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DK | North Fort Myers, Florida | 06/16/2022

Amazing Company

My wife and I over the corse of a month in Cape Coral FL. received no less than 5 door knockers for solar which was kind of interesting in itself. We have had solar in the past and in fact have lived completely off the grid with a massive $200k system including 100 ground mounted panels, 48 battery’s, 30kw propane generator, inverters and controllers, 2k gallon propane tanks and absolutely loved the freedom of never dealing with the power company. Although it does have its challenges it was amazing saying good bye to the disgusting monopoly of the power company. I decided to sit down with three of the door knockers to hear there pitch and all I can say is holy molly high pressure sales tactics is an under statement in my own home, they would not take no for an answer and basically had to shoo them out of the house. I then proceeded to get three quotes from local companies via email so I did not have to deal with high pressure in home salesmen and they were comparable and look like great companies. A friend referred me to Titan and I got a quote from them over the phone and they were really to the point and matter of fact which I like, I loved there proposal and they were the only company that offered the 2.98 25 year, 5 year flex pay loan which will allow us to fully receive our federal rebate, not like the 18 months of all the other companies which I found out is a scam, you will not receive the full rebate in 18 months unless you make $100k plus a year and are expecting to receive that amount back in taxes. Titans price was a little higher because they were the only ones that offered the American made QCell 400 black on black panels we wanted and my sales guy easily matched the price of my local installers of lesser foreign made panels, did the Docusign and everything over the phone and three days later a Titan roof inspector showed up and a few weeks later four guys showed up and they had 32 panels installed and gone by 2pm. A week later the inspector showed up, approved the install, then a few days later the power company came out and swapped the meter and bam we were live and running. So grateful for going with Titan over the phone. They were professional and did everything as promised. As to all the bad reviews about this company we did not experience any of it as we only dealt with our sales rep and not Titan directly.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Jamie | Greensboro, North Carolina | 06/24/2022

Sorry company

Once they get your money and job completed you will never get them to do anything

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Lil | Denver, Colorado | 06/17/2022

Faulty equipment and bad customer service

Solar panels were installed in December 2022. In May 2022, the system went down. The Inverter had gone down, and a new one was ordered. No communication. After many phone calls we discovered the inverter had been shipped on 6/9/2022. It was finally installed on 6/16/2022, but not after we called to inquire as to when it was going to be installed. The inverter had been at the warehouse for 7 days. Today 6/17/2022 the system went down again. There is no one to call because no one ever answers the phone, and they don't get back to you in a timely manner. Their customer service is something to be desired. I believe that we were sold faulty equipment. It hasn't lived up to all the hype. If you are thinking about solar find another company.

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Jordan Sjostrom | Maysville, Missouri | 06/17/2022

Install remains imcomplete. Impossible to contact

Solar Panels took a few months to install the company didn't follow directions for install based on the assessment we were given. They are impossible to contact. 3 months later and the solar system is still not working as describe and no one will come out to fix it or even give a time or day when they will come out. They always just say "sorry, can't do that right now give us a couple of days" for months and months. Unacceptable.

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Titansucks | Austin, Texas | 06/14/2022

Predatory marketing, lies, misinformation, incompetence

Predatory marketing practices, lies, misinformation, incompetence. The lie: 1. Titan said I wasn't going to have to pay for the system until it was installed but they started billing me for the system when the installation was half way done. 2. I asked for a solar system that would allow me to run the AC in the event that the Texas power grid fails. The system that I was sold by the sales team is not able to do this according to the electrician responsible for installing the battery systems. Predatory Marketing practices: Installation date for the panels was moved up and was completed before I was told about the battery situation. Now that the panels are on the house, I'm no longer able to cancel the installation. This means that I either am stuck with an installation that won't do what I asked, or am forced to pay more money to get more batteries so that the AC unit can be powered. Incompetence: The electrician said that I need a whole home backup system to keep the AC powered ( which is what I asked for ) but in trying to communicate this to several different people at Titan, they have no idea what that means. Initially they thought that the main panel upgrade was what I was complaining about and informed me that it was already scheduled. No, the MPU and a battery are not the same thing. They made no effort to find a correct answer to my issue. They never reached out to me with any answers for my concerns. Despite me repeating the problem with the installation several times I had to be the one that initiated contact every single time ( with the exception of when I filed a BBB complaint and they got the answer to that wrong too). One person even went so far as to say that there is not a battery in existence that can power an AC unit and that it would take 5 or 6 of them to do it. This is false. Tesla has clear public facing documentation for AC units that can be powered by a single powerwall with some installations needing 2. Lennox also has tailor made installations for making sure that AC units remained powered in the event that the grid fails.

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Unsatisfied customer | Mesa, Arizona | 06/13/2022

Unacceptable ownership of THEIR chosen and installed products.

1 month now with a bad inverter (no solar generation), and hardly a peep from Titan on SOME status. Demand changes and KW use UP. No response from Titan other than a quick call stating they have to RMA the inverter, and of course "the supply chain" is the cause of all issues... Chose someone else if you're even considering Solar..

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Mitch B | Gladewater, Texas | 06/09/2022

Paying for solar panels and electric bill! Not what they said.

