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Updated: 30 April 2021

Installing solar since 2011

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Loyd Dobbler | Los Alamos, New Mexico | 06/02/2021

Excellent Work

I built my own house, and I am very particular about jobs that I contract with other people. I've known Greg for a long time, and he was the only person I trusted with my PV system. My main gig is home inspection, and I've seen a lot of installs that were "okay" but not the way I would have wanted it. Greg did it the way I wanted it. I didn't bother getting any other quotes because I would not have trusted them with my project. The products are all top rated, and LG is made in the USA.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Horrible customer service | Fuquay Varina, North Carolina | 09/19/2022

Don't know much about the company but the salesman was completely disrespectful and that speaks enough about the company. He came very close bodily harm when he chose to ignore me when I expressed my lack of interest, did not leave when I told him to, walked through every yard and not the sidewalk, ignored the numerous No Soliciting signs, and continued to run his mouth about me to my neighbors. For everyone's safety, please no not ever return to my neighborhood.

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Robert Owczarek | Jemez Springs, New Mexico | 04/30/2021

really good job

The offer was better than two others, though generally the solar is pricey and Select Solar LLC is not an exception to the rule, though it did not come with some ridiculous extras as one other offer did. The job was done surprisingly fast and with very little distractions for us. The two-person team looked knowledgeable and skilled.

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Jennifer Hollingsworth | Los Alamos, New Mexico | 03/08/2021

Excellent all around!

When we made the decision to install a solar array, we contacted 4 solar companies. Of these, only Greg of Select Solar asked to do a site visit before giving us an estimate. The rest attempted to do so via viewing satellite images of our home and/or a brief discussion with us. As a result, only Greg’s proposal made sense for the unusual angles of our roof and combination of flat and angled areas. Also, he answered all of our questions without having to resort to a “design team,” as a rep from a larger company had to do. Greg/Select Solar really know the solar business/technology and are genuinely committed to its effective use. He uses the latest, highest efficiency panels, etc, and can solve design challenges. Work was efficiently executed and clearly explained. We strongly recommend Select Solar! Nothing else that we found compares.

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White Rock Installation | Los Alamos, New Mexico | 01/24/2021

Installation of a solar photovoltaic power system

We were delighted with our initial meeting with Greg. He was personable and very knowledgeable about solar power systems. He could answer all our questions "on the spot"! He gave us not only verbal information, but also relevant documents to review about the power system before we invested in it. He walked us through each development of the system with clarity, so we could understand what was happening. Bernie and Desmond, the electricians who installed the system, were both very pleasant and professional, and they too gave clear answers to our questions when they arose.

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Tesuque Solar Array YES! | Santa Fe, New Mexico | 11/12/2019

Great professional service

They were not the cheapest bid, but seemed the most knowledgeable and were very willing to be sure we were happy with everything as the installation proceeded. They also were very good at communication, scheduling and follow through.

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A.S. | Glorieta, New Mexico | 08/21/2018

Top Quality

Greg and his field assistants John and Bernie installed a new grid-tied, ground-mounted, 4.2 KW system at my home near Glorieta. It has been up and running for two months now, and I'm completely satisfied. They did excellent work at a very fair price, from the initial visit to design to installation to operation. <br />The job was not without difficulties, but they found ways to manage them all. Greg recommended a site with good exposure requiring little clearing or tree removal. However, it was 130 ft from the house so a long trench was needed for cables, and considerable rock got in the way of setting the support posts. They kept a tidy job site and made sure I was satisfied when it was finished. In the first few days of operation they noticed that one panel had erratic output, so they came right out and replaced the optimizer; all good since then. Although the whole process from bid to completion took over 3 months, most of this time was waiting on permits or inspections (county, state,and utility), and there were more of these than I had expected. Another delay was in having to re-order the rack parts, which arrived slightly damaged in shipping the first time. But I cannot fault Select Solar for these issues; on the contrary, their patient tenacity kept the ball rolling with minimal impact to me.

