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Jerry B. | Burlington, Connecticut | 05/18/2024

SavKat Battery Install onto Existing Solar Array - 5-Stars!!!

I have yet to have multi-day power outage since installing 2-13.5 kwh SunVault batteries. During winter months I leave fully charged since sun & possible snow cover will impede solar production, so a fail-safe for the long power outage possibility. Now that better weather is here and not worried about freezing pipes, I am running the batteries overnight to power the home. So far, has the SunVault system has been working great with balancing the battery, grid and solar production usage in the home. I use about 50% of the batteries (one battery) each evening and it is typically charged up by 11 am local time, a little later on the cloudy days (yes, arrays still produce). My system is sized enough to power home on all but the darkest days where the battery supplements. If we get multiple days of rain, then I'm back on the grid using some of the credits I have stored at Eversource after the batteries are 100% recharged each day. I have no idea when the SunVault system switches to battery from the grid and vice versa, no issues with any electronics in the home when it does and it works in the "normal" daily living space fantastically. I will update this review if my micro-grid fails during a multi-day grid power outage as it is my expectation the solar array will not be shut down so the house and batteries can use the produced electricity until the grid is repaired. This is the real reason I go the batteries as had a 2018 summer Tropical Storm knock out power for 6-days and it was sunny for 5 of those days but my solar array was useless without a battery system attached. Fingers crossed this works as promoted and promised. The staff was great at every process of the sales, install and post-install support process as there are always questions and weird things with electricity that sometimes needs a call. Thank you, Jordan, my install team and Kim for helping and teaching me about the system. SavKat is a local, family-owned operation that is simply the best, highly recommend talking to them before going too far into your solar planning.

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Charles Oliver 1 | Hampton, New Hampshire | 02/11/2024

Unfair and deceptive trade practices, breach of contract

There are no optional negative value stars. Savkat, applicable manufacturers contacts and area representatives, local installers of my metal interlocking shingles and the PVC membrane were all provided with the initial plan, which included installation instructions for Fast Track stainless steel anchors and stanchions requested by the metal roof manufacturer to preserve my warranty, and agreed to coordinate with the SAVKAT installation team for a November 2023 installation. Then on 7.5.23 the contract was signed. Savkat failed to provide the outstanding customer interactions their website and sales team promised. I had to seek updates and was stymied. Later. Savkat renegged on installing the Fast Track anchors requiring my roof installer do the work with their guidance. I spoke with the installer and he was prepared for the Nov installation. Savkat failed to perform their due diligence in maintaining communication with the others parties including the homeowner. They failed to submit a final plan, failed to seek town and electric utility approvals. Savkat failed to respond to my repeated attempts at contact. Savkat abandoned me! All attempts to contact the owner were blocked. 1.25.2024 Cameron called and blamed others for the delays, took no responsibility, offered no apologies, complained of my 1 Star review, and unilaterally attempted to cancel the contract of which they were clearly in breach, and told me my deposit of 8 months would be refunded. 2.5.24 Cameron left a voice-mail and renegged on the refund because my review. "Unfortunately because of the review being left I won't be able to refund the deposit until it is revoked." Holding the deposit as ransom!!! Savkat censorship of reviews is unconscionable. Their unethical attempt to coerce freedom of speech along with their advertised claims of exceptional customer experiences and interaction constitute unfair and deceptive business practices. Unfortunately they are the only dealer of SunPower solar panels.

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Janet W | Bristol, Connecticut | 02/29/2024

SavKat Solar Experience

My family and I have wanted to install solar on our home for years, but unfortunately were never able to do so until our recent move. Our new home is perfectly situated for solar, so I started searching for a solar company in the tail end of December 2023. I wound up with two options, one of which was SavKat Solar, and made appointments with both companies. Jay from SavKat came out to our house on 12/26/2023 and spent several hours explaining EVERYTHING to me in great detail. He reviewed whether or not my house was a good fit for solar and why, then went over the different system sizes that are available and the warranties that go with each one. He explained the entire installation process from start to finish, including how long each of the steps in the process usually takes, and worked with me to figure out how many panels my family and I would need, as well as what the best location for each panel would be. He was open and honest about pricing and repayment options, and thoroughly answered and addressed each and every one of my questions and concerns. And when my daughter came home from work, he even spent extra time explaining everything to her! Neither one of us felt rushed or pressured into making a decision. He made us both feel extremely comfortable about asking him questions, and made sure that we understood everything. He told us to reach out to him with any questions we thought of after he left, and even e-mailed us all of the information that he spoke with us about so that we could review it and make a decision in our own time. Talk about service! I can't say the same about the other company. Jay also invited us to take a tour of the SavKat facilities, which I did on 1/3/2024. While there, I met multiple employees - including the owner - who were not only kind, but also quick to answer all of the questions that I had as well. After talking things over with my family, we decided to request an additional 3 panels so that we could be sure that we had enough wattage, and both Jay and the employees at SavKat were more than willing to accommodate our request. We signed a contract with them that day. Each and every step of the entire project happened faster than Jay had led us to expect, part of which might have been due to the fact that not a lot of people install solar in the beginning of the year. When the solar panels themselves were installed, every one of the employees were nice, quick, and efficient, and everything was explained to my family and I after it was done. Our new electric meters were installed today, so I'm hoping that we'll get permission to operate tomorrow. I can't say enough wonderful things about everyone at SavKat, especially Jay. Every time I've reached out to Jay, even when he was on a business trip, he has been extremely responsive, no matter how small my question might seem, and I was never once spoken down to or made to feel like I should know something that I didn't. If I could work with SavKat forever, I would. I wish more companies were as amazing as they are!

