new building. I can't complement them enough as to how they navigated crazy supply chains, uncertainty with the builders, and working with us to keep us informed about what was going on. I especially appreciate that they used the long installation time to find solutions to our high load amps when the well pump kicked in. Paul and Golda and team kept up to date on the new technologies and were able to source a newly released higher capacity inverter to do the job. The time also allowed us to get a slightly larger battery for the same money because costs kept coming down and technology going up. Can't recommend them enough.

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Jay Solverson | Greenbank, Washington | 08/02/2022

Terrible Service

Let me start by saying this is only the second review on a company I have ever submitted. The first was a siding replacement project where the contractor was so amazing and this one of a complete opposite experience. Our contract was signed in early June 2021 with an estimated completion of October 2021. THE PROJECT WASNT COMPLETED UNTIL May 2022! I have never seen so much finger pointing and excuses in my life. I was told that the batteries set for my job were used on another and now were unavailable. I actually inquired about cancelling at this point and was told I would be responsible for charges and their time to date. Keep in mind you pay over half the cost of the job upfront so they have you over a barrel. They didn't have the correct electrical panel so I had to settle with a panel three times the size needed that shows right in the bedroom. Oh, read your contract they are not responsible for drywall damage. They tracked so much mud across the carpet coming in and out with no regard. I guess my new inverter was faulty so they "trouble shot" many while leaving me without power for the day. We were often out of town and were given dates we needed to be here for inspections and such only to change the day of while blaming PSE and or everyone else. Then when they needed access I was forced to give access to our home while not being there and they felt it was also ok to give access to inspectors and such without my permission nor being there themselves. A very poorly run company with no regard for its customers. The responses I received from my complaints were the most condescending, rude, and arrogant responses that I dont even understand how a company run like this can stay in business. This is our second solar system and we chose them even though they were more expensive than other bids based on false promises of excellent workmanship and service; buyer beware.

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Mark | Clinton, Washington | 10/25/2022

Excellent project planing and execution

The project of installing solar on my roof was professionally planed, handled and executed. Terrific job.

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Jim Day | Clinton, Washington | 09/29/2022

Extremely Knowledgable, Professional Solar Installers

Whidbey Sun & Wind (WSW) did a terrific job on the install of 9.5 KW on our custom home. Our roof was 20+ years old and they worked with us to provide our roofers with all the panel posts in advance. Each phase of the project went smoothly and they even helped with referrals to Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union (PSCCU) so we could get excellent rates on the solar install as well as a percentage of the roof that was underneath the panels. All of which will give us a tax credit this year. I also had a Seattle group that advertises heavily for a quote and they were substantially more, plus they pushed for a lease where they kept the tax credits...so glad I worked with WSW.

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David | Freeland, Washington | 09/27/2022

Honest and first rate

This was our second system they have installed. They take the time to explain all the options so you understand what to expect and what not to expect. There was no pressure to buy and both systems perform as expected. A very pleasant experience overall.

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Caleb | Langley, Washington | 09/27/2022

Professional and careful

I'm very pleased with the expertise and professionalism Whidbey Sun & Wind showed. They made the best use of our roof layout and took the time to explain everything very thoroughly. Highly recommend!

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Geoff | Freeland, Washington | 07/29/2022

Trusted partner

I had a 8 kWp PV system installed with a backup system of two 10 kWh batteries and an interconnected EV charger. The team did a great job, working through terrible spring (windy/rainy) weather. Paul has been fantastic troubleshooting some technical/firmware issues. Overall, a hardworking, honest, and very proficient team who I feel confident working with for the long term.

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Noah Landau | Coupeville, Washington | 07/25/2022

Excellent experience

Paul and his crew were considerate, respectful and they cleaned up after themselves. WS&W delivered what was promised and worked well with the roofer on our project. I highly recommend WS&W.

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Holmberg | Greenbank, Washington | 05/02/2022

Due to trees, my site wasn't ideal for solar, but decided to go forward with a system. Quote process was honest and straightforward. Install was efficient and done with pride in workmanship. System seems to be operating above expectation.

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Bruce Gordon | Oak Harbor, Washington | 12/22/2021


Great design for our specific needs and site. Great communication and coordination. Great installation with special consideration for our tile roof. Great system based on high quality panels made in Washington. Great people (competent, committed, skilled, and genuinely friendly) On top of this, they're local and competitively priced! What could I not recommend about this company??

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R Dalton | Anacortes, Washington | 12/14/2021

New solar system for our home in Anacortes, WA.

All staff at Whidbey Sun & Wind were both professional and great to deal with. They did exactly what they said and represented in their proposal for our 8.74kw system that was installed on our house.

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Dalmeida | Coupeville, Washington | 07/07/2021

Excellent Service and High Quality Installation

The entire process went smoothly and professionally from the analysis/system bid,to the installation and finally the system commissioning.

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Whidbey Sun & Wind, established in 2000, is one of the most experienced renewable energy companies in the Pacific Northwest, providing a broad range of renewable energy system solutions to our neighbors in the northern Puget Sound region. Renewable energy is our only business, so we are able to provide the best solutions and support for our customers. Because we've been at this a long time, and use the equipment that we provide every day, we understand the technology, its benefits, and its limitations. Our goal is to create a cleaner, sustainable future by helping people understand and use renewable energy. Whidbey Sun & Wind's crew include NABCEP certified Solar PV Installers. NABCEP (The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) is the national certification organization for professional installers in the field of renewable energy, offering certifications and certificate programs to renewable energy professionals throughout North America.

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