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Lorrain Whitacre | Palm Harbor, Florida | 09/11/2022

Awesome job!

Amazing experience thanks to Ross and the installation team. I met with 5 solar companies and SolarTechElec was the clear winner due their honesty, great communication, value for money, quality products and reputation within the solar industry. I highly recommend this company and can’t wait to save big on my Duke Energy bills

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Lorrain thanks for your business on your 14KW system in Palm Harbor Florida using 370 watt all American made panels with the new Microinverters for per panel monitoring and waving by to your power bill with Duke energy for the next 30 years minimum. I am glad everything turned out perfectly as planned thanks again Ross.

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Priscilla | Inglis, Florida | 07/06/2022


The salesman was very nice promised us a new roof, 2 wall unit air conditioners and a solar unit that would pay our electric bill up to a certain amount of wattage, based on our largest electric bill from last year. I have received an electric bill ever since it was turned on the end of March. We were supposed to be able to sell the extra power back to the power company. But the power company wanted us to purchase a One Hundred Thousand Dollar Liability Insurance policy before they would do a contract to purchase the extra power we were supposed to produce. So, I had to go with just being able to use the solar system for whatever electric I used which apparently, I don't produce enough to cover even the electric that I do use. The salesman promised we would get a credit from the Government. Which the loan of $72,120 minus the credit of $18,751.00 would have brought the loan down to $53,368.00. If they had installed it last year, we would have only received a credit towards any taxes we might have owed. I don't know what this year will be like so if it is the same as last year, how were we supposed to give the bank any money towards the bank loan so that the payment didn't increase. Which it was supposed to be $229.26 for 16 months and then if we didn't give them the $18,751.00 the payment would go up to $312.59. Which the salesman also stated that if anything happened to my husband that I would not be responsible for the loan since the loan would only be in my husband's name. My husband has recently passed away. He was a 100% disabled war time veteran, who received a Purple Heart and 2 Oak Leaf Clusters and many other Medals of Honor. I am now widowed and unable to make the payments on the loan that was only in my husband's name. So, the finance company has put a lean on the equipment without even notifying me. It seems like this was only a scam and I am left to deal with it the best I can. As part of the promotion, I received a new roof. Which is great. I love my roof. It would have been nice if the roofers had cleaned up all the nails left on the top of the porch roof. That could have rolled off the roof on to the ground where I drive at. We were also promised 2 wall air conditioning units to replace what we had, that would be very energy efficient. It took over 9 months to finally install 2 window units in the wall which leaves a 4- or 5-inch gap between the wall and the air conditioners. This doesn't make them very energy efficient even though they are sealed to the best that a window unit can be. Oh and you can keep your $50.00 gift card for me writing this review.

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Beth | Clearwater Beach, Florida | 08/22/2022

After moving from Pennsylvania to Florida last year, I saw my electric bills skyrocket due to the increased AC usage and a pool/spa heater. I began researching solar and chose three based on reviews for quotes. Out of the three, I felt most comfortable with Solar Tech's proposal as well as their financing options. Ross came to do our proposal in person, and within 20 minutes I had a full understanding of solar and knew it was the right choice for our needs. I didn't feel pressured as I did with the other companies. The install process was smooth and Solar Tech even coordinated some trees on the property to be cut back. We didn't have to do a thing! I was skeptical about my power bill actually being $0...but the meter actually was rolling backwards and my power bill was in fact, $0! Our payments at 1.9% interest are less than half of what our average electric bills were. There was also a 30% tax credit! My only regret is not doing this sooner. I highly recommend Solar Tech - we couldn't be happier with our panels and the incredible savings!

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Beth thanks for your amazing feedback from Solar tech Elec and the team. We are very please to have earnt your business here in Florida after escaping the cold in PA and glad you can now keep your home fully air conditioned without the worry of the bill each month. Congrats on your 11KW system using all american made products Ross.

Eric Elmore | Milton, Florida | 07/08/2022

SolarTechElec was my choice for solar installation for both of my properties located in Pensacola, and Milton, FL. A coworker referred me, and my experience from the beginning of the process to the completed installation was outstanding. Based on my experience, SolarTechElec should be on the top of anyone's list that is considering solar. Kudos to the entire staff, who were courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. Ross provided a thorough overview of the solar process, answered any questions or concerns, and provided a schedule to track the various tasks. This company is grade A+.

