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Latest good review thumbs up

Anna kelley | Denver, Colorado | 09/12/2022

Great residential solar company!

- online portal - check your meter from your phone - great communication - solid individual support - trustworthy contractors - delivered on time - Quick work if HOA and permits with no hassle for me. Over all, solid experience with this company! Plus we are 7 months into having solar and our bill is still less than 1/2 of what it was before!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Texas | La Porte, Texas | 11/29/2022

Does anyone know of a legal way to cancel your contract?

I signed up for solar panels and a generator. They installed the solar panels on 7/25/22 and didn't install the generator. Its 11/29/22 and still no generator and my solar panels still have not been inspected and not in use. I have made my forth payment. Titan Solar will not return emails or phone calls. my email is kmike30@yahoo.com

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daveyusa1 | Henderson, Nevada | 11/27/2022

very bad experience

started the process in april, finally turned on nov 16. failed inspection twice; solar inverter failed, 3 weeks to replace. lots wrong with this company. installer did not follow approved plan because it was easier to put all the panels on east roof, none on south roof. also failed for 2 other reasons. i insisted i wanted panels on south roof, that took 3 weeks. 2nd inspection failed because one of the failures was not corrected because the tech didnt consider it a failure. the inspector still considered it a failure so tech fixed it after second failure. inverter failed upon turn on. took 2 weeks of me calling almost every day to get someone to respond. tech stated inverter need to be replaced. took another tech to come out and agree replacement needed, another 2 weeks. took another 2 weeks to get it replaced with me calling almost every day. calling in almost always requires a 20 minute wait for someone to answer. i will add more, enough for now. I challenge Titan to dispute anything i state. i have text messages, emails, and recorded phone conversations to substantiate my description.

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Jeff | Clintwood, Virginia | 11/26/2022

Jeff from VA

My solar panels were installed in August 2022. During the insulation the installer informed me that everything was complete and ready to go except the WiFi antenna was not working and another one was needed to go above the roof to receive a signal. That was almost 4 months ago. So now I am still paying my regular monthly electric bill, and also paying my bill from the loan company which is now triple when combined. I am retired and on a fixed income so that is taking away money from my family that we need for food and medical. I have contacted Titan and they say someone will be there next week to fix it, that was in October, still no communication from them and no working solar. Not to good for a company to take advantage of elderly people like that.

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Ric | Springtown, Texas | 11/14/2022

Do Not use

As of 9/4/2022, Solar panels have stopped working. Cooler weather and A/C not running as much but, my electric use is similar to what it was before the solar. Added a pic., 5 PM full sun on the panels and only getting 1.6 Kw. 8/26, I still have a trench open ( looks as I will have to fill it in), hole and poor repair to my soffit from electrical work, insulation messed up in the attic and they still owe me 750.00 for my sprinkler company. My original cost was 45700.00 but, my sales person informed me that Generac Power Cells come with a generator for 2022. I have text, you can go to Generac site and see they come with a generator and paid another 28000.00 for it. Titan is saying I don't get a generator. The power cell can be bought for 4000.00 w/o generator by a consumer so, thats 24000.00 extra, thats the cost and price for insulation for both items. Well, Titan was supposed to call Fri 8/25 and no call. Tried calling the 2 contact numbers and go to voice mail. I can never get a hold of someone. All Titan cares about is getting your money and they then ignore you. 8/15,0n 8/03/2022 Titan crew took the pics for the electric company that have to be sent in for approval to turn on solar. As of 8/15/ 2022, they have not sent the pics in. This company is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!So on 8/5/2022 Titan again no communication.They sent a crew out to inspect the dry wall they had to cut out to repair the wiring they messed up. My wife called me at work and asked if I knew they were coming out today and as usual, no calls or emails . My wife has COVID and was not feeling well so, they left. Titan will never change. No communication w/ customers or their employees. So, 8/1/2022 received a call from my wife and the new crew out today said that the system was installed wrong for what we are supposed to have. I am supposed to have solar and a Generac power cell w/ a generator that runs the whole house if we loose power or to many cloudy days or not enough power was generated on day 1 or 2 of the new month. See the following for the other horrible experiences. See my wife's review w/ pics. ( live in a COOP so, they start at zero on day 1) Don't walk, RUN from this company!!! Horrible experience!! Do not use!! I should of trusted my gut instinct after reading their reviews but, my salesman informed me that there would be no issues. So wrong!! Problems since day 1!! Very poor communication between company and consumer. Titan even has poor communication with the crews they are sending. It's sad that the crew has to ask the customer on what is being done. The company does not look at the photos the consumer and the surveyor submit and even when the consumer says there is a propane line. The crew could not finish on the first day because of seeing the propane line that was mentioned months before. They were supposed to start in June and they did not even ask for an extension from Tri County ( The sad thing is, I had to point out my contract w/ Tri County was going to be cancelled). They have destroyed my sprinklers and they are doing nothing about it. They screwed up the outlets to the garage and out side ( very slow on repairing). They have destroyed my yard and have not been at my house since 7/8/2022. I have not heard when the job will be done. They also informed my sales person that they will not be installing the generator that is in the contract. I had 3 neighbors who really like the system I was getting but, after seeing and hearing how horrible this has been going, they will not even talk w/ my sales person. I was informed by 2 of my neighbors , that another company that came out to talk with them are using Titan's reviews and my circumstance to show why they should not use Titan.

