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Teri Hallam | Shingle Springs, California | 05/24/2021

AWESOME EXPERIENCE! Trustworthy company!!

After hearing so many nightmare stories about solar companies, SolarNorcal dab Excite Energy was a pleasant surprise. Heath knows his business and was very accurate when figuring how many panels we would need. We never pay over $10/mo and our annual true up is never more than $55. Many people have a true up in the thousands. GREAT EXPERIENCE!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Punit | El Dorado Hills, California | 11/20/2018


STAY AWAY!!<br />I am one of the customer so I can give first hand information right from installation to post installation support. It was bad experience all along. <br /><br />My installation work was about to start on the day, so I took day off so installers could get to my house and install. <br />Installers did not show that day and did not even bother to call. Considering, I had taken day off for installation and left my work. So I called Heath , he was not even apologetic and instead told me it's common in construction business for people to not show up. Really, that's how you run your business.. <br /><br />After few days, their crew came to install panels and ready to install. By chance, I happened to notice that they were installing different panels than what I paid for. If I would had not noticed they would have installed wrong panels. How can one miss it? So I called Heath again, he started blaming me for their mistake that I should have got these panels instead, then he started blaming his crew. He chose to focus on blame game rather than the issue.. Very unprofessional..<br /><br />Later I noticed they damaged drive way and concrete of the house. Since I already paid initial money, I was struck. I wanted to pull out, maybe I should have even after initial payment. <br /><br />After installation the whole system went down for couple of days for no support. Now I have one of the panel producing only 30%. At first, they were on denial there was no problem. Then he started blaming on shades. After repeated calls, they showed up after 15 days. 15 days is a long time given panel is not producing much. Now they pointed out its a satellite dish issue. Lets assume it was dish issue, The dish was there since 2012 much much before they did installation. How can it be missed at inspection and during installation when dish is next to panels? Again crappy job and bear no responsibility to fix it Asking me to call third party company to fix it. Panel is now down and not producing much. <br /><br />I feel company lacks quality and professionalism. They tend to lean towards finding excuse or blaming someone whether its their crew or supplier or customer. I paid money to Solarnorcal, I did not pay to listen to their excuses. <br /><br />Company claims to be 5 star, how can a company which works like this to be a 5 star (does not show up on appointments, damage customer property, poor jobs). Given my experience, I am having trouble even rating them 1 star.<br />Even if you decide to go with this company, make sure to get the contract updated for post installation support (SLA for time) and do not pay money till you make sure everything is working as expected and specially no damages done to your property.. <br />Best of luck for your solar installation.

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Dan Helton | Roseville, California | 05/12/2021

Inverter replacement Sunny Boy SB3.0

SolarNorcal was a pleasure to work with. When my solar system randomly stopped working, I started to look at a few companies that provide solar services in my area in Roseville, Ca. Surprisingly, there were many highly rated solar companies for me to choose from. I received quotes from 4 different companies in the area and SolarNorcal was the most responsive with the best price. As we all know the best price does not mean the best service, Heath at SolarNorcal was extremely knowledgeable and put me at ease. Throughout the whole process Heath continued to communicate with me and was very patient with my lack of knowledge in this industry. This ended up being a 6 week project due to inverter availability and SolarNorcal workload. Once again, Heath communicated everything to me and never left me wondering what their status was pertaining to my project. Many companies tend to prioritize larger jobs while forgetting the smaller jobs like an inverter install, not SolarNorcal. Jeremy the electrician SolarNorcal sent to perform the task also had top notch customer service and knowledge of solar systems. After replacing the inverter the system wasn’t entirely working. They went on the roof and discovered the wiring in the junction box had come apart, creating an arc and burning out. They fixed that as well and didn’t charge me more. In the end I highly recommend SolarNorcal and will continue to contact them for all my solar needs.

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Pitkle | Lincoln, California | 05/11/2021

Heath is a standup guy, very professional and very hands on. It

We checked out 6 different competitors and several customer references. Nothing but good things and Solar NorCal gave us the best bid to boot!

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Kendra & John Niedziejko | Brentwood, California | 02/06/2021

Good Service, Great Price

We used SolarNorcal to replace our existing solar which was 10+ years old and undersized for our house. They helped size a new system, price it out, worked with our City to obtain the necessary permitting for removal, removed the existing system and installed our new system. We were able to get much more efficiency for approximately same footprint of our older, previous system. I was extremely happy with this vendor who had been previously sourced by my brother to do his installation, as well as my neighbor, all at different times.

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Jim in Lincoln | Lincoln, California | 01/14/2021

Very Satisfied

We are very satisfied with the residential solar panel installation by SolarNorcal (17 panels). I spent much time reviewing potential solar panel contractors to avoid the many potential problems due to poor work. After soliciting and reviewing SolarNorcal’s proposal, I spent an hour on the phone with the owner, Heath, to review my other questions about his company and proposal. The components they bid seem to be some of the best on the market. Despite a shortage of staff due to COVID, the install was completed smoothly and on time. The install crew were friendly and professional. I chatted with a couple of them and they spoke highly of SolorNorcal as a company and employer; I believe that satisfied, long term employees make for good work. I also love the monitoring software for the panels. I highly recommend SolarNorcal.

