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Jake Ct 1 week ago

I am quite pleased with my Solar Tech Elec installation. My January 2021 utility bill was $547, February was $466, March was $300. My last 2 bills were $28.28! The installation process had a few hiccups, therefore a little lower rating. Some of the delays were due to my city's permitting process, some due to Solar Tech. I would overall rate this experience at 4.6 stars. The installation team was top rate; Chris the site manager, was terrific. I would recommend Solar Tech Elec to friends (and have). I would consider using them for future solar projects.

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kbh, over 1 month

Chose them through the Solar Coop. Had gotten other estimates but felt that the coop vetting and price was good.<br /><br />We had a very similar experience to the other very poorly related review. Lots of talk and little action. I had a 16.80kW system that was installed in 2018. Installers left 2 gouges in my brand new flat roof which leaked and ruined ceilings. And an additional leak was caused by trash left on the roof blocking a scupper and causing water to pool. It took 2 weeks for Ross to send someone out to move a panel so that we could find one gouge and during that time it rained multiple times. Spent months trying to get this all fixed and fighting with Ross about payment. Panels were installed under a tree (not per the original plan) and they refused to move them. Additional major shading issues were found which were enough to shut down whole strings and an independent review of our system found that the promised power production was impossible even without major shading issues. Ross is a salesman and once he sells you he is on to the next thing. And the most recent issue is the backup battery that they installed without a permit! I am having major electrical work done and an electrician saw the battery and noted that it was not to code. Seems it is not to code and not permitted. Ross has ignored my request for an after the fact permit. We have no technical specs on the battery so it is going to be very hard to get someone else to come in and move the battery. I filed a complaint with the BBB in December before the battery issue. I am now going to the county licensing board about the permit. Our system is large and was more complicated than a standard install. We also do not have a valid warrantee for our battery as the only ID on it is Solar Tech… So many promises, so much bull.

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$17,548 - $21,448

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16,998 kWh

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17¢ kWh

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Solar Tech Elec company has over 20 years experience in Solar Energy Systems. locally owned and head offices based in Clearwater, Florida. Licensed and fully insured we offer the highest quality equipment and Solar installations for residential and commercial locations. Here at Solar Tech Elec we take pride in every project we undertake and offer 25 year warranties on all parts and labor. As, proud partners of LG and Silfab Solar you can be rest assured of an unparalleled Solar Installation service in Florida.

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