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KPT | White Rock, New Mexico | 01/10/2018

Excellent local design and install of our 6kw home PV system

Greg and his crew (John and Bernie) have done an outstanding job in all aspects of implementing our 6kw PV array. We choose to go the stand-alone route since we have acreage and our roof isn't oriented ideally for maximum efficiency and Sol utilization. From Greg's initial site planning (with his neat technology that allows him to pick the best location and orientation), to the design, trenching, footing excavation, support setting & pour, to the final wiring and install, everything was very fast (~ 8-9 days total of on-site labor in my estimation).<br /><br />The permitting and inspection process was the most time consuming aspect of this and in NM, it takes a while (too long) for these things to happen. Select Solar always had the ball in the Govt. agencies court but it still took several weeks to get things done on the permitting and several more for the inspections. Greg has no control over these aspects and I would give him 6 stars if I could to make up for those reviews that docked him because of the permitting/inspection time.<br /><br />I give my highest recommendation.<br />A photo right before completion:

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Ray87547 | White Rock, New Mexico | 09/21/2017

Solar install White Rock NM

Greg Mechels did a great job installing our solar unit. Price was also quite competitive. Only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 for schedule is that the county was QUITE slow in approving the permits.

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wantsun | Los Alamos, New Mexico | 05/08/2017


We couldn't have asked for a better company. Greg came with his measuring equipment and told us right then and there what we could do. The price was very reasonable. The project was done before he had estimated that it would get started. We ran into a quandary with the output of some of the panels. Within a couple of days Greg figured out what was going on and we were getting more energy.

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reviewer01011 | Los Alamos, New Mexico | 01/30/2017

Knowledgeable Installers

More than just dedicated, quality solar installers, this team understands all aspects of electrical work and so were able to include a necessary service upgrade as part of the installation.

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Physicist | Los Alamos, New Mexico | 01/11/2017

Great quality and price

The care an attention to detail starts right from the first time you meet Greg. He comes and takes his power meter up on your roof (if you want a rooftop installation) and can tell you what the obstructions will be and give you a carefully engineered quote. <br /><br />Greg carefully monitors the real, long-term performance of the technology he offers so you don't get some untested thing that might fail or cost you more in the long-term. He also knows the utility and inspection people who you need to put your system on the grid if that is your plan. He handles all of the engineering and permits and makes the job come together right.<br /><br />When all of the engineering and permitting is in place, Greg's crew comes to install the system. John and Bernie are great! They are really careful and know their stuff. They never leave you with a mess or badly done job. They are both thoughtful, smart, really skilled, and do a great job. It amazes how many skills Greg, Bernie, and John all have. They can do everything from designing your system to patching your stucco where new equipment was added. You don't need to worry about some sloppy or incorrectly done job and that is a big worry off my mind<br /><br />We love our new system and even drive our new electric car on all of the power we generate and Select Solar installed our car charger, too! Solar is becoming so cost effective that you may well be able to repay the cost for your system in less than 10 years. If you also power a car (250+ mpg) with your array, your pay-back time can be much shorter, perhaps as little as 3 years. <br /><br />Select Solar are honest; give you a fair quote; do a great job, and deliver what they say. They took a bit longer than estimated but they are worth it.

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About Select Solar LLC

We are a trusted local northern New Mexico source for professional solar electric power system design and installation - Over 15 years of quality professionally installed solar PV systems. 20 years as a licensed EE98 New Mexico Electrical Contractor.

Certified Sonnen Battery design and installation. 10year/10,000cycle battery life with safe LiFePO4 battery chemistry.
ECO series can be added to any existing grid-tied battery-less photovoltaic system, or any new project design needing backup power with or without generator backup.

Certified LGChem RESU battery system design and installation.

25-Year system / manufacturer warranty with super efficient LG NeonR modules and either SolarEdge DC optimized inverter system or Enphase micro-inverter systems

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New Mexico - Los Alamos

3446 Urban St, Los Alamos NM, 87544


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