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Devan Gonzales | Elko, NV | 10/12/2021

Solar installation

They did a great job installing my solar panels and inverter! I wish they would plan better on hanging the inverter on the side of the house so they only had to make one set of drill holes instead of making multiple holes in the side of my house and not using them. But other than that we did great the personnel was very friendly and were good at time management. They finished my install in 4 hours. Now I just need to wait for my new meter so I can start using my system. Thanks Titan solar power!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Chris Mulvaney | Saint Petersburg, Florida | 09/30/2021

No communication after we signed. Nothing but infilled promises

After we signed there was no communication with Chris and I. Had to cancel because no one would answer our calls

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Jerelyn Piller | Spring Lake, North Carolina | 09/29/2021


Drake and Brady were absolutely fantastic!!! They answered our questions in terms we could understand! They both are fantastic with customer service and truly cared about making sure we were Happy!! They Both have our outmost respect and Gratitude!!!

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Tom T | Florence, Arizona | 09/29/2021

Communication Issues and treats their customer like crap

I wrote this review on google and the company deleted it. I previously wrote a review and received a response back thinking it was resolved early I deleted the review. I called to asked why my inverter was soo hot that I almost burned myself while cleaning off after a major duststorm. I was told not to touch it and then I was told I declined the solar 101 in which I did not I stood on my front porch talking to the two people that showed up and wasn't expecting at the time because I didn't receive a call they were coming at that time. I spoke with them for nearly 30 minute and I have video footage to prove and yet I declined it. I then reached out to the person who made the appointment with no response I have waited nearly 4 weeks for a response also they promised me a $250 card and yet I haven't seen that either. Promises are made but are never done. I do not want call anymore because they think I talk too loud it is my normal voice they have to accept everyone is different. People have different was of talking different accents but I should never answered the door for these solicitors. Below I have post four pictures one of a part that is missing and the others are test conversations that have not been resolved.

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Julielw | Sumter, South Carolina | 09/27/2021


They were the only solar company that we talked to. They seemed to be good and we thought they would do what they said. However, we were left in the dark every step of the way. My husband had to call every time to see what was to happen next, as the entire process took a long time. It didn't bother my husband as much as me, but he wanted solar. I regret that we didn't get more estimates. We might have got a better, more reliable company. Our sales rep is basically useless. My husband ended up calling the main office more than once and they were more helpful than the sales rep. I hope we never need service on the panels. If we do, I'm sure my husband will call the main office, as they are more reliable.

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Shon A. | Grovetown, Georgia | 09/24/2021

Quick and Easy Work from a Team of Professional s

I'm going through the process of completing solar panel installations on my home currently. I've been working with Titan Solar Power for a few months now. Everything from start to this point has been significantly less stressful than I actually thought it would be and I attribute that to the great team they have working with me. JG has been my rep throughout the process and is always very communicative and available to answer questions. I also needed more smoke detectors installed due to city requirements and that process was much easier and faster than I anticipated. The team that got here consisted of three gentlemen, Drake, David, Tacoma. All were very friendly, professional and efficient. They did 3 installs and were done in no time. Very happy that of the different companies that came by after buying my house that I was able to work with Titan Solar Power. It's been a pleasant experience so far. Keep up the great work everyone!!

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Brittany Ferguson | Fleming Island, Florida | 09/24/2021

Slow service and follow up

I order and signed documents with solar power and installation with Titan Solar Power in March of 2021. I had to call and figure out what was happening in Mid April. They came out did a great job and were professional and had most of it installed most panels in 2 days. This is where it becomes a nightmare. After they did most of the installation they Figured out that I needed a 4pol converter for my electricity. It took 2 weeks for them to order. I had to follow up on them and after 4 weeks the warehouse finally got back to me to let me know they had lost the part and had to reorder it. After multiple phone calls and follow-ups, It took them until 7/20/2021 to finally get my system working. It lasted until 8/10 and then went down due to bad installation/bad parts whatever you want to name. They did not get it working until 9/13. I am asking for them to refund me my July, August, and September Payments. The best they could do was 240 bucks due to energy use? I would stay far far away from Titan Solar Power and go with any of the hundreds of different solar companies out there.

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RanSr | Tucson, Arizona | 09/22/2021

Crew arrived and went right to work, professional crew.

Best offer.

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Diana | Simpsonville, South Carolina | 09/20/2021

Bad company and the stimulus never arrived

Really bad service, no body answer after they installed the panels. The stimulus for $2000 never arrived. (South Carolina. ) too many promise to get a client.

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No thank you | Miami, Florida | 09/17/2021

Phase two completion

Team 3 completed phase two of my solar power experience and they did a wonderful job, they communicated with me through the whole experience and was very helpful.

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Michael Bonine | Chickamauga, Georgia | 09/15/2021

Outstanding and Very willing to help.Chris Verner is amazing.

From my first contact with Titan solar Power. The experience as been a pleasure. Jarred Clark the sales person answered all my questions and suggested helpful ideas. Chris Verner my technical person really hit a home run with me. He is so knowledgeable and helpful. He answered all my technical questions and made me realize that i truly picked the right company for the job. Chris let me know that Titan Solar Power has professional people on staff that are here to please the customer. I feel that Chris will make sure that my Solar/Battery System will be installed in a way to provide me with the most solar output possible. The install crew is as professional as Chris. I'm know i am in good hands.

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Jared Katzenbarger | Elk Grove, California | 09/14/2021

Be warned!

This company will say/do anything to get the job then completely fail in every respect once you sign on the dotted line. Their install crew started much later than promised. Of coarse they blamed COVID, but I very specially asked "with COVID in mind what should I expect." The original crew did a good job initially, then the job was left unfinished, all the original installers, or most, got fired later on from what I hear. The job lagged on for months. Then a generator that was supposed to be installed lagged even farther. The day of the install, much later in time, they said they were installing it without a permit. This is never what I agreed on, so this of coarse they reacted to like it was an "unforeseen" and continued to delay. Installing things in wrong locations, damaging my home then half ass fixing it, changing the strategy then changing back, etc, etc, etc. Long story short, my payment was twice what they quoted, TWICE, they offered to credit me for energy usage for the months the solar was not completed then refused to do so later AND said my tax incentive would be about 5x what it actually was. Recap, took way, way longer, didn't deliver quality, install process was nightmare, mislead or lied about payment and tax benefits and tried blaming me all along the way. I could go on but just a mess. Lie, cheat, and steal. I just don't do negative reviews normally. But I want to warn people of these guys, go somewhere else.

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