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Mike Green | Sugar Land, Texas | 05/21/2022

6 months after installation

My Solar System 6 months In After the Freeze last February, I was desperate to find a solution for our electrical outages in the Texas Grid. The problem was I live in all electric neighborhood, with strict deed restrictions. This eliminated a generator and made solar the most viable option. The problem occurred when looking for the best installation option. If you’re looking at solar, you have probably discovered there is no limit, to the companies that will slap panels on your roof and be gone tomorrow. It is incredibly complex process, that needs a team of knowledgeable individuals. There are city permits, homeowner association approvals, and most all feasibility measurements. What I wanted was an experienced company, with specialist in critical areas, and a credible relationship with all of their vendors. I found this in Astrawatt Solar. Astrawatt Solar took measurements of the Sun on my roof and used a software program to compute the potential Solar output from my roof. I really admired the fact, that Astrawatt would not sell a system that could not produce adequate solar energy. The most remarkable thing was that the owner of the Houston site, and the owner of the company took a personal interest in my installation. They were incredibly concerned that I have power in case of an outage. They really wanted me to be able to get an adequate battery set up and have the Solar power to run it during outages. Systems are designed to fit the greatest needs of their customers. They bent over backwards to make sure 2 5KW batteries were affordable to give me a more than adequate backup system. For less than the price of a generator, and none of the maintenance cost, I have enough reserve energy to power my house for days of outage. It was so nice to have them explain which panels they would use and why, and which batteries would work best for me. The best part of this process was that they explained all my choices, and what costs would be involved. The results is I have a beast of a system that has great production, and I have an incredible back up system for a power outage. I chose to get a Lumin panel that will allow me to control my usage during a power outage, and get the most from my available power. I not only got these things but the software and training to use them to their maximum potential. Let us talk about why I really like my decision to go with Astrawatt. After the installation one of the panels was bad. There speed of repair was amazing. I was included in an email to the vendor and kept apprised of each step to get my panel in and installed. The new panel was installed and working before my system was commissioned. Before leaving after commissioning, I was given a laminated troubleshooting sheet and a phone number to contact in case of any problems. The system has been working for 6 months now, and they always respond promptly to my questions. We also hit a major snag when my old electrical box did not meet current code. This was an endearing moment when they offered to replace the box at close to their cost. I know this because I researched what another electrical company would charge to replace it. My bid was less than 60% of the other companies price. You don’t get this kind of service unless you have a local connection with a true investment in the community. The last thing that impressed me was each one of the companies that had to give approval, had a representative that the project manager was on a first name basis with. Needless to say, I got a high quality install, with the security I need and a 3.5% to 5% return on my capital investment. The bonus of having advice on how to tweak the system to get remarkable preparedness for coming power failures. What most people are curious about would be how does the beast work in Houston climate. I was commissioned on November 2, which could not be a worse scenario, for a Houston home. My first bill was $8.00 followed by $85.00 and $158.00. What I was seeing was I got into the shortest days of the days and the inefficiency of electric heat. Starting in March the bills were -$0.89 and $9.05. Currently I am using between 15 and 20KW from the grid and exporting between 25 and 30kw a day. The summer months will definitely give more than enough surplus to pay for the winter. This is the most important part, if we get rolling blackouts during the summer heat, or long term outage from storms we will have an incredible amount of power. In the oppressive heat the system produces between 8 and 10 kw hrs and I am using a maximum of 3Kws an hr. During peak usage I am sending enough electricity downline to power 2 other houses. In summary, I got a huge prize for my investment. It is enouh energy to offset my electrical usage for a year. It takes a strain of my neighborhood, during peak usage, and it pays me more interest than if I had left the money in the bank. I also get the peace of mind, that my wife will be comfortable during any power outage. Most importantly, if I need warranty work, I am confident Astrawatt will be there and give me incredible service. It is good for the country, kind to the grid, gives me security, and is an incredible capital investment.

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Obed M. | Galveston , TX | 10/26/2021

RisingSun Solar installation of solar panels at our house was done with the utmost professionalism. They were honest and provided all the vital information for us to make an informed decision on the system that best suited our needs. Their customer service is also impeccable. They responded to questions quickly and properly. I will definitely recommend them for your solar installation project.

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Omar4438 | Magnolia, Texas | 08/08/2021

There's a reason why Rising Sun is the highest rated solar Co.'s

From beginning to end I had great service. Centerpoint dragged their feet as expected but Rising Sun Solar did everything within their power to make sure eveything was taken care of. The owner came over to my house personally to ensure that my wife and I knew how the entire systems works and he also reassured me that they will continue giving us the best possible service even after after they've installed my solar panels and they're uup and running. This is a legit review from a customer in Magnolia TX btw.

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Danny | Berryton, Kansas | 07/16/2021

Couldn't be more satisfied with company.

As I previously wrote, there was issues during installation! Those issues are know fully corrected to the highest standard. Management made corrections and crew carried those out overwhelmingly. Couldn't ask more from a company to respond in a cooperative, quality manner after recognizing the problem. Outstanding, If I had another need for solar I would not question the integrity, quality and honesty of this company. If you use Rising Sun you won't be sorry on your decision.

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John W. | Norman, Oklahoma | 07/02/2021

Had some hiccups, but they earned my trust.

