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K. Eubanks | Clifton, Texas | 08/25/2022

What a great experience!

Let’s face it, in today’s service industry the good experiences are few and far between, a great experience is almost non-existent. I am here to tell you Spark Solar & Elite Energy are the real deal that go above and beyond expectations to deliver a great experience! I highly recommend these solar companies!! Seth, of Spark Solar, worked hard to get the system I wanted, the way I wanted it, and when I wanted it. Seth was just a text, email, or phone call away as we worked through the product selections, engineering review, and scheduling. Spark Solar handled all the paperwork with the electrical coop, all I had to do was review the documents and sign them. Elite Energy’s installation team were over the top focused on the details. Every solar panel, bracket, electrical box, conduit, chase and wire was measured with precision, accuracy and installed with pride. They put in full days work in spite of the extensive travel to my rural location in Bosque County. I would place my system installation above any I have ever seen in a magazine or episode of This Old House!

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Brooks | Houston, Texas | 08/02/2021

They ghost you after installation

Impossible to get a hold of anyone after installation.

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Neil Jones | Crowley, Texas | 07/28/2022

They beat the competition and provided great customer service!

Spark Solar arranged a new solar installation for me this summer. I had actually backed out of previous pitches because it didn't make sense to me financially earlier this spring. Spark Solar's proposal was 20% less than their competitor's proposal. In the spring, I decided that I would need to pay up front for the panels for it to be worth doing because even financing at 5 - 6% interest didn't seem to provide enough economic benefit over the life of the panels. When Spark Solar was able to connect me with a company offering financing at 2.5% early this summer, I was sold and we got the process started. Along the way, Seth at Spark Solar answered all my questions, spec'd out a system that slightly exceeded my annual usage and is currently performing as predicted, coordinated correction of installation issues (even though installation is done by a separate company), and made sure interconnection agreements were correct and executed properly. It's still too early to say for sure, but after switching to an electric plan with a solar buyback with credits that rollover from month to month, I expect to be able to match or slightly reduce my current costs for electricity. Over the next 25 - 30 years, I should save a ton because electricity rates are destined to rise while my solar loan payments will stay the same (assuming I pay down the loan next year using the federal incentive). We couldn't be happier with the job Spark Solar did in getting us switched over to solar power, and I am happy our new system is contributing to grid stability by adding some much needed power to the grid!

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Jonathan | Stephenville, Texas | 05/17/2021

Great work!

Seth was great. They upgraded my entire system and I love it. New AC system, new water heater, solar powered attic roof vent, and solar panels!

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Kristy Black | Big Spring, Texas | 07/27/2020


Wow. I wish I had done this sooner. Paden Wright was amazing. He walked us through each step and if we had questions, he was quick to answer. And with technology the way it is, he was able to provide us service in the west TX are which is over 8 hours away. The install was quick and looks very nice. All wires are hidden, and they dug a tunnel to hide some of our wires underground so they weren’t hanging and attached everywhere. Thank you for your dedicated service and professionalism. I’ve recommend several to Spark.

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Brittany Fowler | Corpus Christi, Texas | 06/17/2020

Paden was helpful in teaching me about the benefits of solar!

Paden broke down all the numbers and taught me how I could benefit from solar. Through the process he was there to answer any questions I had immediately and since I’ve had the solar I’ve been very happy with my negative electric bills! I’ve helped many of my friends turn to solar and even got a nice referral check for introducing them to Spark!

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Katy | Burleson, Texas | 04/06/2020


I have always been very interested in solar power and after calling around Spark Solar was the only ones who had a friendly and helpful voice every time I called back. I like to do my research before I spend money on ANYTHING so it helped a lot that they had all the answers!! We got our solar panels installed very very easily, it did take as long as I thought it would and it looks AWESOME!! Kinda been the talk of the neighbors so thanks a bunch Spark Solar!!

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R.Del Fierro | Beeville, Texas | 06/26/2019

Great company

Every one I dealt with was very kind and always willing to help when I had issues. I absolutely loved everything was done electronically and I received a copy of everything quick due to the edocuments. Definitely will be referring to friends and family.

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Richard B. | Corpus Christi, Texas | 05/10/2019

SuperB job

Quinn was a pleasure to work with. The install crew did a superb job was the job was corrected/ well, and they hired a great manager. My new order was in the 15th of October and by December it was all done. I got my first bill on the 15th of march was the day i got a bill, and so far things a great, but I do expect that as time goes on my bill will be reduced.

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Michael Brandy Jackson | Corpus Christi, Texas | 05/10/2019


So far everything has been awesome. Paden moved and we are sad about it he was the reason we went with Spark. Installation 5 stars. The deed we had a slight snag but they fixed it all on the spot. We ran into a couple of little problems and the next day it was all fixed. Seth was great and it was hassle free after that. Thank you Spark! My bill has been much lower. It went down from $300 to $175 and it keeps dropping. This summer it can get down to way lower. I love it! $5 gift card

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SolarTexas | Weatherford, TX | 04/03/2019

Best in Texas!

I have been around the country and seen how solar is growing everywhere. I spent the first couple months here shopping around for a company to go with and hands down Spark Solar is the best around! 100% offset of my electric bill while building equity and resale value in my home, AND getting a 30% rebate off my taxes is just amazing. This company is passionate about Solar and the community, if you have any questions, call the number and you will be connected with someone from Texas who knows the area!

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Russell Kesterson | Cleburne, Texas | 02/14/2019

Our Solar Is In!

We saw the advertisement on FB and responded to it. A couple days later Seth Wells came out and explained it to us. Everything looked good financially so we decided to go solar! Bye bye electric bill. It was installed in 1 month and 2 days! I didn't have to do anything... they did it all. The solaredge app is cool!

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Spark has the perfect fit into the solar space. Spark's team of dedicated solar pros have been working in the solar & energy efficiency industries for years. Our solar installers have installed over 1,000 projects. Texas is in an early stage of solar growth in the commercial community. Therefore, we are dedicating our focus on helping homeowners and businesses go solar. How much does it cost? Our advisors will answer all of your questions.

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