I got solar they Said it will replace my electric bill and I won't no the difference but now I'm still paying my electric bill and for panels.

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Chris Scull | Saint Petersburg, Florida | 05/14/2022


We have had solar for over one year now and it has been an absolute awful experience. Upon installation Titan solar forgot to turn on our system and gave no instruction as to what to look for to ensure the solar was working. Finally someone was sent out to turn on the system after about two months and during the first year the system has stopped working for various reasons twice. This would not be a problem if Titan customer service would actually answer phone calls and send out technicians to fix the system in a timely manner. I am currently on the fourth week with no solar so my electric bill will be increasing while I get to continue pay for 32 solar panels that are sitting on my roof doing nothing. Before you respond with send an email, I have. I have also called four times and have been ignored. Customer service for this company is atrocious and there are too many solar companies for anyone to get stuck with Titian solar like I currently am for the next ten years. Run!

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Steve Rogers | Loveland, Colorado | 05/06/2022

So far so good

Equipment looks good, installation good. It did take a very long time between permit review and design revision to meet permit review requirements (helix supports instead of concrete - doesn't sound like a big deal). Once design revisions submitted, short time (week or so) for installation to proceed. Installation took two days because of high winds (understandable for safety reasons). Now waiting for utility to install meter, schedule unknown. The project pushed up against solar loan financing expiration date, which expedited project. Shouldn't have had to wait to the last minute: not very good project management, could be staffing issue. No looking a refinance option with loan company, which potentially offers beneficial cash flow (important because on fixed income). Overall, a pretty good deal so far. It was zero down to install. Time will tell on operation and actual generation.

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Michelle | Pahrump, Nevada | 04/19/2022


We love our new panels, they look so gorgeous on our home! Sadly, they've been sitting there for OVER a month now, after being told by both Titan and our electric company that they would be "back in two weeks to turn it on." Yeah, that was on March 15, 2022. We just finally got turned to solar YESTERDAY, April 18, 2022! What a joke. Our salesperson who "PROMISED" he would "hold our hand through the whole process," does not respond to text messages, emails or even phone calls about anything! So much for that promise! We have been consistent told by Titan that it was our electric company dragging their feet. The last straw?! That was when I BEGGED someone from Titan to call me or send proof that they would pay our first power bill since we weren't switched until THREE DAYS BEFORE MY POWER BILL WAS DUE! I've received nothing. I just paid my power bill. Now I get to try to get a hold of someone from Titan to help with my first payment to them for the panels! And, frankly after having a salesperson in our home for more than FIVE HOURS and us waiting for over EIGHT MONTHS (we started this process last August!!!), you would think they would give us the COURTESY and RESPECT to respond to us within 24 hours of a message being sent out or a request. I guess they just want their check -- just like everyone else! WHAT A FRUSTRATING JOKE THIS ENTIRE PROCESS WAS!!!

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Rob | Seminole, Florida | 04/13/2022

Deceitful, Poor Communication, and Horrible Service.

I was told you'll receive the 26% refund check from the government and make sure you give it to the finance company. You don't get a refund; you get a tax credit! They base the financing on you getting a full 26% refund from the government, otherwise you pay a higher rate. The communication is horrible as I have to call the HQ and be on hold for 30-45 minutes. They were going to install the panels om the north side of the house! Good think I work from home and stopped them. See pics I signed the contract 11/23/2021 and still don't have any solar! What a joke. DO NOT USE TITAN SOLAR!

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Grumpy Old Man | Tularosa, New Mexico | 04/12/2022

I suspect that I was a victim of a predatory "bait and switch"

I am not suggesting that all Titan sales representative employ this sales method, nor do I suggest that Titan Solar Power condones this sales practice. I am not suggesting that the loan company, Good Leap is complicit in this predatory practice. On December 3, 2021, I electronically signed a purchase and installation agreement for $27,219.29 with Titan Solar. The monthly loan payment was to be $74.00. The sales representative in Southern New Mexico visited my property where he presented me with the loan agreement on my iPhone. His priority was to get me do an electronic signature on the agreement. After a site inspection on December 13, 2021 Titan decided to do a roof mount on my metal shop and trench the cable to the electrical pole. Over the next 4-5 months the monthly payment increased to $103.00 per month with an $8.00 per month fee to the electrical co-op for a total of $111.00 per month. My last three monthly electrical bills were $108.00, $110.00 and $112.00 respectively. No savings there. After 5 months I am still not connected to the solar system; however, the installation is complete. After the installation was completed on April 7, 2022, I received an email from Titan with a new Purchase agreement dated January 3, 2022 with a purchase price of $32,488.85. This agreement was NOT electronically signed by me. I had never seen it before but it had been electronically signed, presumably by the Titan sales representative. The interest rate on the loan from Good Leap of Portland, OR is 1.99% over the 25 year life of the loan which would mean another $9,000 added to the original loan amount for a grand total of $41,000. At 75 years old I do not expect to make it to 100 years old as I am a luekemia and prostrate cancer survivor. Just sharing my experience with those that might be considering Titan. Buyer beware.

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