I decided to rewrite this post, as RisingSun reached out to me regarding some concerns I had and took steps made them right, and I am much more confident that I made the right decision to go with this company. I went with RisingSun because they had the panels I wanted, and the price was excellent. I took several bids, and the value for the price was excellent here. Communication with the salesperson was somewhat poor throughout the process, although after my discussion with RisingSun, it seems that this was not reflective of the company itself and was probably somewhat isolated. The project was contracted out to GreenLight Solar in Dallas, and after a few hiccups, the system was up and running. The install was pretty rough on my yard, and RisingSun took care of that for me as well. The system has been excellent over the first six months, and there have been no functionality issues, so I am pleased with the final product, especially at the price point I got. The system even survived a massive hailstorm last month, which was quite impressive. To sum it up, I had some initial concerns with communication and some hiccups with the install, but RisingSun's willingness to address my concerns and regain my confidence even after I had already fully paid for the system says a lot about the company and how it values customers. In retrospect, even though a few things did not go smoothly, I am very pleased with the quality of the product as well as the price I paid, and I would not hesitate to recommend RisingSun to anybody who may be in the market for solar power.

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Marty Z | Humble, Texas | 04/20/2021

Fabulous Solar Experience

Tyler at RisingSun Solar was awesome. Very professional, knowledgeable and pricing was very favorable compared to other bids. During his presentation he explained solar and how the system would interface. He provided a timeline of what and when everything would happen, and this was updated upon our acceptance. Handling of HOA and Centerpoint approvals and certifications a Big plus. Project came in 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Communication during and after the project was very responsive and informative. Would definitely recommend RisingSun for any solar project

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Geoff Wheeler | Houston, Texas | 04/04/2021

Customer Service Kings!

I had gotten 3 quotes for my PV system and Tyler really stood out as a real good guy. I'm so happy that turned out to be true. He is responsive even a year after installation. He totally made good on something he said at the initial meeting. Stand up customer service! I talk y'all up whenever someone asks me about my system.

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Francisco Perez | Houston, Texas | 11/09/2020

Awesome support and knowledge of solar systems.

Scott and the technical support team was there for us from the beginning to the end of the installation minimizing issues. Keep up the great support even through this difficult COVID pandemic. Thanks again for everything.

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Rolando Robles | Channelview, Texas | 10/07/2020

A professional, honest, and enjoyable experience

I had a fantastic experience with RisingSun Solar. After a quick Google search, I contacted RisingSun about possibly conducting business with them for my newly purchased home. Within days, Tyler visited my home to talk to me about the process, how much it would cost and what exactly I was getting myself into. Before I spoke with the RisingSun, I had contacted different solar panel companies, but I was completely satisfied with the honesty and professionalism that Tyler delivered the moment he approached my front door. The entire process from beginning to end was easy for me, especially the part where they dealt with the HOA on my behalf. I highly recommend RisingSun for your solar panel needs, and if given the opportunity, working with Tyler, whose professionalism and transparency is highly appreciated, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Tom | Houston, Texas | 06/12/2020

A great company to work with

When we started looking into installing solar panels, I put together a list of five solar companies doing business in the Houston area. I talked with representatives of the companies and received quotes for all five business. I graded them on the solar panels they provided, the cost of the project, the knowledge of the people, and their responsiveness to follow up questions. I chose Rising Sun Solar because the products were good quality, in my budget window, and the company representatives were deeply knowledgeable and helpful. helpful, the local Representative is Scott Robertson and we found him to be truly knowledgeable. He spent time discussing solar panels and what benefits we would gain by adding solar to our home. He was very responsive to our phone calls, text messages, and emails that we sent asking more questions. One of the owners, Tyler Tucker called and talked with us on the occasions that Scott was not available. Our project was hampered somewhat by Corona Virus outbreaks and business shutdowns. Scott and Tyler worked with us to get the system installed safely and expediently during the pandemic. Rising Sun Solar took care of every aspect of the project including getting the homeowner association and Center Point Energy approvals and installed the system on the promised dates. Scott has been extremely helpful in helping me gain a better understanding and system that was installed. We received our first full month bill for the electric company, and it was a third of what the electric bill was last year at this time. Our system generated a little over 1 Megawatt hour of power last month and 517 kwh was sold back to the power company. I am incredibly Happy with the system and would highly recommend Rising Sun Solar for your solar projects.

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Akif Muhammad | Cypress, Texas | 06/02/2020


Mr tyler is very professional person he is honest and very good man

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About Astrawatt Solar (formerly RisingSun Solar)

We started in 2016 with one mission - make it easy for homeowners to go solar.

Our founder, Keith Murphy, a veteran of the solar industry grew frustrated by the sheer number of pushy out-of-touch solar sales companies and decided to start his own company to give homeowners the solar experience they deserve. Our focus on educating our customers about the best solar options available for them in their local area has led us to become one of the top solar companies in the country. We encourage every homeowner we meet with to get bids from our competitors and conduct their own research about what we and our competitors recommend.

Our project management and installation teams are true professionals. We focus on delivering excellent customer service and workmanship.

Astrawatt Solar provides homeowners with the answers they need to make the right choice for their home. You'll be happy you met with us.

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