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Lauren Karr | New Port Richey, Florida | 02/08/2024

Quick and efficient!

My husband and I were very impressed with Ross and his team. Another company said it would be 3-4 months until install and way more expensive. Ross had it installed and producing power in less than two weeks from first meeting with him. It was a super painless experience!

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Lauren I am glad you and Elias were referred to Solar Tech Elec and we managed to act so fast due to our super high efficiency in every area of the company we provide. You were provided an amazing proposal with Zero down and payments fixed at $100 fixed and less than your rising utility cost to own the beautiful system on your house (Not Lease! Own!) with the best products and install from our all inhouse crew. From Sign up to engineering, permitting, install in Pasco county and passed inspection all within 10 days. We cant wait to see your system Harnessing the sun! Welcome to Solar Tech Elec who are celebrating 10 years in business. From the entire team.

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Priscilla | Inglis, Florida | 07/06/2022


The salesman was very nice promised us a new roof, 2 wall unit air conditioners and a solar unit that would pay our electric bill up to a certain amount of wattage, based on our largest electric bill from last year. I have received an electric bill ever since it was turned on the end of March. We were supposed to be able to sell the extra power back to the power company. But the power company wanted us to purchase a One Hundred Thousand Dollar Liability Insurance policy before they would do a contract to purchase the extra power we were supposed to produce. So, I had to go with just being able to use the solar system for whatever electric I used which apparently, I don't produce enough to cover even the electric that I do use. The salesman promised we would get a credit from the Government. Which the loan of $72,120 minus the credit of $18,751.00 would have brought the loan down to $53,368.00. If they had installed it last year, we would have only received a credit towards any taxes we might have owed. I don't know what this year will be like so if it is the same as last year, how were we supposed to give the bank any money towards the bank loan so that the payment didn't increase. Which it was supposed to be $229.26 for 16 months and then if we didn't give them the $18,751.00 the payment would go up to $312.59. Which the salesman also stated that if anything happened to my husband that I would not be responsible for the loan since the loan would only be in my husband's name. My husband has recently passed away. He was a 100% disabled war time veteran, who received a Purple Heart and 2 Oak Leaf Clusters and many other Medals of Honor. I am now widowed and unable to make the payments on the loan that was only in my husband's name. So, the finance company has put a lean on the equipment without even notifying me. It seems like this was only a scam and I am left to deal with it the best I can. As part of the promotion, I received a new roof. Which is great. I love my roof. It would have been nice if the roofers had cleaned up all the nails left on the top of the porch roof. That could have rolled off the roof on to the ground where I drive at. We were also promised 2 wall air conditioning units to replace what we had, that would be very energy efficient. It took over 9 months to finally install 2 window units in the wall which leaves a 4- or 5-inch gap between the wall and the air conditioners. This doesn't make them very energy efficient even though they are sealed to the best that a window unit can be. Oh and you can keep your $50.00 gift card for me writing this review.

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Sue | Clearwater, Florida | 01/12/2024


I am very pleased with Solar Tech Elec. After a bad experience with another company, we connected with Ross's company. The same evening, I called Ross, he came to our house and spoke with my husband and me. I love that this is a local company and with no middleman. Ross then had an informational meeting at Safety Harbor Resort and Spa with Q and A and food and drinks. It was great hearing other people's perspectives. Today, I just received my interconnection status where everything has been received, so I'm looking forward to soon be fully solar powered.

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Susan thank you for attending Ross's Solar Education Seminar and I am glad I managed to give you an honest full understanding on Solar to make you feel comfortable and choose my company. I hope you Enjoy your new system in Clearwater Florida from Americas Number 1 Solar company Solar Tech Elec we look forward to seeing your results. Thanks from the entire Team.

Mark G. | Clearwater, Florida | 12/29/2023

I hesitated with my review. Not really sure if I was satisfied with install & performance. About 2 years after the installation of whole home elec. Solar panels, 4 ton AC unit, Heat pump & Variable speed pump for our pool. We are glad to say we are very happy. Thank You Solar Tech Elec for the very Professional installation & the Performance of these products are providing. Ross & his crews did a very nice job installing. Everything is working just as expected. Great Job. Recommend Solar Tech to anyone looking to upgrade their electrical network. Their upgrades to our home sure made it easier.

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi William we really appreciate the feedback from your experience with Americas number 1 Solar Company. We are glad you took advantage of our zero down option with all the products we installed for you whilst eliminating your power bill with Duke energy. Thank you for your continued support and we are happy to be by your side throughout the lifetime of your system, thanks again Ross and the Team at Solar Tech Elec.

Rafael | Largo, FL | 12/26/2023

Great experience with Solar Tech Elec.

Ross and his team at Solar Tech Elec LLC, did an amazing job installing our solar panels. They took care of everything, from trimming our trees, to getting our system installed and running. We're very happy with the experience we had!

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Rafael after seeing the rates Duke had planned to put you on at the start of the year ($419 per month) you knew that by going Solar Zero down with a fixed payment at 3% APR of only $217 Per month was an Absolute No Brainer! We are happy to offer the best prices and prodcuts in the Industry and are glad we could give you the best experience you could ask for by choosing Solar Tech Elec Americas Number 1 Solar brand. Thanks again from Ross and the Entire team here at Solar Tech Elec.

Larry Sommerfeld | Ocala, Florida | 12/23/2023

Professional Install

About a year ago I contacted several solar companies to get an idea of pricing for a solar system for our new house being built in Ocala. Solar Tech Elec LLC had the lowest pricing. After moving in and getting several weeks of electrical usage data, I requested updated quotes and Solar Tech again had the best price plus reviews from other consumers indicated this firm was reliable and professional. Ross and his team handled all the permitting and fees. The 20 panel system was installed in less than a day and they left the site spotless. Ross always was available to answer any questions I had. I would recommend Ross and Solar Tect Elec without reservation. We’re generating 34 kw/hr on a good sunny December day.

