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Bill Markus | Ridgefield, Connecticut | 05/03/2022

Homeowner Solar Experience

We own our home for 23+ years. We investigated solar about 15 years ago and we were informed our home location/position was not solar viable. Motivated by global warming, cost savings, increasing energy rates and power outage mitigation we researched solar options again in 2020. I spoke with several solar providers. Purepoint Energy was referred to me by a friend who had his solar energy system installed by them. Purepoint was clearly the most knowledgeable and informative company I spoke with. They were able to explain the different types of panels in the market and the benefits of a panel installation that did not fail if a single panel failed. The benefits of battery backup was/is important especially after Purepoint explained batteries and solar will continue to function during a prolonged blackout enabled by a “gateway” which creates a discrete off grid system not inhibiting grid repairs. Purepoint’s electricians reviewed our home for installation. The electricians completed the installation on timely basis. There were 100% professional on all accounts. I never had to be concerned when or if they would be on sight. Purepoint’s support staff, schedulers, admin, accounting are all responsive and take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction. This includes ensuring timely delivery of panels, batteries and installation parts. They also facilitated coordination with Eversource and the town inspector to get authorization to turn the system on. There is no power interruption during installation. Our 11,200kw system is functioning for 18 months. We build up enough credits during the longer summer days to offset winter grid usage. We have not paid a power bill in 18 months. I calculate we have recovered 10%+ of our investment and I anticipate accelerated cost benefits with increasing energy costs. Solar works. We have achieved our incentives. Purepoint has been an excellent partner in achieving this.

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Norwalk Home Owner | Norwalk, Connecticut | 04/12/2021

6.5kW solar install

PurePoint Energy was both professional and pleasant to work with on this project. Everyone I worked with at the company was great! PurePoint team completed my installation ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Pure Point Energy to anyone.

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John | Milford, Connecticut | 11/14/2019

Great to deal with

They were great to deal with throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend.

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Chris W | Norwalk, Connecticut | 10/31/2018

Satisfied Customer

From my initial consultation discussions with Mike, to Daniel managing the project (extremely good communication) to Donna - the entire team was a joy to work with and very professional. The installation was on schedule and very seamless. The system looks sharp and is performing great. I would recommend.

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Batya D. | Norwalk, Connecticut | 06/12/2018

Great folks

We're so happy to have chosen PurePoint. From our first meeting with Mike, the continuing attention from Natalie, and the great work by James (electrician), his staff and the installers, it was a great experience. Love our 'solar system' and happy to work with a local company. Definitely recommend them without reservation.

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tony123 | Prospect, Connecticut | 01/02/2018


Mike and Natalie were the best they treated us like family . Every thing was done on time the installers and the guys that did the wiring were top notch . i was impressed with how well everything went. I highly recommend Pure Point Energy to anyone .

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Emtee | Ridgefield, Connecticut | 06/28/2017

Solar PV for Net Zero Home

Last year, my firm managed the construction of a new net zero home in Ridgefield. Pure Point was selected to install the solar PV system. Right from the start, PP was on top of the details, planning ahead for each step in the process. The actual installation took place quickly and without problem. Then they expertly managed the administrative details required to tie in to the power grid. It's now been just over one full year since the system was energized, and the homeowner is reporting that he just got a check from Eversource, representing the value of the extra power that they generated over the first year and returned to the grid. Pure Point was both professional and pleasant to work with on this project. I can recommend them without qualification.

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Howling Flats Farm | Canaan, Connecticut | 05/16/2017

Howling Flats Farm

We were very happy with PurePoint Energy's installation at our small family farm. They went out of their way to help us through the CT Farm Energy Grant Process and provided clear explanations of our system requirements and solutions. The workers were respectful of our animals and our property (clean up was 110%) when they were finished.

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John C | Stratford, Connecticut | 10/06/2016

I would recommend Pure Point Energy for Solar Installation

We get a fair number of calls from folks wanting to sell us a Solar System. My wife who is blind, asks to have something mailed that she can have read to her. Pure Point called and was given the same request. In three days we received a packet of information. Pure Point Energy was the only one who complied with her request. We met with Mike. He came prepared with a good presentation, samples of the equipment and had answers to all our questions and concerns. If he was not the first proposal, we would have written a check and signed up, as we were that comfortable with him. I had no benchmark to judge against and wanted a couple additional proposals. I found two other companies that had good reviews, small sized businesses and requested proposals. Although not the least costly overall, I felt Pure Point provided the best value. Less money would have given me less capacity and lower efficiency.<br /><br />I notified the two others that they were not selected. One I never heard from again. The on-line folks asked what they could have done different or better and looked for some feedback. I did send them a letter explaining my decision process. When I really got into the nuts and bolts, all three were very competitive and was looking like it might be a coin toss. Pure Point won because of panel efficiency, warranty and output capacity as well as Mike making us comfortable doing business with Pure Point. I also feel they did a better job sizing the system to our needs.<br /><br />Our system is a Sunpower, 21% efficient panels with micro-inverter built into the panels yielding a 240 Volt AC output.<br /><br />Everyone that I have come in contact with has been a pleasure to work with. Dom and the installation crew were willing to work with our schedule and availability. Daniel has been very supportive to all my calls and e-mails with questions. Always returning calls and being very responsive to e-mail. As this was a new adventure for me, I had plenty of questions for the tech guys. The Pure Point Team kept us in the loop on all aspects of the project plan and schedule.<br /><br />With the recent heatwave in the North East and the A/C running constantly, we are producing more power than we use. I would say the upgrade to PV solar was a success and I am very happy with the results. I would recommend Pure Point Energy to anyone considering adding a PV system.

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Joe Ferrara | West Hartford, Connecticut | 08/12/2016

Wow personal and professional

PurePoint Energy is an amazing company. I talked to the founder Tom on the phone many times. He was super helpful and answered every question I had. As an engineer I was very skeptical of everything but Tom explained everything perfectly. I cannot say enough about this company. The installation was seamless and we are seeing double the expected production from our panels. Our installation was also performed on time and quickly. PurePoint Energy is so personable that they put other companies to shame. You would be foolish to go with any other company.

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lizziew | Norwalk, Connecticut | 04/23/2015

Great company, great people, great project!

My husband and I had to rebuild our house after Hurricane Sandy and we knew that it was our opportunity to not only build a super energy efficient house, but also to power it with the sun.<br /><br />Purepoint Energy was the only choice in our eyes. They were incredibly professional, responsive to questions and/ or concerns, designed a great system that met all of our energy needs and esthetic wishes, passionate about the Earth and helping people reduce their energy costs, and operated with integrity. It is a smaller company, but they are like a family and it allows for personalized attention. <br /><br />I highly recommend Purepoint Energy to meet your energy needs!

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Since 2007, PurePoint Energy has been a leading solar power provider in Connecticut. We have a wide range of products to fit all different needs, and make it easy to help the environment. Our PurePoint team will be able to check compatibility and feasibility for solar, and secure incentives that yield the best rate of interest. We design the system, provide engineering and financial advice for solar, and offer long term support, including monitoring of the system.

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