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Charles | Pecos, New Mexico | 11/10/2022

Not going well

Good evening I have contracted with L Travis McIntire in nm For a solar system at my house Titan solar is the contractor is what I have been told Initially everything went well Now……. Now Not so much !!!!! Various emails have gone answered and Phone calls have not been returned From anyone at Titan Long story short A change to original plans taking Out the Tesla battery (due to it not being Available) has delayed the project for over 60 days Nothing is happening No one is calling me back And Money is being taken out of my checking acct Please help This is turning out to be A nightmare and more importantly It’s not acceptable any more Charles F Archuleta Dolores L Archuleta 505.610.3910

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Jim Cier | Beverly Hills, Florida | 10/27/2022

I wondered why my Duke Energy bills kept getting higher until I checked the usage website and found my solar panels stopped producing power midday on Sept. 17. It was bad enough that they constantly had excuses for installation delays and said Duke Energy fees would be reduced to $5 a month, while Duke Energy later said it was $30 a month. Now I find out that they are using faulty equipment and are avoiding repairs. It is, also, very difficult to contact anyone for repairs. If someone is starting a class action suit against Titan Solar and their cronies I would like to join to get out from under this bill.

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Kevin S | Pflugerville, Texas | 10/26/2022

Worst Solar Installation and Maintenance Experience

Working with Titan Solar for the installation and maintenance of my solar panel system has been an absolutely horrendous experience. The permitting process was handled in a cookie-cutter fashion, which left my process in limbo because Titan was waiting for permits to clear that my county doesn't actually perform. I contacted Titan multiple times to speak with their permit department, only to be told I had to leave a message because they were always unavailable (I never received a call back). After I manually worked to clear the remaining hurdles of the permit process I got clearance to turn on my system, only to immediately be hit with a series of errors on my system. When I scheduled a service technician visit the technician never called and never showed. The only recourse offered by Titan was to simply call again tomorrow and reschedule. This is the worst excuse for a company I've ever had the displeasure of working with, and would recommend any individual looking to install solar to avoid this company at all costs.

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MaryThomas | Albuquerque, New Mexico | 10/21/2022

I wish I had read their reviews online and the BBB for ABQ?

They have no project management , their employees are not skilled, their sales staff talk the talk, but that is all. Overall possibly the very worst contractor experience I have ever endured. Check their reviews and think twice before you sign the contract.

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Jeff Schooley | Kansas City, Missouri | 10/19/2022

Rip off - Company goes dark after receiving payment

We have had our system installed for months now. In early September Titan came out to do the inspection with the local jurisdiction. This resulted in a failed inspection due to Titan's installers installing the panels in a different array than what was on the plans. The Titan employee said it would only take a week to get another plan approved and that they would be out to get us operational. This has been over a month ago. I have tried several times to contact the company, but there is very little contact information on their website. And when I do finally receive an email response it is simple, you need another inspection we're working on it. If you look at the BBB's website you will see that many people have had similar problems. AVOID TITAN SOLAR at all costs.

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G.B. | Brandon, Florida | 10/19/2022

Titan Solar should be ashamed!

Titan Solar has taken advantage of my military veteran, senior father by convincing him he needs solar panels on his home. His home has not had central heat and air for the past 10 years. He uses 3 window units in the 3 rooms he "lives" in. When you walk up to the home you can see 1 of ac units and when you enter you see he is also a hoarder. His electric bill is set to $85 per month and he usually gets a credit at the end of the year, he does not need panels! My fathers short term memory is gone and has multiple health issues that I have been working with him on since March 2022. Titan sold him the panels in January 2022. When I found out about the panels in march 2022 I began reaching out to Titan. I have sent Titan Solar Power emails requesting a call and for them to remove the panels due to his dementia with no response. I have reached out to the BBB only to get that if he was not diagnosed before he signed the papers they are not at fault. There is no diagnosis as it is a symptom not a disease. I have requested all signed documents and still have yet get a response. I have a power of attorney to speak on my dad's behalf and he also understands things but his short term is pretty bad so it is hard from day to day. This company should be ashamed on what they have done and now I found out they have a financial statement against his home. I also found they are charging him $40.99 per month, not sure for what and they wont talk to me. I have tried to get legal help but this is not a case that will make an attorney any money and they say it will cost us thousands to fight! This company is after the next dollar and does not care who they get it from!

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Srinivas Maddali | Durham, North Carolina | 10/06/2022

Titan + Avolta Spolar Installation Services.

Very very bad. I am getting bills in $00 from Duke Energy and a charge from Goodleap (financers). I do not know how much the solar system provides and how much I consume. In the beginning, I did not get solar energy (there is any service from the solar panels) and GoodLeap started charging me, on being intervened my request, BBB interfered and Titan paid one month's charge made by Goodleap and now I get charged by 2 guys terribly. Goodleap as they have my Account details and Duke Energy for $000s the so-called consumption which is 2 times to our regular consumption. For our unless the sun is too hot and kids can be negatively impacted, general consumption the bill used to be < $100. They also promised me to trim the tree on Thu 8/25/2022 1:49 PM and yesterday (09/05/2022) a message was received saying that a tree trimming company approaches me. Their response is after I emailed them on the Enery Bill received from Duke Energy for $226+ on 10/2/2022. This is the company I am dealing with. I want them to de-install solar and liquidate my loan with Goodleap and restore the original Duke Energy services only. I can not take the tension of being a stroke survivor. I may have to approach BBB for help.

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