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Latest good review thumbs up

Wayne | Taylors, South Carolina | 02/22/2024

Great Experience

The experience with Renu Energy Solutions was great from the sales presentation to the installation. They were great to work with and the project manager kept me informed and the install team did a great job.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Adam Adcock | Banner Elk, North Carolina | 01/10/2024

lackluster customer service, underperforming system

I feel similar to the other low-star reviews on here. I was promised by the Renu salesperson that this system would cost no more per month than what we are currently paying in electric bills. They even printed off a fancy estimation of what the future holds in terms of costs with their system. I was ensured that the cost of staying tied to the grid would be $25/month. I should have done my own research here, and called the electric company myself to find out, instead of taking their word. It turns out that the monthly cost to stay on the grid is $62/month. This plus the cost of the financed loan is equal to our most expensive electric bill in the past. Now we are locked into paying this every month for the next 20+ years. Not to mention that some months there is still additional cost to our electric company for power used that is not offset by the solar. This past month we received a $143 bill from our power company, with an additional $108 for the loan. The customer service and sales team are very quick to respond when you are first getting set up, but are very slow to respond after your system is up and running. If there are issues, you can expect 2-3 weeks before someone is out there to fix it. Once they arrive, they are often confused about what the problem is because their management didn't fill them in with what the issue is. It appears that they are the type of company that makes big promises to line up a lot of installs, but then leave the customers hanging when it comes to fulfillng those promises.

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Reply from Renu Energy Solutions: Dear Adam, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and concerns. We are truly sorry to hear about the issues you've encountered with our services and the discrepancies in the costs you were initially quoted. We want to assure you that your feedback is extremely important to us. We are committed to ensuring that our customers have a positive experience, and it's evident that we fell short in this instance. To address your concerns, someone from our customer success team will be reaching out to you very soon. We are dedicated to resolving your issues and providing the support you need. Thank you again for your honest feedback. We are looking forward to speaking with you and working towards a satisfactory resolution.

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Aziz Razikov | Charlotte, North Carolina | 02/21/2024

Charlotte's Premier Solar Company!

Renu Energy did an amazing job installing solar panels, quick and quality work. Price is the best in space, and I did my research and out of all the quotes, like 10+. they beat everyone out. Moved quickly and went through all the processes and approvals fast, taking less than 4-weeks for the whole thing to be wrapped up and done! Highly recommend if you want a solid company with the best team to do your solar panel project.

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Amelia | Charleston, South Carolina | 11/05/2023

Excellent from start to finish

Renu made the process of switching to solar so very easy. They were professional, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process. Installation was efficient and well constructed. Highly recommend.

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Seth H | Salisbury, North Carolina | 11/04/2023

Excellent company to work with

In 2017 I was exploring the possibility of adding solar panels to our house. I contacted Renu Energy Solutions because of their reputation. They were responsive, quick, friendly, and analytic in their approach. I needed some trees near the house taken down anyway, and they needed to come down if solar panels went up. I also needed a new roof. Renu bundled all three projects together to save me time, coordination, and money. Everything was handled professionally. The panels have not needed any work since. I enjoy the savings on my electric bill that the two sets of panels provide.

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Kevin Brooks | Clayton, North Carolina | 10/31/2023

Highly Recommend!

Used RENU for my full solar system install and couldn’t be more satisfied with every person who helped through every single step of the process! Would highly recommend RENU Energy Solutions to anyone looking to go solar!

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Karen D | Mauldin, South Carolina | 10/31/2023

True professionals from start to finish

I was completely satisfied with Renu Energy Solutions. From the salesperson, the entire operations team and the crews who did the electrical and panel install, they were all professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful every step of the way. I especially like the fact that they are all company employees, no outside contractors. Quality work, through and through. I highly recommend this company.

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John | Waxhaw, North Carolina | 10/20/2023

I hoped for more…

They were incredibly responsive when it came to making the big money on the install. It’s very lackluster after that. They damaged my home during the install. I fixed the water leak and the cracked cap shingles on the roof. I emailed them explaining what happened. I called it a teachable moment and asked them to talk to the install crew about how this could have been prevented. I never go a reply. I called and spoke to someone about my email and they promised to pass along my message. Never heard a word. Two times my system has failed and needed repair. Each time the repair process took over 30 days. Never because of parts, they just always seem overwhelmed in the service department. To be fair, the repair prices were very reasonable.

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Reply from Renu Energy Solutions: Hello Valued Renu Family member, I apologize for the issues you faced with our service. The damage during installation and our delayed response are not representative of our standards. We're grateful for your feedback as it helps us improve. We would like to personally address and rectify your concerns. A representative from our customer success team will be reaching out soon.

Khalid Abusaada | North Augusta, South Carolina | 10/20/2023

Great experience

Very happy with choosing Renu energy. They are very experienced and on top of my project. They took care of all the details.

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Reply from Renu Energy Solutions: Hi Khalid, Thank you so much for leaving us such an amazing review! We are so happy you chose us to work with you on your solar project. Please feel free to reach out anytime!

Jason Throckmorton | Fort Mill, South Carolina | 10/20/2023

Best Solar company by far

I shopped around with 5 different companies. Renee was the best in terms of covering questions, having the best materials and equipment and their pricing was great. The install went perfectly and we’ve been saving ever since. Highly recommend Renew Energy!

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Reply from Renu Energy Solutions: Hi Jason, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such an amazing review! We loved getting to work with you on your solar journey, please feel free to reach out anytime!

