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LouK | Flagstaff, Arizona | 07/16/2022

Rooftop Solar provided an excellent and accurate proposal. Follow-up was very good. Price increased from original proposal due to panel availability.

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tdc | Goodyear, Arizona | 05/08/2020

Reasonably satisfied

I am writing this review after being reminded in an email follow-up from Derek Turner who is the VP of Sales/Marketing (I think). I probably would give 2 1/2 stars if I could. My system was installed Sep 2019 and turned on a month later. The positives: 1) From signed contract to turn on was 3 months (this is actually pretty fast, although doesn't feel like it after paying cash and want to start saving immediately); 2) Status updates and information flow was pretty good from the project manager; and 3) I received a great price after a lot of negotiating. The negatives: I was already under contract with a competitor and submitted to APS. I received a call a day later from the sales person who of course wanted my business. It ended up going going back and forth between the two companies (with me in the middle). I ended up cancelling the contract and going with rooftop even though the competitor would price match. I do sometimes regret this. Not long after this, I received a call from Derek Turner. After a lengthy conversation, he offered to to split the cost with me (about $500 each) on an extended warranty. That language never made it into the contract. I have followed up with him about this, but all I get are crickets.... Another thing that I am somewhat dissatisfied about is the install itself. The installers deviated sharply from the design that I naively approved as I knew nothing about optimizing installation which was a good thing. Despite my roof having a number of peaks and valleys making for a challenging installation, the installers were able to pull 9 panels that were on the north side in the design and place on the south. The problem is many of the south panels start receiving shade from the roof as the sun moves from east to west and therefore produce nothing in the afternoon which reduces overall production. No panels were placed on part of a west facing spot where production would have far exceeded the south facing ones that are getting shade. After paying this much money in cash, I guess one kind of relies on the company to set panels to get maximum production for the owner, but maybe I expect too much. Consequently, I am losing about 4% production. This may not seem like a lot, but equates to about a 1000 kW/hr loss per year simply due to sub-optimal panel placement. So my overall recommendation is that if you do go with Rooftop Solar, then ensure everything is in writing. Second, observe your roof prior to install during different times of the day to check for obstruction of the sun from other parts of the roof so that you yourself can ensure optimal placement of panels. If this doesn't get right, then don't expect Rooftop Solar to come back and fix it. There are numerous solar panel companies to choose from. My experience wasn't terrible, but could have been more satisfying. You could probably have a better experience with someone else, but you could have worse too.

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Glen | Sedona, Arizona | 06/18/2022

Powerful Experience

Working with Rooftop Solar was great. They sought to understand my energy needs and designed a system to meet the requirements. With a solid plan, installation was swift and smooth. They coordinated with APS and took care of the connection details. When one panel failed to produce, they promptly replaced it for free. Great staff and friendly experience all around.

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Dave Wolf | Flagstaff, Arizona | 06/17/2022

Awesome service

We got involved through a solar CO-OP. The CO-OP picked Rooftop Solar for the project. Rooftop Solar sent out an engineer who looked at our roof structure and then designed our rooftop solar arrays. He was very thorough and answered all our questions. The quote arrived and we decided to proceed. Due to all the supply chain issues, our project was completed 4 months after the original date but we had no problem with it. Things everywhere are still a mess. The install crew was very efficient and left our place as clean as they found it. Our arrays look good, and the first monthly electric bill showing a credit is the beauty of going solar as well as doing our part for the environment.

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Renewable P | Phoenix, Arizona | 02/28/2022

Amazing experience

From the appointment to installation Rooftop Solar was great. They were very informative and everyone was great. I felt like a real person even when I asked questions. And I asked a LOT! Love my new solar system!! Thanks Rooftop Solar!

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Helene in Scottsdale | Scottsdale, Arizona | 02/23/2022

Excellent, responsive, customer service-driven company

Rooftop Solar installed a solar system in February,2021 and did a great job. They are a very responsive and customer-driven company. During the sales process, their price was very competitive and I felt they were honest about the system and the process. They quoted good equipment, and even ended up upgrading it some (at no extra charge) to help me meet energy targets without upgrading my circuit breaker box. We ran into a few gliches with my HOA and they were very supportive and responsive to my needs and the concerns of the HOA. They really work hard to ensure that their customer is satisfied. A few panels were not working initially and they followed up immediately with the equipment manufacturer to get it corrected. They have also followed up with me at my 1 year anniversary to check in. I highly recommend Rooftop Solar for your PV System.