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Larry thank you very much for the Nice words about Americas Number 1 Solar Brand on your brand new house in On Top of the World in Ocala. We are glad we could give you the best system, pricing and experience which we live up to during our 10 Years in Business. Thanks again and welcome to Solar Tech Elec from Ross and the entire team.

Jayendra Astik | Haines City, Florida | 12/02/2023

After noticing increasing electricity bill I called Solar Tech Elec as my neighbor is happily satisfied with them for over 3 years and he recommended the company. Mr. Ross Dyson was very nice to work with from the first visit.He evaluated my needs and explained the system as well as the installation process. He designed a system at an affordable price and stated working on it right away. They designed the system as well as got the necessary permit and installed the system in one day as soon as the permit was available. The system is nice and there are no wires or tubes running on the roof and it did not affect the appearance of the house. The meter swap was also coordinated by them and done smoothly. I was kept informed of the progress at all stages as majority ok of work except installation was done while I was away. I did not any significant time in calling the Utility or the City office as this was all done by Solar Tech Elec. I had a very good experience and if anyone is planning Solar system I strongly recommend they call Solar Tech Elec.

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Jay thank you very much for your kind words towards Floridas number 1 Solar Brand Solar Tech Elec! We are happy you made the smart move by switching to Solar and Saying bye bye to Duke Energy with your 11.47KW System on your beautiful home in Haines City. We also appreciate the referrals also in your Neighborhood! Thanks again Ross and the entire team here at Solar Tech Elec.

Paul Brzozowski | Clearwater, Florida | 11/10/2023

Solar and Tesla Powerwall 2

Working with Ross, his Team, has been a great experience. Knowledgeable, fast, and precise. I have gone for a 11kw system, with a Tesla Powerwall 2 backup strategy, love it! Ross was also able to provide a great financing, beating all other shops I have talked to. Certainly a go if you are looking for a full turn key service. Solid experience, looking forward to my ongoing monthly savings!

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Paul thank you so much for your business here at Americas Number 1 Solar Brand on your Property in Clearwater Florida! You won’t have to worry about been without power with your Tesla Powerwall 2 backup also. Thanks Ross and the Team here at Solar Tech Elec.

YE | Crystal River, Florida | 10/23/2023

It took me some time to make this decisionand a lot of research. Ross was recommended by one of my co-workers. And I’m very happy we chose Solar Tech Elec. First of all they offered the best price and rate. And second is how fast and officiant they were. I was about to give birth at the time of installation so couldn’t be present much, Ross handled everything in very professional and timely manner. Now my house is looking great with new solar panel and I can’t wait to see all the benefits from this decision

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Yulia thank you very much for the Nice words from the entire team at Americas Number 1 Solar Brand! We are Happy you can now relax with your Brand New roof and Solar Package combo at Zero Down with a full 25 Year Warranty in Citrus County Florida eliminating your entire Powerbill! Thanks again Ross

Garrick | Clearwater, Florida | 08/04/2023

Great Solar Install

Excellent service and pricing! Ross and his team are top notch! The other competitors didn't even come close!

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Damon m. | Clearwater, Florida | 08/04/2023

Hands down Best solar company

6 years ago I decided to have solar installed and after multiple companies and quotes one stood out above the rest and that's solar tech. Ross always answered his phone for any questions I had during the process. The install only took a day with Ross and his crew and the install looked perfect. Fast forward 6 years later and this system has served me flawlessly without a single problem not even a hiccup, 6 years of free power is awesome. I highly recommend Ross and solartech I know they have all my future business. Thank you Ross and solar tech.

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Damon thanks for your continued support here at Solar Tech Elec on your 8KW system in Clearwater we installed 6 years ago. Appreciate the review of Americas number 1 Solar company still showing Zero Electric bill years later, thanks Ross and the team.

Mike Bartoletti | Palm Harbor, Florida | 08/03/2023

Good experience!

I just got my 51 panel system installed by Solar Tech Elec a few months ago. Overall, I’m happy with the system and it’s producing pretty well. We had a few delays and hiccups during install like a few failed inspections and a leak, but Ross addressed and fixed those things and made it right. The system seems to be generating what was promised and my last July bill was completely zero’d out. I was really nervous about going solar, but I’m glad we did. I’ll save a little money throughout the year on solar now, but every year that passes I will save more and more as E-bills grow. The big savings are really down the road 5-10 years when the power bill will undoubtedly be much higher and my loan bill stays level.

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Mike thank you for choosing Solar Tech Elec for your project on your Large property in Palm Harbor Florida using our Zero down program with only a 2% Fixed APR making your payment a lot less than what you were paying Duke Energy previously around 35% and now you own your power and have stopped renting it at 100% Apr. You have all American Products and a 25 year warranty with a system life expectancy of 40 years. You have been a great client and we look forward to you referring us to your friends and family with a huge referral bonus. Thanks Ross and the team.

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Solar Tech Elec company has over 20 years experience in Solar Energy Systems. locally owned and head offices based in Clearwater, Florida. Licensed and fully insured we offer the highest quality equipment and Solar installations for residential and commercial locations. Here at Solar Tech Elec we take pride in every project we undertake and offer 25 year warranties on all parts and labor. As, proud partners of LG and Silfab Solar you can be rest assured of an unparalleled Solar Installation service in Florida.

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