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Eric we very much appreciate your Business over here from Solar Tech Elec and the Team, FL, SC and NC #1 Solar Turnkey Solution on your 2 Properties in Pensacola. Both 11.54KW Installs perfectly completed using all American Brand Silfab 370 Watt Panels and Enphase Microinverters! Bye Bye FPL and Welcome to Solar Tech Elec! Thanks Ross

Phil Palmer | Huntley, Illinois | 05/15/2022

Very reliable

Had 3 PV systems off these guys for rental properties and was very happy with all of them.

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Thanks Phil for your continued Support here at Solar Tech Elec. Im glad all your systems are working as promised Ross

Heidi D'Ambrosio | Palm Harbor, Florida | 04/21/2022


Enjoying our new solar. Thank you Ross! Quick install.

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Niceville Jeff | Niceville, Florida | 04/01/2022

Great system for a fair price

These guys did a great job for me at a fair price. I had 284 KWHs of credit last month on my bill.

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Jeff thank you very much for your business on your 8KW system in Milton FL which has now fully eliminated your PowerBill to zero thanks to Solar Tech Elec and the team.

Barbara H | Tarpon Springs, Florida | 03/23/2022

Highly Recommend

I am very comfortable with my decision to choose Solar Tech Elec. Celeste was very responsive and kept me up to date. Everything was taken care of with easy fillable documents to sign via email. The installation crew was polite, informative and overall great working group. I am very happy with my investment and would definitely recommend contacting Ross. Thank you

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Barbara we really appreciate your business on your 7KW custom house in Tarpon springs Florida. It was a pleasure to work with you and we continue to see your daily savings here at the headquarters. Thanks again Ross and the Team.

Wayne roberts | Palm Harbor, Florida | 03/10/2022

After searching for Solar for many months after astronomical bills we made a decision to proceed with Solar Tech Elec. After much research and seeing how long they had been in business made us feel comfortable with our vendor. Ross came out and did a full site evaluation then designed a system on a software based on our power bill. Our All American system has now eliminated our $350 average power bill and we now have a fixed payment of only $214 per month. Celeste fully communicated with us throughout the process and the installers were very presentable and did a showpiece install on our perfect south roof. I can not say anything better about this company thanks again.

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Wayne thanks for your business on your 16KW system in Palm Harbor Florida using all American made products to elimate your $340 PowerBill and also 5 Ton AC unit to make your home more efficient. Thanks again Ross and the Team

Eddie Mitchell | Clearwater Beach, Florida | 02/19/2022

Best Decision to Go to Solar

Start to finish Ross and Solar Tech make the solar power change and process as smooth as possible. We were fairly new to the idea of using solar power but overall the savings with this type of energy is a no brainer. We were very pleased every step of the way and are already enjoying the benefits of solar power. Thanks so much to Ross, Celeste and Solar Tech for such a great product.

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Reply from Solar Tech Elec LLC: Hi Eddie thank you for your Nice words and Business on your Beautiful house in Clearwater Beach FL providing you with a 15KW All American Solar System Eliminating your powerbill thanks Ross, Celeste and the Team here at Solar Tech Elec

TLN | Milton, Florida | 01/26/2022

Great install and great company

Our solar install is great and Solar tech Elec was a great company to work with. Very professional and they did an outstanding job. Very friendly and easy to work with and their price was lower than the other quotes we received. I highly recommend them.

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JohnMDaane | Milton, Florida | 01/26/2022

4 years and still converting Solar Energy

I have had my solar system now 4 years and it has performed wonderfully. SolarTechElec was a great company to work with. They had the lowest quote by far and very flexible to work with. The installation was done very well by professionals who really knew what they were doing. They spent extra time figuring out how to maximize the roof space to get as many panels installed as possible. Outstanding Company.

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Solar Tech Elec company has over 20 years experience in Solar Energy Systems. locally owned and head offices based in Clearwater, Florida. Licensed and fully insured we offer the highest quality equipment and Solar installations for residential and commercial locations. Here at Solar Tech Elec we take pride in every project we undertake and offer 25 year warranties on all parts and labor. As, proud partners of LG and Silfab Solar you can be rest assured of an unparalleled Solar Installation service in Florida.

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