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Kelley | Shingle Springs, California | 10/01/2020

Honest and Responsive company

SolarNorcal installed a 19-panel solar array in May 2020. They used Panasonic panels and Enphase microinverters. The installation is clean, well designed and all conduit and control boxes are unobtrusive. The crew was efficient, skilled, and respectful of our property. The system was designed to produce peak production of 5.9 kWh PTC, which has not yet been met. So far, the best has been 5.7 kWh, in June 2020. However, the installation is in the Sacramento, CA region, which has had dozens of 100 degree and above days this year. Heat reduces panel energy production. The hotter it is, the less the production. In addition, Northern California has been on fire since August and the smokey sky and layers of ash on the panels has compromised the panels efficiency. I’m hoping that without the extreme heat and smoke/ash conditions, the system will meet the 5.9 kWh design. We’ll see. There have been problems with the Enphase microinverters. Four of the 19 began to fail after four months, due to a software problem. It took Enphase three weeks to finally fix the problem. Not exactly exemplary performance by Enphase. The owner has been very responsive to all my questions. Often, emails are answered within 10 minutes. That’s unusual in the world of customer service. Since the system is only 5 months old, it’s a little early to be handing out glowing reviews, but so far, I’m satisfied with SolarNorcal’s work and I would recommend them.

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Grant B | El Dorado Hills, California | 09/13/2020

Solid local Company!

If you are considering adding solar power to your home or are having problems with your currently installed solar system you MUST give Heath a call! My wife and I decided to put solar power on our home 2.5 years ago and are just as pleased today as when we first installed it! Heath is an electrical engineer not a solar salesman. There will be ZERO pressure from him! His residential installations come from personal referrals from happy homeowners like us looking to break away from our reliance on PG&E. We had numerous bids from solar contractors both locally and in the Bay Area. All very nice people. Heath’s bid was more than competitive but really it was his reputation and knowledge that really set him and his company SolarNorcal apart. He communicated well, had the project completed on time and stands by his work! We are more than pleased with our solar project and will be using SolarNorcal in the future if we ever move. I highly recommend Heath and his company! If you need any further convincing consider that other local companies have reached out to Him to help in designing some of their own projects! Do yourself a favor and have him at the very least give you a bid. Good luck with your project!

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MikeZ | Rocklin, California | 09/12/2020

one of the best decisions I have made

I live in a new construction home where solar was offered as an option, but I wasn't thrilled about the quality and cost of the panels being offered by the builder. I researched a dozen companies before settling on SolarNorCal. The owner, Heath, was great to work with. He responded promptly to my e-mails with a ton of questions and was able to help me review pros/cons of different options. Nobody offered a design proposal that was even close in terms of covering our usage, aesthetics of the grid, quality, warranty, and value. We went with Panasonic HIT panels with Enphase microinverters and the 25-year Triple Guard Warranty. Panasonic has been around since 1918 so I feel reassured that they will be around for the duration of the system's lifespan. His team who did the installation were great. Heath was very quick to respond to request for service. 10/10!

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Mike Cochrane | Lincoln, California | 08/06/2020

Solar NorCal has been great to work with!

We chose Solar NorCal to install our solar system three years ago. The quote was competitive and we felt very comfortable with Heath Kirin and his team. We have been happily generating power until recently, when I received an email from them stating that there seemed to be a problem with our reporting and it appeared that we were not generating power. Heath came by the house and checked out our system. Turned out I had inadvertently left the solar breaker turned off when I recently replaced another breaker in our power panel! A flip of the switch and we were back in business! Thanks so much to Solar NorCal! We are very glad we chose them for our solar needs!

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Traci Rudfelt | El Dorado Hills, California | 07/06/2020

Highly Recommend SolarNorcal

We had SolarNorcal install our solar panels back in October 2019. We are incredibly happy with the service and results. The owner, Heath, came to our house well prepared, presented everything clearly, answered all our questions, and had a competitive price. The installation was smooth, his crew was professional and kept us appraised on the progress. When it was ready to connect to PGE, Heath came over and did all the work and paperwork. In short, Heath walked us through every step of this complicated process. Now 8 months in, we can see our True-up is spot on and we have had zero complications. In addition, Heath recently contacted us to let us know of a new rebate he thought we might qualify for. Highly recommend SolarNorcal.

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Tom Erbil | Danville, California | 04/13/2020

Professional and Courteous

I wouldn't get my solar anywhere else. They are professional, courteous and get the job done quickly. They knew their trade very well. Heath one of the owners treated me like I was his only customer. Two thumbs up for sure!

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About SolarNorcal LLC

We are a licensed C10 electrical contractor in the State of California. Our management team includes two electrical engineers (one a Professional Engineer). Our experienced team has resulted in one of the highest rated electrical contractors in the region. We believe in both keeping our customers and our employees happy. We are proud to have employees (not day labors) whom we pay benefits and paid time off. Keeping our employees happy shows in their workmanship.

We are authorized Premium Installer for Panasonic. Authorized installers for Panasonic get their Triple Guard warranty for Panasonic solar panels with Enphase microinverters pre-attached at the factory. Panasonic includes a 25 year labor warranty (direct from Panasonic) for their solar panels and the microinverter (on top of the standard 25 year product and performance warranties). We also work with SolarEdge including their power optimizers. We have experience working with LG, Enphase and SMA as well.

With over 700+ residential, commercial and non-profit installations, we have a lot of experience with both the design of the system (making sure it is as efficient as possible) and the installation. We have a long list of references we can provide on top those listed here.

If you are considering a solar system (or batteries, a generator, a transfer switch, an electric vehicle charger) we would appreciate the opportunity to submit a bid. For residential systems we have installed on roofs, ground mounts, pergolas and RV's. We can install small systems of 1 kW up to very large systems 20+ kW. For commercial systems we have installed on roofs, car ports and custom structures. We have experience with systems over 1 MW.

We complete the entire process for you from the free quote, to system design, applying for permits (getting community / HOA approval if required) through installation, approval and getting the system turned on by the utility company.

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Licenses: C46 and C-7

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