Carrie | Lexington, North Carolina | 04/16/2023

Bait and switch

When we got a quote for solar we made it clear that we did not want our power bill to be more than we were currently paying, because if it wasn’t going to save any money then what was the point after all. I understand that there is a cost with the panels but if we are generating our own power then our actual energy costs should be minimal or nonexistent. When the Renu rep came to the house to discuss the options (because there are several ways you can use the panels), he explained that some power companies will allow you to stay on their grid for a “facility fee” of $3.00/ kWp/month. For our home our system is 8.03 kWp, so I was thinking ok not too bad, roughly $24-$25/ month to stay on the grid and be able to still pull off the grid if we need to. This option was in leu of being strictly off the grid with batteries. The way it was explained is that we would sell our power we made to the power company (Energy United) for the same rate we would buy back the power we used. In essence if we made more than we used, it would go back as a credit on our account. This is how it was explained to us. We had this option or we could get the battery packs and disconnect from the grid. For us, this sounded like the best option. We agreed and actually had a second house installed with panels as well. It did take a while (like 3 months or so) to get all the paperwork and approvals before they actually scheduled an install date. The install was quick. They did both houses on the same day (one is across the road from the other) and were done shortly after lunch. It then took another month or so before we got the okay to actually activate the panels. (This was apparently due to something on Energy United’s end). When we finally got our first bill after activating the panels, it was a lot higher than we expected. It did not show where we had been given a credit for what we had made but there was that new facility charge. When I contacted Renu they said it was an Energy United problem. I spoke with the Energy United rep and they said they have 2 different options for solar with them (this had not been explained). The scenario I was sold on by the Renu rep was not what they signed me up for. I had never even been told about this other option. I was able to get Energy United to switch me to the option I had initially agreed to, but was told I could only change it once. So, the next bill comes after the corrections, and now there are all these extra fees. I am now being charged not only the “facility charge”, but also a “standby charge”. These fees for one property are $56.20 every month, regardless. The. There is tax and a renewable energy mandate. Before solar my power bills were usually around $70-$80 or less in the spring and fall and $130 a month in the summer (costs more to cool). Now, they also advertise a 26% tax credit and sell it like you’ll be getting 26% back of the purchase price in tax refund. They even discount the payments for 18 months to allow you to get that tax money back. You can then apply that to the loan to keep the payments the same or keep it and the payments go up. Well, you do not get 26% tax credit on solar. That is a flat out lie. We got like $1,300 credit for this system, which costs about $30,000 (without batteries!). I am now paying 2-3 times more with solar than I would if I had just stayed on the grid. I have even reached back out to Renu to see about adding the battery packs and getting off of Energy United’s grid (because if I’m going to be paying that much I might as well apply it to payments that may one day be paid off). I cannot get anyone to talk with me about just adding packs. They keep calling me to discuss adding a solar power system even after I’ve explained that I have ready been duped into but not one but TWO systems from them already. I was just looking at my power bill from this time last year with solar and even though I generated $65.97 worth of power and only used $24.13 worth, I still had to pay an additional $25.98 thanks to the fees Energy United added on. I very much was hoping this would be an economical and sustainable energy source, but it is not. Please make sure you contact the power company you are with first before you agree to staying on the grid. Do NOT rely on a Renu Energy representative to give you all the facts and details. If you’re power bill is <$150/ month on average, you are better off to stay where you are. Solar is NOT for you. At least not now anyways.

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Dale | Morganton, North Carolina | 03/12/2023

We had a good experience with the first visit with Cooper. Then the person who came out to look at the roof trusses was also good. Install crew very good too. Then it went downhill fast dealing with Calli. I was asked to sign the HOA application and I did. Then I get a call from the HOA for the $5000 security deposit. I gave them the check to start the process and save time. Then Calli said that I had to wait for the engineer packet for the county inspector to review. (Two weeks lost.) The inspector said he did not need to see it or go into the attic to inspect anything. I asked that the conduit from the soffit to the disconnect box needs to be covered. Calli said the inspector needs to see it. Wrong again. On Oct 19th got a text that the week of Nov 7 was the earliest opening to finish up. Well, that week came and gone - no calls. Then on the next date we had no one showed up or called again, I actually went out and spent $65 on needed materials to move this along. That didn't help so I covered the lower half section of the pipe waiting for someone to show up. Finally on Jan 25, 2023 the job was complete. So I will give everyone 5 stars except for Calli. Also we had to ask Calli 3 times to get the app for our phone to monitor the production and usage.

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Reply from Renu Energy Solutions: Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. I am sorry to hear that you experienced some issues during the process, but I am pleased to hear that the rest of our team was able to provide you with a positive experience. Regarding Calli, I want to assure you that she is an excellent employee who is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Her aim is always to provide clear and accurate information, which is why she may have advised you to wait for the engineer packet before proceeding further, as this is the proper protocol in most cases. There are also several team members and other departments working in the background to provide Calli and other project managers updates. It is a team effort and the project managers are to ensure information is passed along accurately. We understand the importance of timely communication and the need to keep our customers updated on the progress of their projects. We will use your feedback to identify areas where we can improve and ensure that we continue to provide the highest level of service possible. Thank you for your trust in our company, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you again in the future.

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Renu Energy Solutions provides high-quality solar energy installations, as well as proven energy-saving products and services like energy storage and system monitoring. Since 2010, we have installed and serviced over 5000 homes and businesses in North and South Carolina. Our high-quality solar energy systems empower the Carolinas to take charge of your energy future and build a more sustainable community one home, one business, one neighborhood at a time. As a full-service solar installer, we provide end-to-end service from the original solar consultation to installation day with ongoing support and unquestioned customer service. Smart. Reliable. Solar. That’s what we focus on – and it’s our recipe for a proven, powerful renewable energy source that enriches the Carolinas and strengthens the utility grid while reducing environmental impact. SMART. RELIABLE. SOLAR. Choose Renu Energy Solutions.

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