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bahaway | Sun City, AZ | 11/06/2021

Great Solar Company to do business with

From the start Michelle asked the right questions and from those questions came up with an estimate to not only meet our needs but made suggestions to improve our systems. No high pressuring, no badgering and only honest quotes with no hidden costs. The project manager Dannielle was on top of the project from day 1 and if needed was quickly on the phone with me if something was not going as schedule. She coordinated with all of the contractors and keep me in the loop as the solar system was being installed. I would highly recommend Rooftop Solar to anyone and have recommended them to all of my neighbors. 7 months later I contacted Michelle for some questions and she responded immediately with answer to my concerns.

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Patrick | Peoria, Arizona | 09/24/2021

Great installation

This team mimicked the best formula 1or Indy crew for teamwork and performance. They got to work and got the roof supports installed and pressed on to the panels. They were quickly put in place, hooked up, tested and passed. I was sure it was a two day job but only 4 hours it was done. Impressive is an understatement.

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kknudsen | Coronado, California | 06/21/2021

1 year of solar

hello it has been one year of Rooftop solar - and i am pleased. still learning- how it all works. but from what i have been able to pull together our electric bill averaged out to $16/mo- this is very good when you consider we added AC and used it heavily for 5-6 months we thank the whole Team Julian in Sales - Jason and Kevin who made sure solar and new roof were done properly- polite , informative.. excellent employees all around. i was so touched by the beautiful sunflower arrangement sent to me on the 1 year anniversary! that was such a special touch ( and the SUN flowers sooo noted!) read about the power packs- the prices surprised me. gulp {and Elon certainly creates "excitement' where ever he goes. ) so not going there . wish you all the very best and thank you kknudsen

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Reply from Rooftop Solar: We appreciate the great review and we're so happy that you love the flowers!

Ebert's | Peoria, Arizona | 05/17/2021

Professional and stands by what they say

From the beginning to the end of our quest for cleaner energy this company has been communicative, thorough and most of all did all they said they would. I would recommend solar from this company to any of my friends or anyone asking about solar companies. As we learned the hard way NOT all solar companies are alike.

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Reply from Rooftop Solar: Thanks so much for the great review! We really strive to be unique and always put the customer first!

Graham | Glendale, Arizona | 04/07/2021

Rooftop solar did two installs for us

Rooftop solar did two installs for us. We were impressed by their professionalism and care about getting things right. A delay occurred and we were given our APS bill payment from rooftop solar to cover the time that we did not have Solar available. How many companies would do that? Also since the two installs, rooftop solar has stayed on top of our account and provided explanations and understanding of oh well the system is operating. We highly recommend this company, and as mentioned, We had them do the second installation also on our vacation rental home. Good folks!

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Reply from Rooftop Solar: Hey Graham! Thank you so much for thinking about us when getting solar on your second home; that is so cool! We appreciate the great review, be sure to check out our great referral program and tell all of your friends!

Lava5842 | Lakeside, California | 04/06/2021

Good experience

They had a better system for a competitive price

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Reply from Rooftop Solar: Glad we were able to offer great products at a more affordable price! Please feel free to check out our referral program :) -Amber

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Alright maybe that's a little ambitious, but we really can make a difference. Every time a house or business installs solar they are making a true difference and Rooftop Solar is excited to be a part of it.

You could say the vision of Rooftop Solar is as old as the sun, but the passion for solar energy started in the 2002 when the Grandfather of founding partners Hadassah, Seth, and Jason first installed solar on his house. Grandpa Holland was a longtime believer in clean energy, well before there were government incentives and tax benefits. That passion stayed in the family. Finally, in 2008 after years of discussing the idea, Seth and Hadassah decided to combine forces, passion and vision to create Rooftop Solar.

Today Rooftop Solar services Arizona and California by providing clean energy at an affordable price to private residents and commercial businesses. Grampa Holland would be proud.

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