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mikeshavel | Stratford, Connecticut | 01/31/2024

very satisfied with the service, professionalism and promptness

We researched and compared companies before choosing Sun Power & Savkat. The overall process was smooth and consistent, from the initial consultation, review and explanation of the terms, expectations for monthly savings, project installation and completion, and the final activation. The only delays were because of UI (notice to activate the system from United Illuminating). The work was done professionally and completed quickly. We are very happy!

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Phil | Middle Haddam, Connecticut | 01/29/2024

A great team

We had a great experience from our first informational visit with Jordan to his thoughtful check-in 3 months after installation. Install team was friendly and efficient. Office helped us secure Green Bank financing. Minor issues were found during the inspection, but the SAVKAT team quickly fixed and there was no delay in getting our system online. Our install was in the fall so we are still looking forward to some real generation in the spring/summer. Thanks!

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Mark | Middlefield, CT | 01/26/2024

Savkat Solar installed our solar panels in Fall 2023. The process from the initial meeting with Jordan to install was seamless. We had some requests as far as placement of equipment, and the installers did a great job of accomodating. Jordan and the rest of the team did a great job of communicating during every step of the process. Highly recommend them for anyone looking at solar

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Eric Mosher | Middletown, Connecticut | 12/19/2023

Excellent Solar Experience - Two Years In and We're Very Happy

Savkat finished our solar project in early January 2022. The entire experience from sales (thanks Jordan!) to completion was efficient and hassle free. It takes a while to get everything completed, but Savkat was up front with the timing and got the work done on schedule. We're two years into having solar and we keep asking ourselves "what took us so long?" We have made more much more electricity than we use (160%) - there's no longer such thing as an electric bill. Next stop - start charging our own EV. Thanks Savkat!

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Jacob H | Brookfield, Connecticut | 11/09/2023

Excellent customer service

Savkat did an excellent and professional job on my home. I researched over 8 different companies in Connecticut and ultimately chose Savkat because they had the most satisfied customers. I worked with Jay Buckland who did a great job explaining solar to me and explaining the process. He answered numerous emails, calls and texts and was always pleasant and helpful. He made my decision simple and walked me through the whole process. Savkat handled the rest and the process was completely seamless. The install was done professionally and Joe B. Was awesome in calming any reservations I had about the installation process. We love our solar system and Savkat is a big reason why. I’d recommend them to anyone without reservation

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JudyR | Coventry, Connecticut | 11/07/2023

Great Product, great install, great experience

In 2021 we decided that we wanted to try and have solar on our house after yet another season of constant rate increases and outages. I wanted the best products and innovations like whole house battery backup, smart app and high performance panels with microinverters. I looked and looked and narrowed down my choices to two different installers of SunPower products. I chose SavKat because they had the best access the best products from SunPower but also because they worked with me to provide the best advice on options for install, timing of install and availability of products. The other company told me I would need to wait three months for a Sunvault! SavKat was able to save me time, they listened and when there were some early bumps they were right there to help me work with SunPower to get them quickly resolved. And the system is amazing! We've had stellar performance and production (several outages and we didn't even know the power had gone out), and have generated so much electricity that we are running a huge credit and have not had a bill to the utility company a year! And this even though we have added more items that draw electricity to our home! I'm so glad we went with SunPower and I'm especially glad we chose SavKat. Everyone who sees the installed system is super impressed and it performs even better than it looks with no problems. I would recommend SavKat to anyone looking for the best products, customer service and support.

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B Craven | Niantic, Connecticut | 11/06/2023

Process was Perfect

The entire process was seamless! Sales, Scheduling, Installation and Sales support during and after completion. Christina was my sale contact, every question was answered, return call were prompt and always courteous and professional.

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Eric B. | Somers, Connecticut | 11/03/2023

SavKat's sales and design personnel were extremely knowledgeable and professional at all project stages. They worked with me through all steps of the design process. They handled all the paperwork with the town building inspector in CT and the electrical utility in this region of CT. The panels have been operating maintenance free so far, and they look great too!

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Michael G Carroll | Middlefield, Connecticut | 10/31/2023

An open mind and glad of my choice.

For many years, I've been exploring to get solar panels. With many choices of companies, I decided to go with Savkat for the quality of the solar panels, With their offer, setting up, and even after they were there to service us with the solar panels.

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SAVKAT started as a family-run residential SunPower solar panel dealer in Farmington CT. Our goal was to maintain customer relationships and provide great service at every step of the solar process. Over the years we have grown to be an Elite SunPower Dealer and service customers in five states. We have always been driven by customer interactions and focused on informing and empowering smart decision-making. During the consulting stage, we help homeowners understand their energy needs, solar savings, and the process of going solar. Throughout installation we handle all logistics from permitting to inspections. After systems have been turned on, we monitor all sites for accurate production estimates and exceeding performance expectations. We are proud to have a 5 star rating from our customer base. Our company owner is Board Certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The NABCEP is the most respected, well-established, and widely recognized certification organization for North American solar professionals in the field of renewable energy. Customers can rest assured knowing that we are highly qualified to handle their specific and unique solar needs whether commercial or residential.

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